Integrated ERP Solution: Marketing And Sales Essay


Discuss about the Integrated ERP Solution for Marketing and Sales.


Integrated ERP Solution

The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP can be defined as the procedure that an organization performs for integrating and managing their business portions into one. The main advantage of this process is that it reduces the complexities of the business or the organization. a successful business has several parts in their business, which include the inventory control, the purchasing, planning of the business, human resources, marketing, sales and finance departments. An Enterprise Resource Planning system integrates all these system into a single system, thus reducing the overall complexities. The other advantages of enterprise resource planning are as follows:

Security: The main advantage of the integrated ERP system is its security. ERP system provides extreme security to any business.

Efficiency: The second advantage of an ERP system is the efficiency. It is highly efficient in performing any type of integration in the business.

Cost Effective: This is the main advantage for any business. ERP systems are extremely cost effective and do not incur much cost during its implementation and maintenance. It even reduces the operational costs in the business.

Collaboration: ERP system can easily collaborate with any other business processes easily.

Increment in the International Marketing: Due to improved collaboration with other processes and the easy implementation process, ERP helps in increasing the target customers in the international marketing.

Therefore, from the above benefits, it can be easily concluded that the decision undertaken by the Monet Group is not at all wrong. Moreover, it would be extremely beneficial for the organization in reducing the complexities of the business and targeting more customers both in domestic and international markets.

A New Web 4.0-Level Ultra-Intelligent Electronic Portal

Monet Group has decided to implement an innovative Web 4.0 Level Ultra Intelligent Electronic Portal in their business. This particular portal is considered to be as the most efficient platforms of a business. The main advantage of this platform is that the clients or the users will be successful in increasing the efficiency of the business by the increment in the business revenues and several competitive advantages. Another important advantage of this portal would be the recognition of its users. This would be having biometric authentication within it and only authenticated users would be able to use this particular application. The biometric authentication involves the face recognition and the finger print recognition. The other advantage that the Monet Group would be getting is that it would be protected from any type of external attackers or intruders. This is again securing the entire system of the group of resorts and increasing the overall security.

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