Intended Contribution To The Project Essay


Discuss about the intended contribution to the project.


I intended to undertake an internship at a firm named MB Petroleum services LLC in the finance department. Generally, the primary job of a financial analyst is to evaluate the business, budgets, profits and other finance related entities in order to identify their suitability for the investment. Therefore, my intension was to interpret and forecast the complex financial data of the organization. This requires good knowledge and I got an opportunity to show and represent my knowledge and both understandable and problem solving skills to the corporate of the firm. My role was to interpret and forecast the complex fiscal data. Moreover, I got an opportunity to learn more about the kind of costs, importance of considering relative costs and to grasp the advantage of potential actions for selecting the accurate one. All these helped me and I know it will also help in my future. For example, knowledge regarding implementation of various types of costs makes me able to communicate and synthesize data to the relevant party. I tried to grasp every opportunity in order to proof my ability to become the financial analyst in future that is the person who can handle the difficult financial situation of a firm and can also prevent the firm from getting into trouble. In addition to this, I also gained information about making decisions about the firm’s performance. I guess that this would assist me to develop my decision making and judgment skills. This study has assisted me to widen my acquaintance in this field of communication. For example, at present my talking skills have got enriched and enhanced. I contributed my theoretical knowledge or book knowledge to the present situation of the firm with the aim to convert my theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge by applying it and also to gain practical knowledge.
All these have broadened my knowledge regarding communication as in this internship I have communicated with several parties or firms. Additionally, my speaking skills as well as convincing skills and the process of conveying information and data to others have also been enriched. I have the ability to synthesize and also to communicate data, thus I have communicated and synthesized data to the relevant party efficiently. My speaking skill has also helped me in communicating the data with pertinent parties. Furthermore the skills I achieved from this study include – general overview of business and organizational structure, chart of accounting familiarization and approval matrix and decision making skills for completing the errands within the time. In conclusion, one of my key errands was to predict the venture and the business presentation.

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