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A Reflecting Essay on the Key Larning about the Management of the C ultures Across the World in International Business Management

The study on the International Business Management and on the cultures of the society across the world has provided me with better understanding regarding the operations and regulations of the business[1]. I have even understood the method or process by which it works and also the business across the world. However, there are presences of some issues, which are needed to be highlighted at the time of conducting the operations of the company in overseas nations. Additionally, some obstacles might arise at the time of operating the business globally. These include – language obstacles, difference in culture and various religious beliefs[2].

It has been found that each of the culture varies from each other and mainly when one deals with a particular culture instead of one’s business; it should be performed with utmost care. Moreover, an individual’s focus should not be on offending and/ or disrespecting the host nation. The population as well as the beliefs of the host nation along with their religious and political systems are required to study in detail and should also come in close touch with them. It takes place when a deal of business is performed by the home country, the people requires to be get ensured about the process of operating and regulating the business in a similar process by keeping the procedures of the host nation in the back of the mind.

It can also be said that within the class itself, I worked in a team for performing the task of presentation. Thus, we all the members of the particular group worked together, though we are from various international backgrounds and various ethics along with various opinions. Therefore, the situation became very difficult as each of the team members has his/ her own view point regarding every distinct circumstance. Nevertheless, we managed somehow and worked together and noted and listened to the opinion of each individual. Finally, we figure out the accurate solution for each of the problem[3]. Therefore, we organized numbers of group meetings and also worked together in order to overcome all the barriers to communication.

Our Group aims at working together to reduce the language barriers, as this will help in gathering ideas as well as thought in the most appropriate way. Ideas collected will be evaluated based on proper understanding of team building and presented in front of the class. The main goal of our group activity deals majorly with issues regarding operating a manufacturing company[4]. This particular manufacturing company is a third world company that is yet underdeveloped in nature. In other words, this company deals with media operational aspects and operates in and across countries by making use of cheap labor working in unethical conditions[5].

Language barrier is considered as one of the major aspect as a way for working in unique way. Working with different nationality people often leads to miscommunication[6]. Thereby, it becomes hard in communicating with different culture people leading to language barrier and miscommunication at the same time. In that case, individuals should be given training classes to overcome this barrier and communicate freely without any kind of hassle. One of the most powerful ideas is assigning the Head of Department who is well versed of both the languages of host country as well as home country. This act will help in eliminating any sort of miscommunication while communicating with one person to other[7].

In order to perform business, company moves to other country for operating activities and the working should be in accordance with host country and not for home country in any case[8]. As the current case operates business in host countries, they have their own set of business strategies that home country need to follow. This is due to the reason as home country is operating in their own country with given business strategy[9]. It will help in gaining understanding of the people requirement as well as perceptions as far as possible.

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