Integrity Essay

someone rightly said 'wisdom is knowing the right path, integrity is taking it'.Integrity for me is an abstract but life-altering notion which helps us choose between right and wrong. I believe It is a very rare leadership trait which can be cultivated only by remaining true to one's ideas, principles, and moral values. Every other desired quality like honesty, kindness, loyalty, etc is some of its offshoots which can transform a person from a Mohandas to the Mahatma. When viewed panoramically, it becomes a relative concept as it varies according to a person's circumstance, ideology or his persona like- for a poor person returning a purse full of cash even though it would help meet his expenses can be construed as integrity whereas for Lord Rama, integrity meant sacrificing his wife for the mental and moral well being of his subjects.

in an academic setting",personal or professional it is very important to build synchronization between its members; in an academic institution it may be teacher-students;in a corporate scenario it may be between employer-employee;because the credibility of any organization is dependent upon the integrity reflected by its members who act as the pillars of the foundation of any organization and only by fostering a type paternal relationship between them can trust be built between them.

I believe that it is the duty of every student to put in required amount of effort in a fair and honest manner to earn his/her degree",refrain from plagiarism, resist from self aggrandizement and never under any circumstance belittle the education being imparted to him by indulging in fraud, misrepresentation or cheating because in a country, like India, a lot of children don't have access to education because of their financial, social and economic conditions and taking it for granted would be a gross injustice to them.

it is my philosophy in life that before taking action against any mistake, it is very important to find out the intent of the person and his past records and even after that he should be given a chance to reform but giving him some minor punishment, for a student it can be lot of assignments",suspension etc but if he doesn't show any willingness to mend his ways that he should be awarded the harshest punishment deemed appropriate by the authorities so that he becomes an example for the rest of the student community

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