Introduction:Professional Life:Career Aspirations Essay


Write introduction about myself by to answer these questions:
1. Your professional life to date ( through keep description brief)
2. Your career aspirations and the main skills you feel need developed to achieve these.



Professional and personal development is two closely related aspects for developing career and leading a healthy life style (Rouse, 2004). In the words of Beausaert et al. (2013), in order to sustain in the contemporary job market one need to continuously evolve for competing with the dynamic scenario. I have just finished my graduation and am looking forward to develop my future career in the marketing segment by developing my skills and knowledge in accordance to the industry needs.

Professional Life:

I like to believe that my professional life began while I was completing my graduation when I joined a company as a trainee. That was my first step inside the corporate world where I came to know about the work process of the business houses and the level of competition for getting to the top of the corporate ladder. However, when I finished my education and joined as a full time employee in a company, I came face to face with the competition and the level of expertise required for sustaining in the industry. I am still working as a junior executive in the marketing department of my company but I want to attain the post of marketing manager before 2017. This means that I need to develop my skills, knowledge and expertise for securing the position of marketing manager.

Career Options and skill development:

My skill development processes will mainly focus on communication, strategic planning and decision making and risk handling processes. These three aspects are my weak segments. A marketing manager needs to have the ability for understanding the business requirements and plan his activities accordingly. I should also be able to foresee the risks and uncertainties and modify my decisions. Apart from being a marketing manager, these skills will help in pursuing other potential and growing segments of the business world such as market researcher or analyst, business advisor, consultant, etc. English and Chalon (2011) stated that the requirements for managing a company are always changing and this is also developing new areas for potential employees in the industry. The marketing processes of firms have undergone lots of changes in the past decade with the increase use of information and communications technology and hence the basic qualifications for being a marketing expert have also expanded. I plan to develop my skills and overcome the barriers in my future vision and become a successful marketing expert.


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