"Into the Wild" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For each person, the concept of freedom and happiness have their meaning. someone someone to be happy you need a lot of money and success in business, something else, well, some people for full happiness only need to get out into nature and to join the wild conditions. It was just such a man is the protagonist, who, instead of a dizzying career and a fortune chose peace of mind and harmony with nature. Thus the protagonist has passed the stage of denial of further standards of human life and routine of ordinary society. Such people today have very little and usually they are not of this world, but these are all the same, and the fact that the film is based on real events, is another confirmation of this. The painting itself is very vital, interesting, and how would it sound strange, very real, when viewed in person, I sometimes felt that I was right there, where the main character, and to achieve this here is the effect it was necessary to try very much that the creators did .
I "into the wild" very much, apart from the fact that the film is made very efficiently and professionally, so it also affects the very interesting topics about the dependence from something and freedom in general. The film also has a lot of beautiful, spectacular scenery and a couple of really memorable scenes, I personally like the most and remember the scene where the main character trying to carve killed the moose, although he did not really happened, because the beef carcass in the end very quickly deteriorated and murder it was in vain. I remember this scene is not because I am a lover of different kinds of meat and bloody scenes, of course, not without it, but because at the very moment I was eating and how it becomes clear in this combination was a little something good. Good scene there were still a lot of what makes "Into the Wild," one of the most beautiful films of recent years. We should also talk a bit about the storyline and what I now do, because there is something to tell.
The plot tells the story of an ordinary young boy Chris, who after graduation, and with not quite poor grades, decides to throw all my old life and submit to the tramp. True to this he was not warned to leave the car and sends the money to charity, well, what if these means someone fed. To Chris finally found, he takes the pseudonym Alexander Supertramp, which symbolizes his freedom and his complete renunciation of the past, not only pleasant life in which the parents are constantly quarreling, and thereby hurt not only themselves, but also to children who are constantly becoming . witness their quarrels and fights
Later, the newly Supertramp set itself a new goal: to get to Alaska and to immerse themselves in the life in the wild, without any obligations to the current world. On the way to their main purpose in life, the hero meets a variety of people who in spite of all left in the life of a young man its mark. Alex met and a couple of hippies who has recently lost a son who apparently also decided to go in a stroller, as well as the hero met had lost the taste for life the old man, a couple of tourists from Denmark and many other characters, who in one way or another affect the fate Supertramp, who still get to your destination. Now, its habitat is the "magic bus", which will be his future life ...
script chic, of course it is very difficult to understand what really happened, but it was the truth and that is how it is served audience here in this movie deserves only the highest assessment, namely five. Plus I liked the ending, it is unexpected, but it is quite logical. More flattering words merit and actors, which I will talk about in more detail, because they definitely deserve it.
«Man, where are your parents?»
«Living somewhere in your life!»
Just brilliantly coped with its role as Emile Hirsch, which is not something that looked very natural, created the impression that Hirsch actually experienced the same thing as his character, and for this realistic game quite enough. It is like the opinion of Emil, because his eyes really were burning and it was evident that the actor played his role with great pleasure. Evaluation of course it is the highest, namely five points and I personally applaud Emil standing, well done. Played great William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden, who sang the role of the parents of the protagonist. They also looked very realistic and accuse them of something is simply impossible, so my score is also equal to five points. Gorgeous and was nominated for this role for "Oscar" veteran Hal Holbrooke, which is held on the screen by force twenty minutes, but remember no less than the other characters. Looked good even Kristen Stewart, which finally appeared in the frame with a closed mouth, which can already be considered a success. No kidding, Kristen played very well and it is also commendable.
All the other actors, which include Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn and Jane Malone, also deserved praise. In general, all the cast ensemble are involved in this picture coped with its task on a solid top five, which I put. Gorgeous, and the soundtrack, which a lot of melodic songs, thanks to which is injected is the same atmosphere of freedom and wildness. For music and put five points. And do not forget to praise the Sean Penn, which this time is not an actor, and the director and can then view this safely say that it is craft a two-time winner of the "Oscar" has mastered very well. All filmed masterfully, well, for it usually put the highest score, which I did. It's probably all I wanted to write about this tape, so that probably will begin to fail eventually.
«Why did you burn your money?»
«I just do not want anything from depend!"
result: a wonderful, vital and very beautiful in all plans for the film, which, though in some places a little tight and boring, still leaves after watching a great soil for reflection and quite pleasant aftertaste. To me personally, "Into the Wild" very much, so that my assessment of this, namely:
9 of 10
«Happiness exists only when it can be with someone someday divide! »

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