Introduction to Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D.

image by Anton Fomkin (lic)Since the start of history and before, people have found approaches to change their bodies and their awareness by taking substances such as for example natural herbs, alcohol, and medications. From this training has sprung many essential efforts to science and culture, prominent included in this being the development of contemporary medication and the medical profession therefore the creating of fine wines and liquors. Some religions have discovered uses for mind-altering drugs in order to assist communion utilizing the divine concept. For all your positives that mind and body changing substances have brought us, one simple truth is clear. There have been individuals who were unable to restrict their utilization of body-mind changing substances to culturally prescribed restrictions, and who possess fallen in to the trap we realize today as addiction.

Addictionusually doesn't happen instantaneously. Rather, those who become hooked on drugs (such as for example alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.) are gradually introduced and desensitized in their mind over a period of the time. They could at first benefit from the utilization of medications in a recreational type of means. For example, some one may get to the habit of getting a beer or some wine after work as a means of releasing the times' stresses. Another person might use marijuana on a periodic basis in an effort to share special time with buddies or as an aid to appreciating food, music, or intercourse. Another individual may turn utilizing cocaine as a means of remaining up late through the night to study for exams.

Some people can keep using drugs on an intermittent basis. Other folks are not fortunate. Of these unlucky others, their use of drugs starts (slowly sometimes, abruptly in other people) to increase, as well as the amount of attention they invest contemplating getting high, purchasing drugs, planning drugs and taking drugs increases until it becomes the biggest market of their lives. Other duties — work, friends and family, and community — fall by the wayside. As their usage of drugs rises, users may become physically influenced by their medication towards extent when they cannot go on a certain time, they get unwell. As dependence increases, threshold on medications increases besides — and thus it will take progressively for the medication to have the exact same 'high' or 'buzz' impact. Since many drugs (apart from alcohol) are unlawful, they could be increasingly associated with unlawful activities (buying medications is a criminal task, since is driving while intoxicated). In the event that process continues very long sufficient, it might be impossible for the addict to keep a job — they may lose their relationships, their earnings and their marriages. They might turn to criminal activity (such as for example robbery, prostitution and drug working) to gain continuing usage of their medications. They could additionally kill or injure others (through driving and firearm accidents) while intoxicated, and may get and transfer to other people infectious diseases (like AIDS and Hepatitis). Finally, they might find yourself killing by themselves (through committing suicide, malnutrition, overdose, or drug associated physical degeneration and infection). A grim picture which much more tragic because no-one who starts trying out a drug ever actually believes which they would ever experience these awful things.

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Reader Responses

Powerful and emotive introduction — - May 6th 2018

I have to say the introduction made me view substance abuse in different way.

I can positively utilize elements of it for my future presentations.

Cool turkey can destroy you — Vixen-future addictions counselor — Sep 12th 2014

No-one should ever stop cold turkey. The withdrawals can kill you and contains done so most of the time. Whenever you are willing to stop, please, please, please seek out professional assistance so you can get it done properly, and live.

Psychological addiction? — Amanda — May 17th 2014

My boyfriend is in their fifties and contains an extended reputation for liquor and medication usage. He was hooked on cocaine for some years in his youth, and psychologically addicted to weed from age 17 until age 45 as he decided daily usage ended up being not smart. He stated it took him some time now to decrease their use. Now, he states he still loves to «get a buzz on» nightly, whether it's with weed or with three to five large cups of wine per night. He insists he won't have an issue because he never misses work, has never had a DUI, and is in good health. He claims their substance usage is strictly for fun. Still, personally i think really uneasy viewing him numb himself nightly. Must I get worried or leave him alone to enjoy their vices?

answer not merely about you-hleping nobody posted on Nov 16, 2009 — - Oct 13th 2011

