"Interview with the Vampire" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In this work I did not want to write "correct" review, but rather an analysis of artistic images, the disclosure of the meaning of the tape.
I want to say at once, I really liked the movie, but when it happens it is very difficult to criticize. Indeed, we can say, if everything is perfect? Another thing, if not like the movie - as many points to rare pros and cons of the infinite, proving his point
But again, the film made an impression on me.. A truly stellar cast, of course, coped with the task brilliantly. The plot is amazing, because it is built on a whole literary work (the eponymous novel by Anne Rice). Effects of human transformation into a vampire, San Francisco views, scenery, music -. All very stylish, subtle, perfectly
Surprisingly, the picture was not normal - entertaining and very deep. Here, each character - a person, about which there is much to say, each character - a metaphorical image, nelishenny relevance
Louis (Brad Pitt) A romantic moralist, "Black Angel" and even humanist far. to vampirism.
he was constantly suffering, t. to. in spite of the fact that you have created to kill, does not want to deprive a person of life (for this he is even ready to eat animal blood).
Louis believes that hell exists and is in his heart, he wants to find the culprit in this, he wants to know who in the world has created the very first vampire, where reason koto Roy fate forces him to commit evil deeds. For Lestat is "nagging" for the viewer -. "Noble feelings»
Arman says that Louis is the heart of his time - the best that was in the Belle Époque (the vampire symbolizes romantic 18th - 19th century freedom fighters). He needs to get used to the modern world, to "the beauty of the past has not disappeared" to acts of days gone by were not in vain
Will there idealist, a romantic to survive in the 21st century -.? This question puts us to the fate of Louis.
at the end of the works he presents us exhausted, but hope for his salvation is still there
Lestat (Tom Cruise) The exact opposite of the previous hero.; crafty, durable trimmer, selfish without any moral principles
Unlike Louis, Lestat for vampirism -. His power, strength, the main weapon. To the people he treats no more than food ( «I Gosha life, rather than a candle. Prometheus will not find in the world to her to rekindle» ).
In contrast to the beliefs of his friend, who considered himself a product of hell, Lestat sees a connection vampire, even with God ( «God can kill anyone, and we -. too, such as we are no more, and there is in the world no one else closer to God than we are» ).
He loves wealth and is committed to it. He "esthete", in which there is a special "menu" of the victims:. Girls, boys, aristocrats
caution and secrecy allow him to live among their victims, where he feels even more powerful. He plays with the victims, luring them into their network, which seems to give them the right to self administer their own destiny, which greatly amused him. «I will give you a choice, which I did not have ...» - a condition in which «.. only two choices: to die right here, right now, or stay and live forever ..." < / i> is there really have a choice ?!
But it is interesting that this unsinkable bastard alive all living things. Almost all the characters works - it is a kind of symbol of the era, but Lestat is impossible to reckon in the past, I'm afraid that he would rather the image of the ... Take a look around! The world is teeming with Lestat, they thrive ...
Armand (Antonio Banderes) Inviting, merciless 400-year-old vampire, who gave a special spirit of the film; image of an old, mystery, danger, perhaps a symbol of the Middle Ages. It can be called cruel: he not only kill people, but also gives it as a show
As a result of his long life, he came to the emptiness and indifference.. In the picture, Armand has not lost his thirst for life, although he was in need of change - the only thing that can kill the boredom. His image throughout the film is transformed from strong to helpless immortal hero lost.
Do Arman future? - serious question. It is unlikely that the author knows the answer to it. For him, a new impetus to life could become a friendship with Louis, but it never happened. At the same time, Arman has lost his old hobby - theater, not having got a new one. It sounds pessimistic end dialogue about his fate:
- I'm going to die ...
- No, you're already dead ...
more viewers did not hear anything about Armand ...
Claudius (Kristen Dunst) The story of Claudia is very similar to the history of the formation of every woman. Her character, in contrast to the other characters, formed already in the guise of a vampire. Claudia behaves like a spoiled child who knows nothing of morality. She calmly refers to the death of people love using their "fathers" in their view, violates the rules, etc. But in her heart there is a place dreams, regret, suffering, loneliness, love and other human emotions.
She lived for many years as given to the common man. For the shell of the child gradually grown woman, then the woman, transformed into an old woman ... Mostly cruel and sometimes even tender and defenseless, it represents the whole nature of women. Her life is the only breaks during the movie.
The problem of the film Of course, the main characters are vampires, ie . Fictional creatures
Related topic with them immortality (also fictional) is relevant only in terms of the dreams that many people would like to be like painting the characters, but history proves that the impossibility of this plus more, rather than a minus. In addition to this bright threads in the work there are more adapted to the reality of our problems.
1) Solitude All the heroes of the tape in its own way alone. Louis has this feature manifests itself in its suffering, at Lestat - in an attempt to find or even create another at Armand linked to anguish - the true consequences of immortality
2) The contradictions of time and generations:. romantic Louis should get used to the modern world, the medieval Arman has no place in the 21st century.
3) Hopelessness of human life, the suffering, the fate of unpredictable Y in the life of Louis die two beloved, Claudia can not grow and develop externally in a woman Lestat could not find a true friend, Arman could not fight the boredom.
4), Rs imootnosheniya man and society, his dependence on it, from the fashion of the time
5) is also a topic parents and children (the ratio of the "fathers-vampires "and Claudia), which later flows into the love story (Claudia and Louis)
What kind of interview you will give a vampire? As shown mystical story, it will be an exciting, sometimes scary, sometimes touching, even amusing, full of deep meaning.
product inspires hope that all the same charm or Armand, or Louis romanticism will not disappear in the 21st century. Hopefully, the the world will become a better, keeping the experience and beauty of past epochs
«Interview with the Vampire." - a very colorful film for those who loves sense, but does not like boredom.
10 of 10

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