"Interstellar (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Part of what is happening in the film corresponds to the scientific truths, and some - refers to reasonably be expected, and the rest - speculation." Kip Thorne

As you can see, he Kip Thorne, the chief scientific adviser of the film "Interstellar", openly acknowledges the fact that not everyone in this picture is the immutable truth. And I say this only because at any forum or public servers, where it had not discussed this movie, all the views are reduced to two polar possibilities: either all true or absolute nonsense. Read these statements written by people, most of whom do not even bother to open any book on physics or encyclopedia, already a little tired. All of a sudden became professors of science. Guys, this is science fiction. Fantasy. That's the key word. Just unlike fantasy or komiksoidnyh boevichkov this fiction takes as its basis some scientifically proven facts. Do not invent a planet from a distant universe, dinosaurs and other superpupermenov trident and comes from some famous world phenomena.
Certainly a lot of assumptions. There is a deliberate assumption, without which would collapse the narrative logic, and have frank guesses and speculation. But without that in the movie anywhere. Recall at least in my opinion a great historical epic Gibson's "Braveheart." When Mel was filming the scene of the Battle of Stirling, he deliberately did not show a bridge. But the battle is known as the "Battle of Stirling Bridge," because it is the bridge became an important strategic element by which the Scots won then. That is, Gibson did not just some minor Circuits missed, and in fact removed from the game of chess is not very much is not enough board. Reproached him for it? If so, very few. And there is even more difficult. There's history, and here it was necessary to show what we are or are not yet known in full, or not known at all by virtue of the primitiveness of our development. So yes, fiction lacking, assumptions lacking.
BUT! Lacking scientific basis as well. I'm not going to go into details, in the end this review of the film, and not a scientific treatise, but all those terms that quarrel left and right characters in the movie, they were taken from the ceiling, is an integral part of this theme. If we believe that black holes exist, then such concepts as the "event horizon", "gravitational lensing", "singularity", "space-time curvature" and so on, can not remain on the sidelines. If they did not talk about anything, then just it could be said that a consultant from Kip Thorne is no, and the authors of the painting approached its work very lightly. We have to use the terminology, but not with the purpose to show off, distribute more abstruse sayings, such as People shavaet. No. Simply no other way. When making a movie about hackers and programmers, they also stick around buzzwords such as "scripts", "refactoring", "debug" and so on. Because such people do communicate. They close it.
So no need to lash out furiously at the creators of "Interstellar", they say, you are all distorted. They rented a fantastic band, which, incidentally, hatched his plans about ten years. No need to judge one-sidedly. Cinema - has cinema is an art, not a documentary, with the Discovery Channel. And by the way he Kip Thorne in the book mentioned is such a moment. When the project has already joined Christopher Nolan, it is (in the sense of Nolan) came to Thorn with his vision of some scenes from the script. If Thorne saw that Chris proposed developments is simply impossible, even in theory, he immediately informed about it. But Christopher Nolan was adamant, forcing Kip Thorne how to twist the brain to somehow bring the scientific basis for this particular scene. And despite the fact that it is precisely in such situations, often had to invent something, Thorne tried to simulate a situation in which at least in theory, but it could be. That is, it's me all to the fact that part of this movie is really based on certain scientific discoveries or fairly reasonable assumptions. The creators really tried hard, did a great job, and it is thanks to them. What happened?
plot will not retell. Suffice it to say that there is quite an interesting history with interweaving of eternal values ​​such as love of a father for his daughter, able to save the world. The story of the journey to other worlds, to other galaxies, to something unknown. And no matter how it looks plausible in the eyes of gifted viewers. All this is so fascinating that after watching "Interstellar" I was really drawn to meet all these black holes and gravity closer. I am sure I am not alone, as if dozens or even hundreds of young and not very people after this film will open textbooks or reference books on physics and begin to expand their knowledge in the field of science, does this not mean that the film is carried out at least one task? One, but a very serious and worthy works of art.
cast is excellent. McConaughey is quite in place. The scene where his character looks recording messages from their children, who managed to grow three times as long as it sharilsya a couple of hours on the planet Miller, one of the best. Especially when Cooper saw a grown-up daughter. I myself almost burst into tears. And those who call the scene of some snotty nudyatiny, are forested. You are either hypocrites or unfeeling cynics. I'm not on the road with any of you. Anne Hathaway too, the picture is not spoiled, just did not like the hair, especially if you remember what it beauty appeared in the movie "Get Smart." But this is nit-picking to the appearance and Dr. Amelia actress portrayed with dignity. Michael Caine, who played Amelia's father, Dr. Brant is a permanent actor in the films Nolan. I see it was very nice. As well as Matt Damon, who in recent years had rummaged here on space twice, including the "Martian". Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy, who played daughter named Cooper Morf 35 and 10 years respectively, also looked pretty well, small girl so generally pleased.
Taken pretty good. Pavilions shooting inside the vehicle or in a house on the farm does not particularly impressed, but Miller planet and Mann were nothing. And the scene in space, all the flights in a black hole, inside and outside, along the wormhole of curved space inside the sphere - it's all cool. Music Zimmer many people do not like it, show some painful and depressing. I do not agree, the soundtrack is excellent. What is the result?
good science fiction. Entangled plot, good acting, good production, coupled with great music, a little science and a little sci-fi fiction - an excellent result at the output. Certainly an event in the world of cinema. By viewing is recommended.

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