Intentions Of Casual Dining Restaurant Essay


Discuss about the Behavioral Intentions Of Casual Dining Restaurant.


1st March to 16th March: Freshness checking of food and ingredients:

I first check the freshness of the food items prepared the previous day. While checking the freshness aspect of the food items, I check the attributes of the food like flavor, colour, taste and other typical attributes which the guests would expect from them (Canny 2014).

The next stage is checking the ingredients of the food like the basic raw materials which go into the preparation of the food. The main ingredients which are perishable like chicken and also form the basic raw material for most of the food items are have very short shelf life in spite of refrigeration. So, I would ensure that items like these are fresh and are not showing any sign of degeneration (Ramanathan, Di and Ramanathan 2016). Then I would check the vegetative parts of the food items like lettuce which are subject also to degeneration but stay fresh longer than their non-vegetarian counterparts. Then I would check auxiliary food items like mayonnaise, cheese and other ingredients which are added to render taste to the dishes.

Proper storage is very important to keep food items (finished products) fresh, intact and consumable for longer time period. This enables the hotels and restaurants reduce their wastes and save costs of ordering supplies frequently. This enables them to consume maximum supply of raw materials and work in progress items to make finished products. This in turn helps the food manufacturing companies generate maximum revenue and reduce costs, thus increasing their financial sustainability (Hair 2015). That is why I check the storage systems on regular basis to ensure that the storage attributes like temperature are also up to the mark. I, on regular basis ensure that the storage area is free from pests like rats which are easily attracted to these areas due to availability of food. I would immediately inform the store manager or any other responsible person if I find any defect in the area (Nitiwanakul 2018).

17th March to 30th March: Receive and store orders from suppliers:

I receive orders on regular basis and store the suppliers in appropriate places. For example, the chicken is stored in the refrigerator to prevent degeneration while the spices are stored in appropriate containers to keep them fresh and free from moisture (Ramanathan, Di and Ramanathan 2016).

1st April to 15th April: Inspect suppliers, equipments and work areas for cleanliness and functionality:

The following are the steps which I have to do to ensure the two previous steps discussed are achieved:

16th April to 2nd May: Inspect suppliers:

Inspection of suppliers is an important duty which I do to ensure that the supplies of raw materials and intermediary goods I receive are of high quality. High quality raw materials and WIP ensure superior food items which meet the expectations of the customers. These food items help the hotel create a niche for itself among the customers which in turn helps it to generate huge revenue and goodwill. The restaurants today in order to retain and expand their consumer bases rely on offering food products from specific regions of the world like Mexican and American dishes. Hence, it is very important for them to acquired special ingredients from specific suppliers to give their dishes authentic tastes. These ingredients lend the authentic tastes and flavours to the offerings (Joyce and Paquin 2016). Thus, it is equally important to inspect and manage suppliers to ensure that they offer the right ingredients of high quality. I inspect the suppliers to ensure that they supply high quality raw materials and ancillary ingredients like exotic spices. I first inspect the stock of raw materials and WIPs available with the restaurant against the estimated numbers of future orders receivable. Then I point out the requirements for materials and communicate it with the store managers. They place orders well ahead of time so that the food preparation can commence smoothly. This ensures that the restaurant orders optimum quantity of materials and thus, is able the continue food preparations smoothly (Hugos 2018).

17th April to 2nd May: Equipments:

Inspection of equipments is equally important to ensure preparation of high quality food items as inspection of materials. I inspect the equipments which aid in preparation of food items like the oven, the vegetable washers and the grinders. I ensure that they are in proper state and function efficiently. This ensures proper maintenance of these machineries and timely preparation of food (Hair 2015).

3rd May to 15th May: Work areas for cleanliness and functionality:

I inspect the work areas to ensure that they are clean and function smoothly. The work areas include the kitchen, the restaurant floor and the lobby. I ensure that the staffs maintain these places efficiently to ensure superior customer services (Ramanathan, Di and Ramanathan 2016).


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