"Into the Wild" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Man strives to provide itself with the maximum comfort: cars, cell phones are constantly updated, 5 pairs of shoes, 20 shirts, sex with anyone, anywhere, more importantly, more, more, just a little more. Concrete, plastic, talk about artificial things, meaningless words and a smile nothing.
When the last time you walked in the woods? And the last time I was at the mall? When did you last enjoyed the flame of fire that lit itself? And when they could not take my eyes off the dummy with a dress you liked? When you wade sudden fear of what you snapped a twig, and then you sincerely laughed at his cowardly? And when you are trembling with fear that you will be fired from work that you think about the company that you are in their age have not achieved the established social status of the system? Do not worry, you will not be fired because you diligently smile to their customers.
Not a hindrance? I completely agree. But the fact that the other does not often happen. Therefore, people like Christopher McCandless sent to travel in order to be closer to nature and to the present. No objections that he did it out of despair, because he is a failure and could not get here will not go to work. Excellent education, a successful family, a lot of prospects. But he refuses to present the parents in the form of a car, a legacy to give to charity, and a certain amount of money burns. He himself says that his career - humiliation "invention of the twentieth century", rather a burden than an advantage, and it is quite complete without it. "Immediately it was possible to understand that he no fool. He read a lot. I eat a lot of buzzwords. I think he got into trouble largely because of the fact that too much thought. Sometimes he too tried to make sense of the world, to find out why people so often cause harm to each other. " It says the person with whom McCandless met while traveling.
If you liked the movie "Into the Wild", you should read the book by Jon Krakauer, on which it was removed. The author has tried as much as possible to go and experience all the way McCandless, understand his feelings and thoughts: "Now at last he was traveling light, having escaped from the suffocating world of their parents and peers, the world of abstract concepts, prosperity and material excess, the world in which he painfully felt yourself cut off from real life. " In one of the epigraphs surely noticed that the desert does not go away in order to escape from reality, but to detect it.
Yes, most of these hermits call patients, idiots, lunatics. But, if a person believes the modern world empty and meaningless, then he has every right to go into the wild conditions. Why not? After all, he was not touched.
When you look at photos of McCandless, you see a cheerful, sincere person. During the trip, he met someone with a lot, but, apparently, no one was allowed to approach close, despite the record that he made himself, "" Happiness is true only if it is shared with others. " His convictions he shares in his letter: "I want to repeat the advice that you gave before. I'm sure you have to radically change their lives and the courage to carry out what you previously could not and think, or afraid to try. So many people are unhappy and thus unable to change the situation, because they are too used to live in well-being, comfort and conservatism, which, at first glance, appeasing, but in fact there is nothing more harmful for the seeker of the human spirit, than a secure future. The basis of vitality of man is his passion for adventure. The pleasure of life is drawn from our meetings with the new, and because there is no greater happiness than to constantly change their horizons, meeting under a different sun every day. And if you want to live to the fullest, Ron, you have to overcome the craving for monotonous predictability, and take razdolbaysky lifestyle, which at first may seem to you abnormal. You're mistaken if you think that joy can be found mainly from relationships with others. She's in everything and everyone, that we are able to experience. We just need to show the courage to turn away from the traditional way of life and choose an unusual way. I am sure that you do not need me or anyone else close to illumine his life in a new light. He is waiting for you, you only have to lend a hand. Your only enemies - you yourself and your own stubbornness, hindering travel in a new way. Quite oscillations and subterfuge. Just do it. You'll be very, very happy that I did so. "
should be noted that McCandless loved to read, especially Jack London, Leo Tolstoy and Henry David Thoreau. In the book of Toro, he said the following lines: "Rather than love, money and fame, give me truth. I sat at the table, abundantly laden with wine and viands, around which scurried servile lackeys, but sincerity and truth were not there, and I came away hungry from the inhospitable shelter. His hospitality was cold as ice. " the word "Truth" was displayed at the top of the page McCandless hand large block letters.
In fact, McCandless was not alone in his endeavors to get away from the civilized world in the wilderness. Some travelers, who are called tramps are also described in the book
In general, I have a great respect to such persons, and I am ashamed to himself for his cowardice
'Death from hunger -.. Not a pleasant one. In the later stages, when the body begins to devour the victim suffers itself from muscle pain, heart problems, hair loss, dizziness, shortness of breath, increased sensitivity to cold, physical and mental exhaustion. The skin turns white. Due to the lack of essential nutrients in the brain there is a strong chemical imbalance that causes convulsions and hallucinations. However, some of those who were on the brink of starvation, they say that on the threshold of death of hunger disappears, terrible pain goes away, replaced by a deep suffering comes euphoria, a feeling of peace, accompanied by the extraordinary clarity of mind. I would like to believe that McCandless experienced such delight '.
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