"Interstellar (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I love a good movie and have a habit to put estimations watched movies on kinopoisk. I looked "Interstellar," a second time. Last estimate put the March 21, 2015, it took almost 3 years ... have already forgotten the details and even storylines and am very happy, because looked almost like the first time) and again was able to experience the whole gamut of emotions and get great pleasure, sprang and cheer up - literally and figuratively. When turned on the film was so tired that I was too lazy to even sit on a chair. And after 3 hours I even forgot about my body, about the time and place - was completely absorbed in what is happening on the screen
This is one of the best films I've seen
Generally, I like science fiction.!. And if she is a thoughtful, interesting, lively touches tormenting minds themes - designed for intelligent audience, but still perfectly woven into the fabric of the narrative in the story itself, it is the highest score, the higher the class, the catharsis and nirvana. Under this description, to mind as examples come - "The Beginning" Nolan's the same, "patrol time", "Loop", "Edge of Tomorrow." If you think these films with the intricacies of travel in time and plot twists are not so many, and Nolan, no doubt, one of the first or the creator of these paintings
number 1. I think Interstellar good from every angle. As if the 169 minutes of screen time gathered all the best. Excellent, elegant work of the team of specialists and art directors. This is very difficult to do. But the people who worked on the film, did everything perfectly - they are great lads! Here with me, perhaps, agree to hundreds and thousands of competent critics .. and I agree with them. Not for nothing, Christopher Nolan - a recognized world-class director .. here and should not be written, and so all znayut..I no wonder the film won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects
Almost from childhood concerned, fascinating stories about space, about the unknown -. Beckon its mysteries, incomprehensible vastness, the search for extraterrestrial life. And frightening coldness, emptiness, and death .. It is this disturbing, thrilling a dual combination of joy, excitement and fear, sadness, hopes and disappointments, dreams and doom, space always remains in people's minds and is a favorite theme for a variety of creativity.
I have mentioned in passing the place where the action of the story, the professionalism of the team kinospetsialistov of all kinds, but there are still many components, many facets.
Actors are great! And, especially, of course, McConaughey. The game touches, makes us believe, feel, empathize, not doubting for a moment. His character has turned out .. point. This father, this wonderful man - a brave, bold, overcoming fear, ready to sacrifice themselves for others, going for his dream. Intelligent, lively, loving, etc.
The story itself is amazing! She and dramatic and dynamic and fantastic! I believe it. All of these elements so successfully combined, forming a striking synergy .. hard to describe - it fills you all
plot in the impending disaster, the slow extinction of life on Earth and the looming darkly urgent need for people to search for a new house, outside the so-familiar planet.. There's also a mysterious and incredibly successful way arose out of nowhere a wormhole in space, right baud sideways. It allows you to get into another galaxy .. uuu! That's where the scope for the imagination! New worlds! New planets! Endless uncharted territory! Going beyond the understandable laws of physics! Oh yeah! Are you ready, kids ?!
I have always been interested in film as a whole, as a single work of art. But its basis, its foundation - is the story of the plot. On it are the characters and action, then the rest
One of the main storylines -. The drama of father and daughter. Father saves the children and saves the world, risking their lives. In principle, this line is classic, too, such humanity, fundamental - caring and loving towards children, the study of the unknown, a look into the future and the creation of their future struggle and sacrifice. This is difficult to discover something new, thousands of such stories. But she and classic. Always good. Details are important in this case, it is important, AS tell what new and interesting details privnesosh. And then everything was fine
Cool moments - changing the flow of time, when due to the gravity of the black hole and its impact on time, chapters. hero, arriving home, jumps more than 70 years and became under his daughter, who is already a grandmother. Emphasized drama of this moment - the entire film takes us to him. But here it is necessary to look at! I do not describe, do not give
Another very interesting moments -. Monstrous effects of isolation and loneliness for a man forced to spend years in the opponent's desert planet - someone is a coward and is ready to betray for the sake of their skins. Someone dies heroically alone. Someone lives more than 20 years studying the unknown. But of course it is a huge trauma for the human psyche and crippling leave scars inside and no one passes without such consequences, not everyone is able to do is take out.
We see images of brave people flying into the darkness, the darkness of the unknown, calling so far, where no one has trod before. Risk their lives, showing incredible courage and resilience in a hostile environment - the risk for the sake of the people, for the sake of family. The best representatives of mankind! Incredibly courageous, brave - outstanding! Monument to everyone! Two! Well, very impressed with the theme of creating a new world, in a new place, start again - from scratch to create a society again. There is in this something primal, instinctive - to survive, escape, run forward, opening new adapt. What people are doing for thousands of years. Only, of course, not on this epic level, smaller scale.
Here it goes to a new unprecedented level of cosmic proportions! Escape from danger in the face of the whole planet, once our home, and now turning into a grave. Travel unimaginably huge empty and lifeless space in search of refuge, a quiet bay, where you can moor at the new shores and start all over again .. Then what associations? I'm with the Flood and Noah's Ark - something like this. Space Noah's ark.
In general, as already written, the story can be at least in the museum, in the schools and show people inspire. Most definitely liked the movie and gorgeous, caught very deeply. But when you looked at him, impressed, I was inspired, leave for half an hour all the planet, then later going back, out of breath and you go on about their business, and gradually the excitement passes, the emotions evenly settle on you ... It happens on some drugomu- film cut deeply as the blade into the meat - hurt deep personal experience, staying for a long time in memory, the images are burned into the consciousness and remain there for a long time. It is a different story entirely different movies. Interstellar is not so - it's just a very good film on all sides, a fine example of the genre of science fiction.

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