"Into the Wild" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All people have a dream. Someone half his life saving money to travel around the world, someone is dreaming of an expensive car and an apartment building, and for someone to dream - to see family and friends are always healthy and happy. Our hero, Christopher McCandless, like as all bad. He is a good student, loves his parents and sisters for it is not just relative, but also the best friend. After graduation, life becomes very serene: Mom and Dad are doing precious son a gift - a new car. It would seem, what else want in 20 or so years? But Chris has a dream - Alaska. And he does not just want to go there and take pictures on the background of mountains and rivers. He wants to live there. Growing up on the books of Jack London and Leo Tolstoy, Chris has formed for itself ideal of life. it is that a person must not be dependent on anything. Money, cars, houses, lover - all this uninteresting and pathetic. But Alaska - is quite another matter. When all around you only beasts and nature, the ordinary pleasures of life fade into the background. And Chris, giving all the money to charity and do not say anything about the future of their loved ones, goes to far and long trip. His ultimate goal - the largest on the territory of State of the United States. Reaching it, Christopher realizes that his life has gained meaning.
This film is based on the book by Jon Krakauer, a writer and journalist. He did not know personally, Christopher McCandless, but he heard snatches of his stories from friends, became very interested, and as a result of his pen came issledovatelno-biographical book about an amazing man, chasing his dream. The film's director Sean Penn read the book in one night and immediately decided for himself that he wants to make a film on it. Only after ten days he got the right to shoot. As a result, the film was released in rent over 15 years after the adventures of Chris.
Removed this painting professionally, in real places, where everything is happening. From a visual point of view, the film is actually perfect - we did not just show the magnificent, the most beautiful and breathtaking locations. Mountains, plains, rivers, fields, roads - just a feast for the viewer. But the beauty of the film - is only one side of the coin. The other side - his meaning. Here things are not so simple. Anyone who start watching this creation, should decide for themselves, Who then is this, Christopher McCandless? The hero, who in the flight of his dream gave up all the joys of life, or a fool who, with 4.5 kilograms of rice, a rifle and a few books, went to clear suicide in one of the most dangerous places on Earth human. My opinion is clear - he is a hero. I saw his heroics in the eyes of every person whom he met in the course of the film. Self-flagellation was not his aim. He simply could not go on living in the narrow life for himself within, if it had not reached the desired goal. Chris - this is the man that was not enough to live a long and happy life. His goal was to make the world a better place, even if such a sophisticated and dangerous way, which he has chosen. And, I tell you, seeing how many books have been written, filmed movies and sung songs about his life - he did it! For many people it has become an idol, and committed them to the feat (yes, it is a feat) America will never forget. If you're somewhere in the middle of the film will understand that not having a hero no positive or compassionate feelings, a further view consider it inappropriate.
also a lot of stones in the film to throw about how behaved Chris Alaska. The pier and fish, he did not catch, and the map is not picked up, and could not zavyalit elk, and the gun somehow picked up, although this is the fruit of civilization ... Guys, well, not in the same point! Such criticism and I want to say - go and watch the Discovery Channel, where all your desires coincide with what he saw. The strength of the film is not how dangerous Alaska, and even in the way she is beautiful. The strength of the film to the people whom Christopher met on the way to his dream. Each of them - it's a treasure from Mr. Penn. Alaska only a screen, and I am sure that the director did not set out to show asketskuyu life in all its diversity. The main thing in the film - the diversity of human souls and characters, brilliantly illustrated by the introduction of several minor film actors. Each of them has a story, and if you can not penetrate it, the pleasure derived from watching, will tend to zero. You can say that it was possible to combine business with pleasure, but I do not think the film would become so popular, with Sean hermit more attention than it is.
It would seem that when the film is a biographical, everything should stay the same actor, and the choice of an actor depends on the continued success of the film. There is a little bit wrong. Emile Hirsch has really done a great job, very thin, traveled together with the crew half of America, and his face is in the frame, 90% of the film. But those who met him on the road and then put Emil hero by the wayside. I liked all the actors involved in this project. Each was required to play in his mini-episode and leave some impression, and all succeeded. It deserves special praise Hal Holbrook, who for his role in this film was nominated for an Oscar. Tears in his eyes almost convinced me at parting with Chris is that this film may end in another way, and I myself was ready to cry. Heroes Catherine Keener and Vince Vaughn is also very memorable, and now I will remember about these actors is not in their larger projects, and for his roles in the film. From the perspective of acting for the film claims minimal
"Into the Wild." - this is a very good movie, especially because of the unusual stories moved to the screen. The film few people indifferent. I think a lot of looking at Emile Hirsch here remembered the hero of Anthony Hopkins in "Fastest Indian'a". So, I liked both of these films. I am glad that this film continues to exist as a class and receive in its composition more and more new stars. I am proud of Christopher McCandless. And I thank Sean Penn for the fact that he made this story more accessible to thousands of people like me, whose passions in art cinema is limited. Thanks, Sean.
8 out of 10

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