Interview Questions Essay


1.What was your Childhood Dream?
2.What is your plan for next 10 years?
3.The best experience you have had in your life.
4.Imagine you have a client complaining about your service standard, what would you do?


1.I am a dreamy person since childhood. In childhood, I used to play the role play games in which the role of news program anchor always fascinates me. I usually plat that role only and always dreamt of becoming the same in my future. This is because I feel that I always have that quality in me of becoming the news anchor. I like to be informed nada los like to make the people aware about the new information. I think that this profession goes with my personality.

2.I am ambitious but at the same time I am very family oriented. As far as my personal life is considered, I want to see myself getting married to a nice guy and to be a good wife to him. I think that for your professional success, healthy personal life is also very important. I believe in achieving big goals by dividing them into small objectives. For the next 4 years, I will be focusing only on my career and want to see myself sitting at the position that justifies my efforts. After that, I will be marrying to a guy who is as ambitious as I am for my career. I am not saying that I can compromise my personal life for achieving heights in career. I also wanted to be good wife to him along with a good employee for my company. 10 years down the line, I see myself in my own big house sitting in front of television with my family and watching myself on a news channel hosting my own show.

3.The best experience I have ever had was my Europe trip with my elder sister. That was the time when I enjoyed to the extent. I realized that it was not only the enjoyment experience that I have gained but I have also developed my social and communication skills on that trip. I did almost all the adventures that I always wanted to do. That was a fun experience to me.

4.In case if my client is not happy with my service standard, first of all I will ask him that what are the issues that he is facing with the services I delivered to him. If I found that he is justified with his concerns than I will look for the area of flaws. I will ask the client to allow me some time for processing the improvement and provide him with some of the benefits at the time when he avails the next service. I believe that making client happy and satisfied should be the only concern of the provider. I will make sure that same mistake would not be occurred with the othe

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