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Describe that how interface design should be intended and why a particular interface is selected.



This is an article for interface design magazine, in which we will describe that how interface design should be intended and why a particular interface is selected. Besides this, here we will discuss that how a particular interface design meets requirements of users and enhances their experiences and what are influencing factors of this interface design. In this article, we will also discuss about reasons behind this particular interface design and what are major factors that make this solution better than other interface designs. These are some important factors to discuss about interface design magazine in this report.


We have designed a website for a business organization that deals with IT solutions. This organization provides services regarding web and mobile applications. This company wanted to make a website for selling its business products and services online and wants to connect with potential customers worldwide. This website will provide help to manage business online and both local and global customers can access information through this website. User interface of this website must be user-friendly, easy to use and understand. We have developed following user interface for website:

As we can see that above given interface is easy to understand and simple. From this design, we can easily understand that front page is showing featured product and other important products and services that is provided by company to its customers. (Majmudar, U. & Prabhu, G, 2016)

How we have designed this interface and why we have chosen this Interface

There are various ways to design a website. Website development framework are available such as Joomla, Wordpress etc. These are very easy to use website development frameworks and developers can easily make a website with the help of this. We have developed this user interface in Joomla. While making interface with help of Joomla, we have used following components of Joomla.

Joomla Components

This webpage we have made in Joomla framework which is considered good for making ecommerce websites. In this process of development, theme of Joomla theme, other small components and plug-ins for making an effective web page. Joomla experts are also required for handling successfully handle this process. It is not an easy process that is why experts can help to work with this framework. Wordpress and various other frameworks are also available that can be easily used by developers, but due to advanced features of Joomla, it is highly preferred. Different types of plug-ins such as login plug-in, plug-in for order summery and online shopping cart plug-in can be used with Joomla according to requirements. With the help of these components a better webpage or website can be made.

In this way, we have designed this interface by using this effective framework of Joomla. Now further we will discuss about that why we have chosen Joomla for developing this user interface. We have used Joomla framework for developing user interface above website due to following reasons.

  • Joomla is easy to use and consist of various advanced features that are required to develop an effective website. (net, 2016)
  • In Joomla, various advanced components exist, that are required to develop an effective, secure and reliable website.
  • Joomla is secured as compare to other available frameworks for developing websites.

As we can see above interface for website and it is simple and easy to understand. This is main reason that we have selected this interface. In this interface images and content both are given, but images are easier way to understand purpose of website, its products and services.

How Interface meets requirements of users

The developed interface meets requirements of users or not, market and trends analysis are done. The commencement of business online and providing products and services to customers is not sufficient to do for business organizations. Without any analysis about market and its trends, it is impossible to do business into market. For customers’ satisfaction, it is very necessary to do. Before start designing of this interface, we have analyzed requirements of customers that what kind of interface they are highly preferred and considered reliable and easy to use. Then according to that we have made this interface. Therefore for attracting customers towards business products and services through online website, these above discussed points are necessary to consider. By properly analyzing market trends and demands of customers we have developed above discussed interface design. (Fadeyev, 2009).

Which Factors Influences Design

Every website design has influenced of some essential factors such as security, privacy and other hacking attacks. Here we will discuss briefly about these influencing factors for our website design and those must be taken on consideration by developers.


It is an essential business policy. Through our webpage, we collect information from consumers when they purchase products and this information can be personal information of customers, account related information and credit card information of consumers for purchasing products and services. This data is transferred over internet and this data can be hacked by hackers. To get prevention form this, network security is necessary. Various security tools and techniques can be used such as use of Secure Socket Layer through i.e. SSL for hosting website on secure web server. Network Security Experts and developers are responsible for maintaining security of website and for handling technical problems.


Customers’ information and business content must be protected by maintaining privacy of data. Our interface design consists of important information and that must be secured. While design this interface, we were careful about privacy of available information, therefore, we have provided unique login credentials to customers for checking their order summary etc. Only an authorized customer can view and modify its panel. This will prevent information loss and unauthorized access. The back-end security is also considered as here such as database security. Database protection is very much necessary because it consists of whole information that is taken as input from interface by users. For an ecommerce website, it is necessary to have a strong database. Privacy and security are considered to be important because company’s customers and stakeholders requires security of confidential information and customers also response to website that provide full security for their contents.

Internet Attack Issues

There are various internet attacks those are encountered commonly. Virus, malware and denial of service attacks are commonly encountered by IT users. Through these attacks accessibility of users to website is lost. While designing a website, developers should be aware about every aspect that can violate security of webpage. Heavy loss of information, spreading of virus etc. problems can occur. Designing phase of website or webpage is very important and in this phase it is decided that data which security components can be successfully prevent our website from various vulnerabilities. Website developers must be considered above discussed influencing issues properly to get rid of problems of security, privacy and other vulnerable attacks. Now in next segment of this report we will discuss about similar interface from where, we have given idea for designing this interface.

Similar Interfaces that given Ideas or Elements for this Interface Design

To get an idea that how home page can be designed, we have taken reference of other joomla websites. The link of those websites are and are two websites that we have visited. From these we got idea for design, color combination and functionality. These three aspects are essential for every website. Various other small elements we have also identified that we can use in our website. We don’t copy any element or content, we have just taken idea for these things. We have also done modifications in it according to requirement. In this way we have designed our home page and further we will make further website. (Bogdan, 2016)

Reasoning behind Developed Interface Design

While working on this design of interface, we have considered various essential factors and according to that we developed this design. Those reasons are listed as below:

  • Developers wants to design a reliable, secure and easy to use interface, so that customers can use this interface easily.
  • This interface represents featured products in an effective way and it is necessary to attract customers towards online business. (, 2016)
  • An interface should not be messy, so we have chosen simple. Otherwise customers cannot understand that what you are trying to say through website.

Due to above listed reasons we have decided to develop this interface, in given design. Our company wants a solution through which they can represent their main business products and services in simple and sophisticated ways.


After this whole discussion we can say that websites design should be designed in a way that users can use it appropriately without any problem. Above discussed platform i.e. Joomla is better than other available frameworks. Joomla is selected due to its advanced and secured features. Besides this, above discussed security and privacy issues must be considered by developers before launching interface among users. The development process of a complete website or a single page is not an easy task to perform. Above discussed factors are important to consider. Developers and users both are responsible for maintaining security and privacy of information at their own level. Usage of advanced security techniques and tools must be used appropriately by developers and they should aware about risk factors that are related to security. With these goals and requirements, we have developed this interface design for our website.


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