"Interstellar (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Have you ever thought about what is, in essence, our universe? In our minds, we can draw a three-dimensional image of the hometown of a loved one, the image of our planet. But it says the mind when we think of our universe? Endless, unexplored, not a subordinate territory of time, a quantum particle of which is ours, a human being. Christopher Nolan is not only trying to imagine it in your mind, but also to demonstrate to the rest of the world. When the visual and script support for the famous American astronomer and astrophysicist Kip Thorne, he starts his next major work, the destiny and purpose of which - to stir up the hearts and minds of millions of viewers around the world. Did he, and what a picture appeared before the audience? A masterpiece of our time, who after 20 years, our descendants will be called a classic sci-fi genre, or merely an extremely successful commercial project?
A few words about the plot. The most negative forecasts of global problems of mankind come true. Earth dies slowly and surely under the weight of the human nature management, taking for themselves and achieve scientific and technological progress, and all the essential natural resources, including agricultural crops. Plunged into a state of mass food shortages society fighting for its existence, desperately cultivating last culture on Earth - corn, tragic conclusion which also turns out to be a foregone conclusion, and very badly. It would seem that the end of human existence is near, and nothing in the world is not able to fix it. On Earth - no, but the universe is fraught with the most hope to which, bypassing the usual concepts and understanding of time and space, through the thorns to the stars flock to the main characters. Will they curb gravity to overcome millions of light years and find a new home for mankind?
brainchild of Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated, first threatens to become simply a remake of the similarity or "Space Odyssey", the result is almost shocked the entire civilized world. About the film began to speak not only figures of cinema and mere mortals moviegoers about it we were heard the speech and in the scientific community, which is amazing! American, European and even the Russian (the American Film yes PhD Russian universities, and even in all seriousness, it sounds like a joke!) Astrophysics and physics plunged into a discussion of "Interstellar" and heated debate about its scientific validity. Imagine a hundred years, this could cause a stir except that a unique in nature book, "Capital" or "Critique of Pure Reason" in his time, but no one thought to assign this role to the beginnings of the cinema at the beginning of the XX century. Cinema is growing, both in ancient times began to grow literature. And believe me, this is absolutely the hype is justified. Christopher Nolan takes off his bold and open look at the space under the strict guidance of Kip Thorne and shows the viewer very close to the image of the universe science. Wormholes in the form of a sphere filled with galaxies, supermassive black hole horizon Gargantua, planets with extraordinary understanding for the human condition - and all this on the basis of net physical-mathematical theory, imagine. No emotional attacks, no metaphors and unsubstantiated assumptions, only crystal astrophysical space theory, which was moved to Nolan on the screen and get ... superb. Beautiful. Perfect. It is difficult to find the right words. We were shown the universe as we have seen it with my own eyes. It is worth noting that this is one of the few times when watching a movie encourages the viewer to consider the scientific question raised (Surely there are people who do not have got to learn what a "wormhole" or relativistic time dilation in space). "Interstellar" - there is a perfect combination of science and art in one, one of the few of its kind. Perhaps the most fantastic here - a presentation of the fifth dimension and all this implies, but not more than
global problems and the problem of space exploration -. Are not the only topics raised by Christopher Nolan. "Interstellar" affects the fragile metaphysical sphere of human relations. Nolan with a jeweler's precision synthesized images of heroes with the ongoing situations and the viewer literally dives with them into the abyss of events. All the characters seem so family and true that their every feeling withdrawn somewhere deep in our soul when viewing. Agree, it is nonsense for the sci-fi genre, which usually gives the viewer the opposite feeling, a feeling of surreal, in the same "Star Wars" or "Star Trek." I would especially like to acknowledge the relationship between Cooper and Murphy, father and daughter, who filled an incredible director, "extraterrestrial" (literally) love and sincerity. Very smoothly and naturally flows from this tandem supporting role in an absolutely central, and its fate does not let the viewer to the last seconds of the session. Has not done its work by Christopher Nolan and without antagonist, acts whose motives are purely human again.
impossible not to mention the delightful actor playing "Interstellar". Matthew McConaughey on each of its role becomes more and more serious professionals, gradually moving away from the coastal simpleton from "fool's gold", and continues to develop the most shocking of the character of Ron Woodruff "Dalasskogo buyers club." In the film of Nolan, he brilliantly coped with his work - the role of sensory father, a brave rescuer and insightful leader, whose hope is immortal. No less memorable it was, and the fair sex - Anne Hathaway with its deep unfathomable eyes and a monologue about love, Jessica Chastain a la modern Isaac Newton and, of course, wonderful Mackenzie Foy, which obviously is still not time to show themselves on our screens.
can not ignore the visual component of the picture, which is made at the highest level. We have reached the point where computer graphics becomes almost indistinguishable from reality. But it would not be as elegant, if not for the hand of the genius of modern film compositions, great and terrible, Hans Zimmer, who made an indispensable "touch" in this movie. Words are superfluous here, to listen to enough of his creations «Cornfield Chase» or «No Time For Caution», for a long time to complete your collection. If the stars could create music, it would sound so
So, 'Interstellar' -. A great sci-fi film by Christopher Nolan, which will affect the soul's most persistent and which will generate interest in learning from the most ardent skeptics. "Interstellar" - the genius of modern cinema and, certainly, the future is not quenched classic. This film makes a sublime thought with indescribable ease, amazing. And because there is life in the old dog of Hollywood. Thank Nolan for a modern masterpiece. I recommend to everybody, nice view!
10 of 10

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