Hello, I read your post on what addiction is not just about the one who is addicted ! It is much bigger than that's not it? I'm an only youngster of a father whom in my opinion was an alcoholic. I can't completely let you know he was identified as having it, because to my knowlege, he never got help. I will be now 44 and also for the last 2 years are piecing the puzzle of my relationship with my dad and his life together because when I was growing up, he let his addiciton take control his life, and I understand it is a TRUE disease, but the ill element of it really is just what you posted, it is not no more than you- It was also about his only child, one that missed on a great protected relationship with her father that she so dearly liked, it was about the two wonderful grandsons which he never reached understand, it was concerning the lasting effects he left behind, because their addiction caused his death, and his only daughter, their only kid is kept to find out why, why, why...left to bend her broken heart...Thanks for publishing it really is in regards to the people that love you (the addicts) that hurt and suffer too ! Maybe probably the most since they are alert for all of this pain...God Bless all of the addicts needing and even looking for their way, as well as the families that so desperatly love and want to have healthy relationships with them...I pray for enlightenment to any or all !!

Ban Xanax — resigned psych med nurse — Sep 14th 2011

By far the most addictive drug in the shelf.

The greatest price of addiction — Barbara — Apr 17th 2011

We became an addict to food once I was a teen. My particular medication was sugar — a lot of it! This was in response to my father's consuming and abusive actions. My addiction, which offered initial convenience proved to generate lots of issues in the mental health arena. And it crippled me personally for resolving the original problems.

There are healthier methods to handle stress.


Tobacco and alcohol ARE drugs, individuals! They're the worst.

The tobacco drug KILLS 500,000 addicts and another 65,000 INNOCENT people (who breathed toxic tobacco smoke) inside U.S. EVERY YEAR.

90per cent of alcoholics ARE cigarette smokers. 90per cent of crime committed by smokers. 90percent of suicides are smokers!


More details at:

Addiction is Inhumane — Living a great life — Jan nineteenth 2011

I'm now a recovering addict, clean of alcohol and drugs for happening nine years. We utilized medications as a crutch to much lonliness and unhappiness due to growing with alcoholic parents, and also the horrible things that come with it, naturally I became drawn to the life-style. I thank god and my might to improve the pattern for my kiddies of alcohol and substance abuse inside their life so they may have an improved future as myself. For over a decade i resided with all the battle before i came across a life more deserving in many ways not only for myself but also for my children who're my entire life, my every thing. Simply know that you gotta be strong, think about most of the those that have made a big change in your lifetime, cling to happy memories and shove the bad ones farthest away as you can, since they will keep you hidden alive and keep you down! BE INTENSE AND YOU MAY SUPERSEED YOUR TARGETS TO DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST ANYTHING! WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POTENTIAL!


Talking out of your own experience, addiction could be the occasion that precedes death when a person begin engaging in alcoholism and substance abuse. However, addiction is treatable though perhaps not easily. We became an alcoholist after joining university and I'll let you know that life will not be simple for me. But wow! This really is my 4th thirty days since disengaging myself from that akward behavior and I also'm perhaps not ready for a backslide. It has not been easy for me personally but i've realised that perseverance beats resistance.

Sinclair method — Rapper — Nov twentieth 2009

The Sinclair Method is an alternative for liquor abuse. It is really not for those that realize that abstinence is their only way. It really is a fantastic system and I advise that anyone having difficulty google it. Additionally perhaps find how naltrexone is used(or likely to beused) for other addictions.

not just abou you — assisting no body — Nov 15th 2009

There are numerous people dealing with addictions.we pray they find there way back your, true to life! Drugs and alcohol addictions do not allow you reside a genuine life. Nevertheless you can find the forgotten populace, the people in the home that are attempting to ride out this horrifing nightmare. A lot of us have had our lives destoyed by these individuals. There are not any treatement centers for all of us to check on into until we heal. Some of us never ever heal. We might manage to continue nevertheless have taken the sparkle from our eyes.

