Information Technology Ethics: Dilemma Essay


Discuss about the Information Technology Ethics for Dilemma.


What is Going on?

The story highlights the dilemma of the new exerts which is related with the changes in technical system of the company. The new experts have analyzed that the technical system that the organization uses have too many glitches and bugs that cannot be solved. This may cause crashing of the whole system as a result there are chances of huge amount of data loss. However, the organization have rejected the demand of bringing new technology and asked the expert to work on the existing system.

What are the Facts?

The facts include:

  • The previous expert was inexperienced and as a result, he created lot of glitches in the system
  • The new expert have found the glitches and bugs in the system and asked the management to bring new technology as it there is a chance of huge amount of data loss.
  • After analyzing, the company has rejected the suggestion of the new expert and wants to sick to the old technology.

What are the Issues?

The issues include:

  • The new experts have detected bugs in the new system, which cannot be deleted and he has found that the bugs can destroy the entire system.
  • The experts have analyzed from his experience that the system is unstable and it can degenerate beyond recovery. The clash of system can cause huge amount of data loss.
  • The administrator rejected the suggestion of the expert and asked him to complete the project by using the present technology, which will create a lot of issues for the company in the coming future.

Who is Affected?

In this story, the company will get affected for long term and the expert will get affected for short term.

What are the Ethical Issues and Implications?

The experts have found lot of glitches and bugs in the existing system, which cannot be recovered. The technology can cause crash of system due to which there are chances of huge data loss. It can also create loss of confidential data, which is considered the most important ethical issue. It will create huge amount of loss for the company in terms of revenue.

What can be Done About it?

The only thing that can be done is changing the policy of the company in terms of handling the technological aspect. It is very much important for the officials of the company to understand the long- term impact of the issues. Moreover, it is necessary for the company that they must change their technology as per the suggestion of the new expert.

What Options are there?

The options include:

  • The expert can continue working with his project in the existing technology
    • The company can change its technology as per the suggestion of the new expert as the existing system has lot of glitches and bugs.

Which option is Best – and Why?

The second option is the best. The company should change its existing technology as per the suggestion of the new expert because the issues that are related with the bugs and glitches will not occur and as a result, the project can be completed by the expert completely in an effective manner.

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