"Interview with the Vampire" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I remember the first time I watched 'Interview with the Vampire'. It was a long time ago, it was his first or second show on Russian television showed the night, wanted to look with one eye as the film is very well known, thought, quickly go to sleep, but it was not there, I could not break away until the very end.
Then, just as avidly read books. This is the magic of good works, as for fictional characters are going through both real.
In the film, the three main characters, all of them are vampires who were once people, and everyone has his own approach to life, adapting to the vampire state. And each has its own drama.
Louis hard to kill people, he too sympathizes with them, but to live without human blood can not. Too honest with himself to forget that every night he paid for human life, it is hard to live, but also the fact that the die is not enough. His humanity and reflection is very clear and nice. At the same time a complex figure seems to be good and moral core there, and betrayed-betrayed-betrayed ... not of benefit, and it seems just because there is no power or desire to change the situation. And it is not clear, this passivity innate character trait or a consequence of depression. In my opinion Brad Pitt squeezed out of this role, all that could
Lestat -. A brutal killer. But the thing - he, too, was once a man who has passed through the formation of the human person, which means that in one way or another, but put yourself in the other person. So I get some empathy skills. And he has something to break the confidence to become a ruthless killer. His hysterical escapades with the victims do not speak of indifference to the victim as the food. There probably hysterics over the fact that we have to do it, we have to kill. And anger spills out to the victim in the absence of choice. And the attempt to prove to himself that he does not care, or to find the precise point beyond which nevertheless will still
However, unsympathetic this way he manages to oust these experiences and gain some peace of mind:. Unlike Louis, he had a taste for life. They reflect not he, he enjoys music, buying works of art, he falls in love with Louis and draws it. (Rice vampires are arranged so that the love they had no flesh, just platonic, but here there is a platonic homosexuality) and for "their" other vampires, can be quite human. Only Louis still sees it through the prism of the killings, Louis does not like that kind of "life" and not like the one who gave it. Then Lestat drew Claudia, the girl-vampire child that should hold them "family»
I think Tom Cruise and Neil Jordan creating the character of Lestat had in mind not only the "Interview", and all the series of books about Lestat - Id. more fully disclosed his character. Anyway, I'm on the first viewing, even before reading the book, it was clear that the hero Cruise needs not only money Louis. On my IMHO at Cruise perfectly turned out emotions. Strange, unsettling sight of Lestat in the window, not human eyes, who wants to have fun, once again looking at what else uchudil Piper Louis. How Lestat risking a burst of Louis in a burning house. Then he gives him the blood - an impression that is suffering as it can, and then falls from the voltage - Claudia he is willing to give less. And so on, a lot of little things that made an impression on me and say that the reference to Louis Lestat is not a game or a good deal, that this person is important for him. It is evident that Lestat tries to take care of their loved ones, but between him and Louis a great misunderstanding. Actually, I therefore got into the book to find out if I understand correctly, that something does not understand. And I was not mistaken. In general, Tom Cruise plays beyond praise
What is really there, "angelic" Lestat looks the same points he adds -. It seems that such a being can not be absolutely bad - it looks like a blond wig angel hair with paintings of the 17th century, and thus make-up artists, too huge respect. As well as the operator and director of light.
Claudia, probably the most complex character. The woman, who was growing up, remaining in the body of the child. The same ruthless like Lestat, but if it is, you might say, ceased to be a complete human being, then it is they have never been. In the sense that her personality was formed immediately as the identity of the killer. What Lestat enthusiastically promoted, for which he paid. Her life on treatment until adulthood goes smoothly until it encounters one, but the big problem - is aware that never grow physically and therefore it is available to other adults for it is closed. In fact it is not so out of the ordinary problem which seems at first glance - in the world there are people with disabilities, for which of the available opportunities for all closed. Dwarfs, people without arms and legs, etc. What to do in such a situation, a person? He understands that we must live with it, and begins to enjoy life. It is difficult and requires courage, but it is the only opportunity to live normally on. It happens, and vice versa, does not take itself. But it is hardly appropriate for people in this situation comes to mind to kill a parent or surgeon who took the limb.
For Claudia, not having samoedstvom Louis, life definitely better than death, and therefore the only suitable way to solve the problem to accept yourself as do people with disabilities. However, Claudia is not a man, not only physically, but also psychologically, she was not used to human limitations, but was used in the killings, and comes to the simplest way for itself. And then the question arises: who
avenge her death and rebirth are both to blame - Louis and Lestat, one killed, the other has recovered, and this is her very honestly said Louis?. And if we take revenge, then in all fairness it must avenge them both. But she loves Louis, and therefore combines business with pleasure - revenge and at the same time eliminating the opponent. With unpleasant people is that they betray the closest, only those to whom they are treated well (at least thought that good), because relatives lived there, learned to be the same and are well aware of who betray. So it was with Lestat in which his drama
A Kirsten Dunst in its 12 years of stunningly conveys the character of Claudia -. Adult consciousness and at the same time his handicap. It's just amazing how well she could play at that age. Make-up artists and costume designers, too, did a great job, her portrayal of a porcelain doll, deceptively fragile fairy girl.
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