Incorrect approach — sandow — Nov 14th 2009

An element of the issue with drug use in the usa, is our culture's method of drug prohibition. Rather than viewing drug abuse as a disease and nausea in itself, or someone self-medicating an unddiagnosed or untreated psychological infection, our fine citizenry prefer to look down thier self righteous noses, upon the moral failing regarding the depraved drug usage. In the place of offer support and help we punish poor people heart because of the permanent stigma of a criminal record plus the horrors of incarceration. Our «War against Drugs» is waged against our own next-door neighbors, buddies, and families. It accomplishes nothing other than more pain and suffering. I'm perhaps not in support of legalization, but to discipline the medication individual is insane. Put them in treatment, offer treatment, but treating some one as a criminal is just morally repugnant.

absolutely nothing to loose — ronnie — Nov 8th 2009

having heard over the years, the medical practioners.phsyciatrists and social departments opinions for getting without any addictions.. surely the simple message is that an individual will be of what you may are addited to...if you do not touch initial one..its impractical to go back here. With this theory and lots of assistance from Alcoholics which I am still an associate, I have'nt had a glass or two for pretty much 16 years, day at a time.

You will want to have a go ..NA, AA, GA whatever your've absolutely nothing to loose ...


Alcohol high — to 'Dumb and Dumber' — JR — Aug 7th 2009

First — «Dumb and Dumber» ? Usually do not put youself down that way ! Alchohol makes an abundance of united states feel pretty dumb, but you can beat it. I really believe that people are in charge of our alcohol usage and punishment, but excessive self-blame does not assist in overcoming this issue.

In regards to the «high», well, my apologies to tell you that are gone available, to never return. There is no high such as the first high, whether you are referring to liquor or any medication. One quickly develops a tolerance, together with kick fades in the long run. When it goes, you may be left with all the current damage and ill-effects of ingesting, but drinking increasingly more to regain the elusive extreme just burns your liver, kidneys and (maybe not minimum) mind, without any prospect of ever having the relief or buzz that came, not so long ago. I might suggesst reading the essay, «The Lizard-Brain Addiction Monster» on, which supplies, among other items, a description of this process that is both amusing and informative.

I know that by the finish of my consuming, not only ended up being I not getting the «high», but I came favorably to dislike the stuff. And yet — I happened to be still drinking to destruction, until circumstances forced me personally to accept the issue for just what it was, and seek assistance.

Forget about the high. Very likely, it's gone forever. Going back on booze wont restore it. Moving forward with other medications will probably see a repeat of the identical depressing cycle, with further real and mental harm since the only long-term payoff.

Allan's recommendation is proper — you need to get assistance, both for the alcohol and for associated issues that may be prompting one to drink or use. There is no point in running away — and absolutely no pity in looking for help, in whatever kind proves most suited for your requirements. Start with talking about the matter openly with your physician. He or she may show beneficial in using the first faltering step to break this destructive period.

May I want you the most truly effective within efforts to address your undoubted issue.



Liquor — Allan N. Schwartz, PhD — Aug 7th 2009

Hello «Dumb and Dumber,»

Really, i actually do nothing like the title you opted yourself. It does mirror, however, your low self-confidence.

While you stopped alcohol at one point, very often isn't enough. It is crucial, of use and preventive to go into psychotherapy. There clearly was often an underlying psychological problem towards drug abuse. As you experienced, when you stopped drinking you felt unfortunate.

I would suggest you find an excellent therapist in order to work on what could be your underlying despair.

Dr. Schwartz

alcohol then and once again — stupid and dumber — Aug 6th 2009

I have been on alcohol a lot of years. Then had back problems and od on discomfort meds. Shortly after such a long time we attempted suicide, it didn't work, only made my family hate me.i've been sober for around 5 years, but some sadness drove me personally back to consuming. I can't get my high any longer. I am scared, that i'll go after similar to medications or something. Any sugestions? Help if you can.

God assist us. — - Aug 3rd 2009

My son is an addict. He first goes back to alcohol but soon it results in pot then hard medications in which he's gone. We're able to compose the book on rehab. I'm so worried he can perish or destroy some body.

