Investigating Health Information Technology Essay


Discuss about the Investigating Health Information Technology Implementations Case of the Patient-Centered Medical Home.


Field of Research

The proposed research will be conducted on the importance of Information technology on healthcare organizations. The healthcare delivery system across Australia is facing an increasing pressure to redesign itself to become more efficient. Millions of dollars are invested in the healthcare system and making it a biggest delivery system in the world (Behkami & Daim 2016). It is accepted that the implementation of Health Information Technology could assist in identifying and resolving some of the barriers faced by a healthcare delivery system. Even though, the potential benefits of using HIT have been widely accepted, till now the implementation has been slow. Thereby, it is necessary to conduct a research with the purpose of developing a suitable outcome that helps healthcare organizations in terms of technology.

Sources of data to be used in the study

In order to conduct the research, the data will be collected from different secondary sources such as journals, books, blogs, and newsletter. The journals and articles will be collected from the Google Scholar. In addition, the proposed research includes the data from the wide reading sources.

Research Questions

  • What are the underlying structures of implementation challenges that healthcare organizations observe?
  • How does the extent of registry implementation affect the use of registry in healthcare centre?

Key terms to be used in the study

  • Registry Implementation
  • Payer Mix and Registry Implementation
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Health Information Technology


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