Innovating Innovations: Creating The Next Generations Of Empowerment Essay


Discuss about the importance of innovating innovation.


This event was mainly about the importance of innovating innovation. The topics that were covered in this event comprised of the innovative practices that will revolutionise the future. The practices mainly include digitalization in business, future industrial revolution and skills and competencies required for entrepreneurship.

Before attending this event, I thought that innovation is the key for the success in future; however, this event changed this perspective of mine. Chris Vein conveyed a very interesting point that, it is not just important to innovate, but innovating innovation is most important. Every business should incorporate a digital strategy for its success. The digital should comprise of understand the needs of customers and build innovative strategies using interactive, agile practices and technology stack. Chris Vein also explained that the top skills that entrepreneurs and ICT professionals need to develop are complex problem solving, creativity, people management, quality control, service orientation, people management, decision making and active listening.

Overall, the workshop has been a very enlightening experience. In addition to Chris Vein’s presentation and lecture the networking and interaction that I did with other members of the workshop and ACS members helped me understand the key trends in ICT and areas that I need to focus on for my future. All that I learnt from this event will be very helpful in my ICT profession as I will be able to deploy more innovative solutions to business problems. Further, the skill set explained by Chris Vein will be very helpful for my internship as I have understood the main skills that I need to focus on. In my Internship, I will try to develop the skills which I’m lacking at, so that I can perform better in my future career.

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