He is going to meetings now therefore possibly we could hope.!? I really like my son We hate the illness. We sometimes hate my entire life. The lies i've made myself think the device calls the worry. Please individuals never start. Don’t make use of. Jesus assist people .

we can never ever escape — - Aug 3rd 2009

hi simply want to state done well to whoever has quited its the hardest thing ever you will do if this life time,but just be carfull since the eagles track resort california goes«you can cheack out any time you like but you can never ever leave»powerfull will allways participate us and the most readily useful individuals speak with are those with been through it themselfs no one else could ever posibly more thing help other people who continue to be on drugs do not turn your back to them rember we where after the exact same whilst still being are.peace out joe!ireland"

Say No to Drugs — peace — Jul sixteenth 2009

I am a data recovery addict! Until I came across the god of my understanding that's once I surrender. Started going to as numerous meeting that I really could to stay clean. Medications are bad so if you are thinking about utilizing don’t cause making use of drugs is death.

LOSE AN ADORE ONE 2 IT! — NICOLE — Jul 8th 2009


Who cares? — Chris — Apr 8th 2009

Courts never. They anticipate me personally to aplaud my ex wife on-going to rehab after my child nearly passed away due to the woman addiction. Now she actually is «clean» and is getting full custody of my youngster. «Bravo» to the system!

steer clear! — james — Mar 18th 2009

i have smoked marijuana, plenty, railed coke, drank alcohol, i've additionally encountered a medication that is the most addictive of most undoubtedly, definitely. Oxycontin is w/o a doubt the absolute most addictive drug and perhaps one of the most high priced. I might encourage not to do it it took me once to have hooked, railing or snorting it absolutely was the good method, i've been clean for 2 years and had been making use of nearly everyday for per year.

Addiction is terrible — Maria — Jan 21st 2009
I became hooked on medications, all drugs- one substance isn't any different than another, after beginning recreationally in 1990 or more, once I had been 16. It's been an extended 17 years nevertheless the most difficult component is the last two years. In 2007 We discovered that I happened to be 100 percent dependent on opiates and i was only using them to stay from dope vomiting as well as in 2008, I spent all year in anguish wanting to stop, relapsing, crying and contemplating suicide. I visited rehab in October and I also have always been finally regarding right path. People who are addicted need certainly to decide to stop independently, determine their particular base. Go to AA or NA and meet others which can be exactly like you. Believe me, it is so beneficial.

4YRS ON>>> — dee — Jan 10th 2009

My youngest child has become on her behalf 4th attempt at coming down heroin/crack...Each time is painful for her ,for me personally,and on her behalf partner and not least of all of the the lady 11yr old little girl… everytime I pray this is enough time she can do it ...But in her own words " mum ,i,m scared i,ll relapse again"...If just there is an instant fix to get off this filthy medication !!!.. All I can do is be there for her again...i am aware she attempts.So hard ...She had a habit of £7,000 per month ,she offered her human body and other things she could to cover the woman fix...There had been no pleasure inside her drug taking any longer ,,,,,,,she had to take it getting through a day without feeling sick...

So for anybody thinking of attempting it and thinks they could get a grip on heroin/crack...The response is dont ...Because it controls you and extremely quickly ruins yourself and all sorts of you adore

Life is simply too valuable — Ann — Dec 8th 2008

This articile is well written. It has the cool, hard facts!!!

We must complete to individuals with drug abuse issues that DEATH may be the end result.

I really believe education in small children may be the only answer to at least making this problem more managable.

The issue is that people with substance abuse dilemmas, be a little more and much more determined by the substance, aided by the mind not to be able to process thought patterns, and as a result the person perhaps not thinking at all.

It really is a sad life for a few, nonetheless i really believe all of it precipitates on CHOICES we make for ourselves.

browse man — rose — Feb 20th 2008

you got to see this this will be nutrients!

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