Intercultural And International Business Communication Essay


Discuss about the Intercultural and International Business Communication.



We are all accustomed to the word "communication" but then also we always misinterpret the actual meaning of it. Communication can be better understood in terms of Effective Communication. Effective communication is communicating with people or employees or in any organization in such a way which should generally be face to face or in written form and where people should be able to get the information which you want them to get. An organization under IMO Standard Marine Communication Phase (SMCP) actually tries to clear out the barrier in the language system by which people communicate. Language is a big factor in the case of any sort of communication.

Key features of Communication

Effective Communication has two sub-parts- verbal and written. In any organization or official workplace, the main thing that is very important is the communication. The main way to improve the communication in any organization is to hire seafarers. Seafarers are people who have better knowledge of English Language and the Grammar parts of speech. Everywhere including in education place, in office, in the maritime environment there is one thing that plays an important and that is the English Language. In all the above-mentioned places the knowledge of English Language is tested (Stubbe, 2012).

Though nowadays verbal things are not into use much, mainly the official works are based on the theoretical basis. It means there are emails, questionnaires, and checklist, all these need the better use of English Language. So it is very much necessary for and business oriented organization should always recruit a seafarer for the effective communication of its official works (Stubbe, 2012).

Communication nowadays

Earlier the use of the word "communication" was neither much in usage nor in practice. There was less scope for people locomotive communication leave aside verbal or written communication. But nowadays communication is the main part of the International Business circle of the world. Communication has made the working of personal as well as impersonal life very easy (International Journal of Business Communication Special Issue: Leadership Communication, 2015).

In one article it has been stated that in many ships, bridges are used as the communication hubs where we can not only think of finding communication in accordance with the SOLAS but also many other gadgets like – desktop computers, fax machines and also telephones or mobiles. Earlier if people were in ships they were totally aloof from the worldly things but nowadays people can also communicate with ships (Gopal, 2009).

Vendor documentation

This is one big thing which brings a lot of efficiency in term of communication. There are many mishaps or wrong interpretations in a case of vendor documentation. Now, when the responsibility of communication of any organization is given in the hands of these vendors the quality of the work drops drastically. This is because, firstly, the company has no idea about the people and the knowledge of the people who are actually doing the job. Secondly, the translation of the actual text becomes poor, this is because the vendors are not directly connected with the company. Thirdly, the vendor fails to relate the needs of the person sitting on the other end of this communication aura. Fourthly, the documents are also published poorly, they do contain the proper presentation, proper use of illustration, final assembly, and printing. And last but not the least, the points become relevant from the point of view of the vendor, which is not at all accepted in case of any sort of professional aura (Ainsworth, 2013).

How is communication-related to culture?

Chinese is one of the hardest languages of the world. There are many hundreds of alphabets included in Chinese grammar. For this reason, the communication of China with the outside world was comparatively rare. But today in this century the maritime need for Chinese communication with the rest of world has been influenced drastically. They have overcome the problem of communicating with the rest of the world in a vivid way. And this improvement of China has helped it to leap into the International Business Communication field very much (Leye, 2009).


From the above-written document, we can understand that communication is only about reading, writing, or speaking. It is actually about how we explain and exchange our ideas with the people around us. So, now it is very clear that how much this communication thing is important for the whole business sector of the world. Communication is actually between the relationship between two organizations or two countries. It is how simply we can explain people our own thought and how simply we can understand the things the other person is trying to explain to us.


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