"Into the Wild" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Sean Penn is known to all of us primarily as a brilliant actor, it has earned its status as one of the most powerful actors alive. But it seems that he has decided not to stop there - he used to be a kind of experiment in the director's craft. Here he was able to give odds to some well-earned masters - for the truth took strong
movie plot is not so simple, how it might seem at first glance.. Christopher McCandless after college decided to set itself apart from the fact that it was so disgusting - that is completely immersed in the wild. This had its reasons that the plot will unfold later. Yes indeed, many times feel a wild desire to do the same thing and Chris - not for nothing that the film is based on real events. Not difficult to understand that leaving all the benefits of their artificial world, Chris for another look at the world - and even at one point took a new name - Alexander Super Tramp. The first time he will write in lipstick on the glass. Chris is not just a renegade, a typical representative of the 'not like all' - to understand how small everything he did before, he decides to make some kind of an act of self-denial. There, far from civilization, he felt comfortable as ever - that is, we have seen the kind of journey in search of happiness. Peace with themselves - there is even a meditative moments, used here in the imaginary
Emile Hirsch has played here by far his best role -. To be sure, he really like his real prototype. In the eyes of the actor seen a real obsession with adventure - and even against older and more experienced colleagues, Hirsch had never lost and gave heartfelt game from the first to the last frame. Also stored Brian H. Derker, the character of which was a kind of a friend of our tramp. Also great Hal Holbrooke - suffice it to say that he deserved his nomination for the Oscar. Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt as a traveler parents predictably strong - and despite the fact that the role seems to be somewhat sketchy, Penn found what they take in the frame . Jena Malone - it was her voice we hear throughout the narrative. It is both a sister Chris - on its screen is small, so play it almost nothing. Vince Vaughn - one of the funniest characters in the film, and he played great. And even faint while actress Kristen Stewart has proved to be quite good in the role of a teenager, who can not find a place in their own little corner of
to all other virtues, the film is absolutely amazing shot -. Can be the first praise the cinematography. All breathtaking views, animals, and even just the city, very beautiful at night - all filmed and delivered perfectly. We can say that it frames its weight in gold - it is worth remembering well, at least the episodes with a bear or a wolf, which clearly shows that all filmed entirely on nature. Soundtrack generally impressive - each composition, each note long haunting. We can say that the music and picture complement each other, showing a delight for both the eyes and ears
Despite the fact that the tape lasts almost two hours and a half, the action flies by -. This contributes to the lively assembly, and densely saturated actions. Directing nowhere marking time - this is also a clear road movie, where the hero is almost never stops. Is that the only magic bus - but there comes a dramatic main line. In addition, the director makes extensive use of flashbacks - but this film in any case did not seem rough, but instead becomes a one-piece
reaching complete harmony with the artistic content and a picture, Sean did not stop there.. And sometimes I became even divert a picture into an existential drama - for example at the outlet clearly show through abstract thinking thought Chris. After all, someone will see in this amazing story just adventurous adventure, full of dangers, but in fact the director tells us a lot more - separation from the world, immersing in itself can sometimes lead to the fact that the only finding happiness (free), you again become unhappy. It recognizes and Chris - and not even because he clearly understood what kind of danger looming over him
'Happiness exists only when there is someone with him to share' -. And really, this is perhaps the most important lesson learned for himself the protagonist. Hence here and have grown quite a philosophical allusions - they are not far-fetched, but apparently were laid in the novel, which is once read Sean Penn. Novelistic structure here is more than appropriate - each chapter is another step forward for the person who decided to go against the wind
And with all this, everyone is free to interpret this creature on the -. Because in addition to the obvious positive reviews, the film has negative. Since there is in him, and rebellious, unkempt background - not all are willing to take such sentiments, it is possible that someone Chris seems only elementary selfish. At this point who is perceived - but his true end in itself much higher
In this powerful film, which makes the message of the present to think -. Perfected acting, filigree-verified the technical side of the project and the powerful message hidden inside - combining these components, Sean Penn has created on this outstanding creation.
9 of 10

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