"Interview with the Vampire" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

About vampires.
About living dead (although this is not entirely true, given the literature and cinema), to nourish the blood, myths which from time immemorial, were present in the folklore of each nation, in different variations, was shot and written lots of pieces. However, the very turning point in the development of cinema in his time played a cult classic novel by Bram Stoker's "Dracula" written by, among other things, in 1897, t. E. More than a century ago, just in time for "cinema" Dawn and his technology. Being not the first writer about bloodsuckers, Stoker managed to become famous and to perpetuate his name
There has to be noted that in the film narrative is often conducted by representatives of the human race (Stoker brilliantly Toli is bypassed in his work, or simply led us -. Novel written exclusively clippings from letters and diaries of the main characters), instead of a vampire face.
Finally everything has changed with the first book of writer Anne Rice's "Interview with the vampire" 1976 years, the idea of ​​which it visited in 1969 as a story, at where vampires and humans in facing them occupies a central position in the narrative.
About the film under the influence of the book.
Arrangement novel in the way the film has turned out as well as possible. Firstly, although the story is told in the nowadays usual journalist hardened vampire, much of the film we now and then immersed in the atmosphere of the late 18th and the whole 19th centuries, and pull out this candy bytya only when stupid hunter news is solved to kill his companion. The scenery, especially the costumes are gorgeous, and the make-up does not allow for a second doubt that in front of you a real bloodsucker, we need only to see his translucent veins and scoff smile (why, I'll tell you that Lestat laughs only in a shawl with the servants). Overall orchestral sound complements the aesthetics of the time span well.
Nowhere sagging story has its own unique, reasonable quality. For example, it is immediately clear that the coffin - no more than a way to hide from the daylight, and not some magical artifact to a vampire, completely restoring his strength. This includes the ease with which the bloodsuckers charm his victims - it is likely that, being condemned for doing vampire sex life for its inability, vampires, like real predators, luring people with their pheromones and the power of thought. And there are a lot of details, a guiding stone which is the story and the life story of Louis.
Vampire quartet.
Louis. Contacting an experienced vampire ghoul-wealthy young aristocrat Lestat a man whose story we listen to throughout the film. A kind of secret triumph in the face of vampire society - bloodsucker, so in essence, and remaining the person to whom everything is new, including the power has not gone to his head. He did not hide the fact that killing people for food, maybe now killing, but it never intoxicate him so that he could cross the line. However, it is entirely for the whole movie, we do not see any slaughter man completely perfect teeth Louis that pushes the idea that Louis from the movie to kill (to pay yet another) and could not.
Brad Pitt excellent coped with a capital role. It became his original pass already in the world of high-end Hollywood cinema.
Lestat. Vampire selfish, does not pollute the thought questions of morality and human life. He lives by his own code to give special pleasure entrusted to him supernatural powers. Lestat - esthete, not to feed the human race is nothing but disgust, they are just food for him, and this food is tasty, if a man - a bastard. He could cut the whole family, but his finesse pointed to always follow the same principle - primarily caution and secrecy; moreover, it is a damn loves to dwell among human animals, playing and enticing improvised puppets, which, if caught, freely carry out his wishes. His zest for life -. It is the suffering of the people and the study of their sheer insignificance
And Lestat stretches to wealth - at infinity does not make sense, if done as a basement rat. Luxury, passion for sophistication in high society was represented by him in a favorable light. Selfish, diabolical sense of humor ( "I'll give you a choice" - nothing but the banter on the meaning of democracy), arranged orgy original philosophy and until recently craving for existence - all that Lestat. But clean Is he a symbol of evil, which he so loved to ascribe to? Unlikely. He is a hostage himself immortal, which is likely operates on the principle «For Fun». The power of intoxicating
It is said that Tom Cruise -. A wonderful actor, and how much would it not shpynyali of lifestyle, a slight increase, Scientology or bravado arranged them on one show because of the wedding, as well as he works on it, and did not definitely will not. Cruise played the role brilliantly, somewhere successfully improvising, so much so that Rice personally praised him and apologized, that was at first against his candidacy for the role.
Claudia. treatment in the vampire girl about ten years old . Angelic child of vampirism is not inferior to the hero of Tom Cruise, who initially entertained a truly childish impudence and tireless. . The age-old doll, which was not destined to break the strings of his puppeteer
young, young actress Kirsten Dunst in this role could the most important - in the child's eyes show the internal aging. For a sense of hysteria and cunning character - some compliments
Arman Found the oldest vampire Louis -.. Alluring, seductive bloodsucker, who became a prisoner of immortality, in a bad premonition that he would soon lose the taste for life. We see it in appearance, and first and characterized by an incredibly strong character, but in reality, in the last conversation with Louis he truly pathetic. When finished the words were pleading.
at that time still a little-known Banderas gave a short but significant role. He managed, like all blood-sucking trio fine. Dark, sophisticated, charming - ala canonical vampire Dracula, as he is usually represented
Interesting facts
between the book and the film, there are certain differences in the plot and in the form of characters... In particular, Louis does not suffer from the death of his wife, and his brother, after the fire of Louis and Claudia meet Lestat in Paris, and Armand looks like a sixteen year old boy. However, the difference is small enough, and they are fully justified by the adaptation.
And the end of the movie is just compunctionate, ironic, insolent sway idea of ​​heroes and at the same time not completely transparent. Confrontation Louis and Lestat not so simple as it seems at first sight.
to detail carved gold standard vampire life. Par \ 's Dracula \' Coppola is one of the most intelligent and stylish, from a historical point of view, the last decades of the legends of the immortal bloodsuckers in the 18-19 centuries.
P.S. The song, intoxicating many in the end - it is Guns N \ 'Roses «Sympathy For The Devil» - Perepetui eponymous original composition The Rolling Stones .

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