"Interview with the Vampire" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Modern cinema does not please the audience a serious approach to let out the pictures, rather the impression that they are punched out on a conveyor belt. That this hour, film and television flooded minded teen movies on supernatural themes: came "Twilight" in the world film industry
I grew up in another movie that really impressed the imagination and touches the deepest strings of the soul.. The film "Interview with the Vampire", certainly applies to such works of cinema.
theme of vampirism for many hundreds of years excites the minds of people, however widespread it has received after the release of the famous novel by Bram Stoker's "Dracula." There are many variations based on the story of a literary work. The most famous film adaptation of this novel is the eponymous film by Francis Ford Coppola, released in 1992. This picture was more like a scary gothic fairy tale: a vampire there is presented as a kind of dark force; supernatural creatures of the night; a phantom that can bring to mind and captivate your prey in the world of dreams; puppeteer, revealing the deepest fears and desires
«Interview with the Vampire." - this is a different film and vampires presented it not as something supernatural, but as something real, and of even more frightening. The phenomenon of vampirism in this film like the "deadly disease" that can happen to anyone, from which there is no cure, the appearance of which you will never be able to be the same.
At the heart of the films, as well as in mentioned above, is a literary primary source: the eponymous novel by Anne Rice. Frankly, I did not read this work, so I can not judge how well it has been adapted for the movies, but I can say with confidence - this is one of the most original stories on the topics under consideration
The film has a narrative character. - a story in it in the first person, and a direct participant in the events. For two hours we get acquainted with the history of the vampire, from its treatment, committed in 1791 and ending with our days.
story is not like a fascinating story about how wonderful it is to be immortal host of the night, the master of his own destiny, reap the rewards that brings eternal life. No. This story about a frightening romanticism afterlife, where is no place for pathos and carelessness; wherein each second impregnated unbearable pain from an inability to accept the inevitable; torn apart by a thirst for blood, which can turn into even the human animal with the most pure and vulnerable soul; doomed to wander forever under the cover of night, alone, alone with his demons.
Acting key moment of the film. Leading actors were chosen very cleverly and appropriate filmmakers. For a role in "Interview with the Vampire 'tried out such representatives of the film industry as Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp, whose type is undoubtedly appropriate for the shooting of Gothic horror. But no, on the role of the main characters was invited not typical for this genre actor: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst. It was a great move: their non-standard appearance, far from being adopted in the stories about vampires aristocratic, but more alive and real, and of course, acting talent and skill have made her: the characters get a real, non-ideal, versatile, giving genuine drama throughout the belt.
separately identify three key figures:
hero Tom Cruise Lestat de Lioncourt, - it is a real playboy, with the exception of some aspects instead of alcohol - the blood, instead of women - victims instead of money -
immortality. hero B Reda Pitt, Louis de Pointe du Lac -. man who became a victim of circumstances and trying to adapt to his new existence, while fighting for the right to stay, but is sometimes forced to compromise their principles and go against the voice of the heart
Heroine Kirsten Dunst, Claudia - "eternal child" to the needs of an adult woman, childishly naive and vulnerable, but it is cruel and dangerous - really frightening character of its irrationality
Operator and directorial work at height: methods and features for constructing video. scale held in suspense and not give attention to disperse small things, camera angles and shooting angles are great, the camera zooms in appropriate and removed in accordance with the action taking place on the screen, thereby creating the necessary atmosphere.
separate commendable makeup, costumes, scenery, special effects: nothing excessive or unnatural, but the cold feeling inside does not let go for the whole picture. The entire film is striking in its aesthetic and sensitive artistic approach will transform the horror and aversion to attraction frightening beauty
Generally the film "Interview with the Vampire" is more drama than horror, in the broadest sense of the word. In it, you will not find the desire to have intimidate constant boo-effects, scary faces, dreadful and unexpected discoveries and paradoxical plot twists. However, this is one of those films that is currently chilling fear somewhere deep in my heart, knowing that something really terrible, lying as it were, on the surface, among the experiences of the characters and their search for the light of hope in the darkness of life.
«Interview vampire "- a film about people, about the fact that even within the framework of such incredible stories do not forget about the main thing: to appreciate what you've got to live for today and do not ask that the consequences of what you yourself can not even imagine
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