INFO802 Research In IT 3 Essay


Develop and deliver an engaging presentation which includes all of the following:

Articulate research problem:

Drawing on topics covered in weeks 7 to 10, articulate your research problem and its importance.

Articulate initial hypothesis:
Describe your initial hypothesis and how it was constructed.

Describe literature that is relevant to your research project:

Give a brief summary of the literature you have consulted and describe key themes.

Describe ethical issues and how these will be addresse:

Describe ethical issues that may arise in your research project and how you intend to address these issues drawing on theoretical concepts.


Online Bank Application In Amritsar Cooperative Bank Limited

Research topic and significance

The following research is based upon the Cooperative Bank for online monetary transaction for the people based in Amritsar and if this application is at all favorable for the people living in the city.

The main significance regarding this topic is due to the fact that nowadays every transaction is being carried out online (Roy et al., 2017). The research will be about how online monetary transaction can help the people in Amritsar since it would be very convenient for the huge amount of people living in the city if the Amritsar Cooperative Bank Limited to carry out their transaction online.

Research problem

The research problem within the process is due to the fact that the Amritsar Cooperative Bank Limited does not have an online transaction system within the banking processes for the customers (Kumar & Govindaluri, 2014). This forms as a major problem since the entire research would face a huge problem in conducting as there would be no existence of an online transaction system and finding out about the advantages and disadvantages of it on the people in the city of Amritsar would be problematic.

Literature review

Several journals have been reviewed that provide information about the online banking systems and their benefits in the recent times. There have been few journals under this review as well which finds out about the banks that have still been using the traditional age old systems for transactions. These journal articles focus on the shortcomings of these banks and the reasons behind the inability of them to adapt to the new technology of handling transactions via online services. The journals provide a clear idea that online banking systems are very useful in terms of fast transaction of money as provided by the technological advancements, but it falls short in describing the idea of banks that do not have an online system and the reasons they still follow traditional banking systems such as the Amritsar Cooperative Bank Limited.


The journal articles under review have found out various research topics based on the online transaction systems in banks (Das, 2018). However, the journal articles did not refer to any feasible form of solution in making every person understands the techniques by which the online transactions work. This means that the problem regarding banks in India or the third world countries where not every bank has the provision of online banking systems to provide the customers are not clearly depicted in the literatures as described (Chawla & Joshi, 2017). This gap in the literature creates a scope for the researchers to look into the matter of the Cooperative Bank in Amritsar where there is no online banking system available for the customers in the times like these where almost every other banks in the world is adapting to this feasible technology to provide the clients.

Research question

The research question according to the gap identified in the literature would be as follows:

  • Why Amritsar Cooperative Bank Limited has still has not implemented online banking and transaction systems?
  • How the bank would make the customers of the bank understand the benefits of it to utilize the online transaction system feasibly their own benefit?

Research hypothesis

The hypotheses of this research topic are taken as the Online Bank Transaction system as follows:

  • H0: Online Banking System does not have any impact over the operational banking processes.
  • H1: Online Banking System has an impact on the financial transaction system.

Research methodology

The research method that have been adopted for finding out the utility of the online banking applications and websites for financial transactions for the people living in the city of Amritsar was qualitative in nature. The data has been collected in the quantitative method of research. For the first and foremost method, the research methodology would look into the usability definitions done on the ease of use of online bank transactions and how does it relate to the understanding of the people using them (Thakur & Srivastava, 2015). In addition, the workforce in the bank would also be made to understand the importance of online banking systems and how to be acquainted with the entire system once it is incorporated within the process of the bank.

The quantitative process would be taken into account with a survey conducted over the people of Amritsar to find out how these online banking systems have eased their financial transaction abilities via internet. It also consists of the impact of Online Banking Systems within a banking environment that still uses traditional systems for transactions.


According to the research done on the people of Amritsar with a set of questionnaires, there are chances that the people of the city as well as the researchers might face ethical problems because there might be few questions that the general mass would not find comfortable to answer. Therefore, the entire ethical aspect of the questionnaires have been checked on so that there are no questions in the set of questionnaires prepared which might make the people uncomfortable while answering them (Sikdar, Kumar & Makkad, 2015). This is because; this aspect would bring up an ethical implication in the research which will further hamper the process of conducting the research.


In conclusion it can be said that the research about to be conducted has the potential to find out the impact of online banking systems to the Cooperative Bank Limited of Amritsar, which still uses traditional offline banking systems for transactions and other processes to provide the customers with. The research would find the impact of introducing online systems to the Amritsar Cooperative Bank Limited and make the workforce and the consumers understand the proper utility of the online bank transfer systems with the help of mobile and website applications.


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