Internet Of Things (IOT) Essay


Discuss about the Internet of Things (IOT).



The organization is a small research and development company based out of Melbourne. The objective of the organization is to enable the customers with innovative IoT applications that are at par with the latest technology. These will ensure enhanced customer satisfaction with the ease of usability.


The purpose of the document is to highlight two IoT applications that will be developed by the organization. It will also cover the data security and privacy issues that will be a part of the applications along with the impact of the same on the organization.

IoT Applications

Application 1

Healthcare is the basic service that is a necessary for one and all. Customers look for advanced applications and techniques and prefer the same over traditional practices in the world of Healthcare.

IoT has the potential to introduce innovation in healthcare by developing an application that would promote consumer driven healthcare through digital transformation. The organization can develop an IoT application that would collect data from all the viable sources such as hospital rooms, laboratories, medical history of the patient, patient monitoring devices and likewise. This data can then be used to perform analytics to come up with medical reports and conclusions (Chamberlin, 2016). Tele-medication and remote patient monitoring will be the two major features that will be catered by the application to support remote healthcare. The application will enable the citizens of Melbourne along with the ones residing at other geographical locations to incorporate latest technology in the field of healthcare. Medical and healthcare professionals will also benefit from the same ("IoT multiplies risk of attack", 2015).

The application will be usable locally as well as on the global platform owing to the requirement of healthcare services by people of all the age groups, communities and genders.

Application 2

With the increase in population, it has become troublesome for the citizens of Melbourne to find a place for parking their vehicles. There are many who do not use their vehicle due the effort that is required in searching for a place to park.

The problem will be overcome by the development of a smart parking system amalgamated with the IoT techniques. The application will largely benefit the organization as this is the major problem that is faced by a majority of people of Melbourne. The application will work by integrating the location and technology features and will list down the number and specific spot of empty parking slots in a specific area. It will enable the user to enter the location which he/she is visiting and will display all the available parking slots in the exact and nearby locations (Mehta, 2016). The solution will allow the application to be used in Melbourne along with other parts of the world as it will solely work on the GPS based location entered by the user.

Data Security and Privacy Issues

IoT applications open the path for a number of data security and privacy issues and the case is the same for the suggested applications that can be developed by the organization. Application one that has been recommended above deals with the healthcare information of the users which is extremely private and sensitive in nature. There are a number of risks and threats to this information as the application can allow the intruders to enter the system and gain unauthorized access to the information. The information that is transmitted from one source to the destination can be monitored and then misused. This will adversely affect the security and privacy of the information associated with a particular patient or a healthcare institution. There will also be a number of security vulnerabilities and attacks on the associated systems in the form of denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks (, 2016).

There are also a number of data security and privacy issues that may emerge in case of the second application as well. The intruders may retrieve the information of the location of a particular user in an unauthorized manner which may appear as a critical risk (, 2016). The attackers may also target a particular vehicle by acquiring the parking information associated with the same and may attempt to cause damage to either the vehicle or the owner.

Negative Impacts on the Organization

There can be a few negative impacts on the organization that will be associated with the suggested IoT applications. If these applications are not correctly implemented, there will be issues in the promised features of the same. It will bring down the name of the organization in the market and will also lower down the trust and satisfaction among the customers. Also, if the attackers succeed in acquiring the healthcare information of the patients, there can be legal penalties and punishments issues for the organization. IoT is an area that is being researched by a number of different parties to come up with innovation quickly. There can also be scenarios wherein similar applications with more number of features are launched by the competitors which will bring down the market value of the organization (, 2016).


IoT is an innovative concept that makes use of Internet and the appliances to enable the users to have automated systems installed in every single activity they perform. It integrates a number of devices and has emerged as one of the prime subjects of research and development in the present era (Narasimha Murthy & Vijaya Kumar, 2015). The two applications that can be developed by the organization include healthcare application and an advanced parking system. Both of these applications will overcome the challenges that are faced by the users in the current situation.


IoT has a great potential in the field of healthcare and automated parking system. There can be a number of countermeasures that can be adopted to prevent the data security and privacy risks associated with these applications. Identity management is one of the prime security measure and the other is the access management through the use of strong passwords, One Time Passwords, Single Sign On/Off and likewise. There can also be malware and network controls that may be applied to make sure that the network and malware threats are avoided.


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