Information Technology Strategy Management Essay


1.In The Context Of IT/IS Strategy, What Big Decisions Woolworths Has Taken Recently?

2.What Factors Led Woolworths To Take Such Strategic Decisions?

3.What Factors Led Woolworths To Take Such Strategic Decisions?

4.Where Do You See The Balance Of Power? How Does This Impact IT/IS Strategy?

5.What Are The Pros And Cons Of Those Big IT/IS Strategic Decisions For Woolworths In (A) Short Term, (B) Long Term?

6.In Your Opinion, How Important Is The Role Of IT In Woolworths? Does The New Management Underestimate This Role?

7.Do You Agree With The Decision Of New Management In Writing Down Millions Of Dollars In IT Investment? Explain With Reasons And Recent Examples From Industry.

8.What Would You Do, If You Had Been The CIO Of Woolworths? Please Explain Your Reasons And Ensure That They Have Solid Footings.

9.Identify Major Information Systems Which You Think That Woolworths Should Have? Give Justification For Each System That You Identify.

10.Identify The Impact Of Slashed Down Projects On IT/IS In Woolworths. Will Woolworths Be Able To Deal With It? How And Why?


1.In Woolworths Brand Banducci the new chief executive officer introduces the new IT models that can cut down million within its assets. Almost 500 workers supporting the revolution of, Woolworths and supply chain are to be provided by the organization (Bainey 2004). The review result as announced by Balducci’s instigated that the operation model by the February he will be appointed as the CEO of the organization.

2.The major challenge in Woolworths was that the agencies they used to supply faced issues regarding the performance of the replenishment and the inventory system that made it difficult within the relationships of the suppliers.

3.The former CEO Grant O’Brien’s kicked off $1 billion projects Mercury in the year 2014. Woolworths made its 50% investment in the data farm Quantum and EziBby business for gaining skills in data analysis and hence promote transformation of the direct selling of the supply chain (Al-Khalili 2003).

4.Porter’s five forces model provides the details about Woolworths cutting down five hundred workers such that the company may have less workers headache as well as less effectiveness in cost. But online marketing makes it had due to its competitiveness.

The former CEO decided to cut down 500 workers such that to make the assets worth $40million, writing down in the total costing. Woolworths bare an amount of $80 million to the impairment of unspecified IT platform, and also decides to not pursue the other "strategic initiatives."

5.(a) Short term: The CEO cut off 500 workers in short term. That gets easy to manage the other workers as they will have enough capital money. Thus, it will help for a big profit as the company that has already had invested $1 billion, which will help in recovery of other business investment in short terms.

(b) Long term: Focusing on the recent situation, to establish a company, it is important to manage people thousands mile away and the total cost effectiveness of the company, and thus the company’s outsource will profit a lot.

6.The company mainly specializes in selling grocery, DVD magazine and stationary ranks Second largest company in Australia by revenue. The new management systems were trying to implement new software and performance in material improvement which will spread the scope in online marketing (Sheehan 2010).

7.Yes, I think writing down millions dollar IT investment, investing 50% in data firm quantum and splitting out online business EziBuy such that to gain skills in transforming direct selling of its supply chain and data analysis would help for future improvement of the organization.

8.Being a CEO, I major responsibility would be to fix the relationship of the supplier that is a big issue as presented during last quarter, to bring the new software kept under processing and also have to look at the material improvement for customer satisfaction (Johnson and Gustafsson 2000)

9.Information system like implementation of new hardware, along with Big Data technology such that to make data storage much reliable and secure. There should be also providing several numbers of suppliers for better business implementation (Johnson and Gustafsson, 2000).

10.On slashed down project on IT/IS in Woolworths the department deals it with SWOT analysis that is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. Dealing with the positive and negative are of strength and weakness, Opportunities in the market from where the business can gain profit and the threats of the market potential competitors

The stakeholder that involves the IT in Woolworths are:

  • CEO
  • IT team
  • Suppliers

For the requirement of IT system the most important functional requirements are:

  • The Database: This helps to keep and store data according to the requirements
  • The Services: The services should be of high quality and fast enough such that there must not be any kind of complain from the customers
  • The Security system: The security is the most important part in any IT service. More the security more the level of loyalty amongst customers. This part may include Biometry and RFID technology.


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