Information Communication Technology Or ICT Essay


Discuss about the Information and Communication Technology.


Information and communication technology or ICT is the continuous technological process through which different spheres of business activities are explored in order to make the business process simplified by opening the new windows towards more efficient and effective practices with professional perfection. There are different latest developments in the fields of ICT in the forms of cyber security, big data cloud computing etc. out of which I would prefer to consider cloud computing as my future career to avail the latest opportunities in the field of ICT.

As per US National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST September 2011 release the definition of cloud computing is derived as a model which can enable the theme of omnipresent network with the objective of providing shared resources of networks, applications, storage and service of data. This facility can be able to provide information service with least efforts of management or service providers and is composed of five basic features, three models of service and four models of deployment (Service-architecture, 2016).

As per IBM, cloud computing is provided through different models as given below:

  • SaaS- Software as a Service
  • PaaS-Platform as a Service
  • IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud(Ibm, 2016).

As cloud computing is the latest innovation and demands more exploration in the subject, I feel this area can be good for my professional career for its emerging demand in future.

During my professional life, I have faced different work, which had provided enough experience for me. These work experiences can enhance the working skills of mine with the application of those.

One such work is preparing final accounts, which I have faced through my work of accounting in a company. Basic Financial statements of any organization are trial balance, income statement and consolidated financial position. While working on these areas, I realized that preparation of those financial reports could enable me to enhance my skills in the fields of finance and accounts by understanding the proper classification of accounting elements with proper treatment of financial information related to those reports. This work can make my experience richer through gradual learning and application of the same in the practical application of preparation of financial statements of any organization keeping in my mind the statutory compliance as per legal aspects allocable in this domain (Barry and Associates, 2017).

The second work is keeping the financial information related to any organization to ensure the ready availability of the documents relevant to the financial operation of the organization. Such documents are different type of records of transactions, which are responsible to meet the query of the stakeholders of the organization including auditors. Proper maintenance of those records can enhance my skills to recognize the relevance of such documents with proper system of keeping them for future reference (Enisa, 2015).

Being a graduate of finance and accounting, these are the basic experience required by me to prove my efficiency in the core sector of this domain and the respective work experience in these two areas can enhance my skills in the field of work, which can justify my ability as a true professional in this field.


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