Information Technology Ethics And Decisions. Essay


1. Choose either MacDonald or White. Provide reasons to support why have you chosen this one?
2. How would you set about analysing the situation and What questions do you need to ask yourself to determine whether this is an unethical situation?
3. Where you are working in your internship, locate your company's Values statement or Code of Ethics?


1. The framework that will be analyzed is the Corporate Social Responsibility of White. The objective of the Company is to build on the success of the value that makes the Company what it is at present. The aim of the Company is to integrate ethical trade into the way they do business. They understand the fact that their customers trust them regarding the fact that the Company will deliver its promise on quality as well as price. The Company takes corporate social responsibility in a serious manner and for them it is not adequate to simply fulfill with the minimum necessities. This topic is chosen due to the fact that the Company is increasingly searching for ways to continuously challenge and improve their standards. White makes sure that the products that are purchased by the Company are beautifully wrapped as per the expectation of the customers (Carroll 2015). The Company also recognizes the purchasing policies that acts as the key factor to lead to mistreatment of employees. They also work closely with their suppliers to lead to improvements as well as to monitor their development through regular visits and third party audits.

2. One of the major unethical situations that are faced deals with abusive behavior that takes place when workplaces are filled with leaders who makes use of their position as well as power to ill-treat others. In order to handle the situation, it is imperative to understand the impact that it will have. In order to avoid unethical behavior, it is important create policies and practices that requires to be developed and articulated in the handbook of the workers (Bohns, Roghanizad and Xu 2014).

The questions that are required to be asked in order to determine an unethical situation are as follows:

1. Does the circumstance conflicts with any of the core ethical values?

2. What would a reasonable person do? How would they distinguish my decision?

The facts that are required to be considered include the compiling of evidence that will help to confirm that the behavior that is initiating is unethical. The Human Resource Department is likely to help during the practice of unethical behavior in the organization. It should also be kept in mind that spreading rumors are likely to diminish the credibility and reputation of an individual (Martinov-Bennie and Mladenovic 2015).

The Ethical Framework provided by the 3-step method of White is as follows:

1. Social: The White Company acts as a team. Rather than searching for a gift for a special someone, the Company search for ways that will help to contribute gifts to the society.

2. Environment: The Company is enthusiastic to listen to their customers to minimize their impact.
3. Cultural: The Company follows a corporate culture that is complacent.

One of the examples of unethical behavior is the failure to identify certain human rights. In order to tackle this it is imperative to provide ethical training to those who are not able to identify human rights.

3. As an intern, I am working at Akamai that is committed to operate at the largest level of superiority. The Code of Ethics of the Company includes pursue of innovation to recurrently improve value of the customer. The Code of Ethics can be linked to the website of the Company as it helps to set as a principle to all directors, officers as well as workers (Krier et al. 2014). It is good to create a code of ethics as it helps to guide all the managerial decision thus generating a common structure upon which all decision are based. There are several ways that will help to improve the code of ethics that includes learning what the code of ethics is all about. The usage of existing codes is also required to improve code of ethics. It is also important to search for pattern as well as organize ideas into precise principles. It is also required to adjust the codes through trial and error (Ford and Richardson 2013).


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