Introduction To Information Technology Essay


1. You are working as a software developer for a small company developing learning materials which you put into a learning management system for use in online learning environments. Your clients are colleges which provide services to students in schools all around the world. One of your clients works with children with disabilities. You are working on material which is to be used by children in hospital and rehabilitation who have suffered trauma through an accident. These children live all around Australia, in country areas and in city facilities. The sorts of injury they have suffered include loss of sight, partially and fully blinded, limited body movement including loss of the use of their hands.
What are some of the issues you will have to think about as you design and implement your software to support your client and their students?
Write about half a page in answer to this. Discuss your work with your classmates.
2. You're an ICT professional working in web 2.0 developments, should you have any issues which involve Green ICT? Explain your answer.
Write no more than half a page in answer to this. Discuss your work with your classmates.



People with disabilities usually encounter a number of challenges in using facilities designed for normal people. As a softwares developer, I will think of a few considerations to solve this. Incorporation of screen readers in the design will enable the compute to transmit information displayed on the monitor into a form that a blind person can understand .Also i will incorporate magnification softwares to enable people with partial sight loss to be able to see information displayed on the screen. Consequently i will apply the universal design in the softwares to enable them to be used by all people with or without disabilities. I will also think of incorporating assistive technologies into the software programs such as voice recognition and enabling the software to support voice input devices. Also designing the softwares in a way that they support use of proximity switches would be another consideration.


Green ICT involves manufacturing, designing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems like the monitors, printers etc. without negatively affecting the environment. I would also have issues to do with green environment because web development are also part of computing and can have an impact on the environment. Generally the IT industry generates so much greenhouse gasses into the environments, in particular computers are used in the web developments which require electricity .Using of electricity power in computing emits a great deal of greenhouse gasses on hourly basis leading to environmental degradation. In the web development as well there is a considerable amount of energy released into the environment; this is a weighty green ICT issue. Besides, sending messages over the web impacts negatively on the environment in that there is carbon gas released which results to global warming.


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