"Into the Wild" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I did not want to live life instead of fakes - it is too precious for that. .. '
To begin with, a little preface. This will not only review, but also a kind of point. Point for questions like: 'Why did he do it? (Meaning Christopher McCandless) ',' Why is he took the gun, but did not bother to find a card? ',' Why is initially burned all their available money, and then they earn? ',' Why do you admire this person, why do a whole about him film, when there is more outstanding personality? ' etc. or exclamatory statements such as: 'Coward! He escaped from reality ',' The child is not aware of life ',' Selfish! '.
This film belongs to the category of' biography ', which means, before judging the actions of the character, objective and correct viewer is obliged to get acquainted with the biography of person. Understand the life circumstances of the hero. The way in which he was a man, which left a memory in people's memories, what motives he pursued what he believed. Biography - very serious genre. Requires responsibility on the viewer not less than that of a writer or director. Genre, which is able to induce the viewer to any - any action, an example of actions of the hero which the film is based. And to criticize the films shot there, we often come from laymen.
Allons! Proceed.
My review will not really review is called 'No Country for Old Men'. Reveal its essence. Most representatives condemning the actions of Christopher, people of mature age. On the one hand already taken place, Furnished families that have some - no capital and compacted soil prevailing public opinion about them. On the other hand - unhappy. Betrayed or left their dreams, people. Their experience is too limited, and life has been very successful (but that they explain the personal reasons). 'Old age is suitable to coaches no more, if not less, than the youth - it is not so much to teach learned how lost'. They are taking revenge on him (Christopher Makkendelsu), for his decision. Following a dream. Failure time of all that for which they have amassed scab, rheumatism, hemorrhoids and other 'wonderful' bouquet. Personally, I have them only cause regret.
But then, after my clever knock the gun out of your hands on me will go with a knife hidden under the mattress. Knife - exclamation: they have (what - there), they live peacefully and proud of the fruits of their labor - say unfortunate - satisfied. Anyone who is proud, calm and happy life lived, not a glimmer saliva, like a dog from the movie with the composer's name in the title - I answer. Before Christopher, he had a lifetime - experience, almost without trying them, and he was little use of what you have overcome and done. He was a - that own a valuable experience for him, and he knew for sure that this is the truth, his church and God said it, thus parry a knife attack, 44 magnum caliber
Egoist.? And parents were not there those selfish? It is believed that the only true and correct decision - that is their opinion. Coward? It is ridiculous! I find it funny, matter what people say it is running in the city and trying as much as possible convenient and deeper fit in your case, a case of human satisfaction, say a man who was walking his heart, at the behest of freedom. 'Why do you admire this person, why shoot a movie about him, when there are more outstanding personality?' - will explain. Let me explain with great interest. Christopher is attractive by the fact that in their words and deeds - was a man of decent, honest, sincere. What about the meticulousness - I mean rifles, backpacks, watches, etc. It was not good, which confused our aforementioned 'amateurs', and things have essentials. And then, later left on the rest of civilization (clock, comb, razor, etc.) By the way, very important, a gun, a kayak - were bought with my own money, earned by their labor. Hardly fair, tedious, always brought to an end and is perceived as a debt that he is obliged to perform. (See. Jon Krakauer 'Towards wild conditions').
But what about the younger generation. Before steeped in materialism, to the point that their only purpose is already in high school becomes even earnings and 'hapane' money. To those who can not go to the bathroom without a phone. And about honesty, loyalty, love - say mostly sarcasm and cynicism - I say not what I want, moreover, from what I have said about them - it becomes clear how they are perceived act Makkendelsa. 'Only a few ...'
But perhaps that's all. Although ... a couple of words on the actor Emile Hirsch can not hurt. Stanislavsky! Getting used to the role - amazing. Young Daniel Day-Lewis. Also Sean Penn as director did not spoil the movie nothing more than superfluous, false or fictitious. And the music ... Eddie Vedder is able to awaken the imagination to create an amazing atmosphere, seasoned with memories of the literary world of Jack London and O. Henry.
En dernier lieu.
'I wanted to plunge into the very essence of life and reach its core I wanted to live with Spartan simplicity, expelled from life everything that is not real life ... '

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