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Introduction: Mr Wong restaurant located at 3 bridge lane sydney , australia is one of its kind cantoneese restraunt. The restraunt has been talk of the town since its opening in 2012. The restraunt has won number of awards recognition and accounting for its quality of food, ambience and its wine selection. It can be established that its one of the best cantoneese restaurant In the town.Mr wong restaurant is established under the famous Merivale brand, managed by Hemmes family, who are the pioneers in the hospitality industry. Mr wong’s restraunt is among the 65 restraunts that falls under Merivale brand.

Digital marketing is seen as one of the key facets to any business in existence. It can be understood as utilizing the online platforms available for marketing and promotion of goods and services (Ryan, 2016). With the population growing digital and the digital literacy increasing at a rampant rate, it will be absolutely foolish to not promote the services on the platform (Chaffey, Smith & Smith, 2013)

Mr wong restraunt has its existence on almost all the social media platforms, to name a few, facebook, twitter, instagram, you tube, zomato, yelp, time out, trip advisor. It really has a strong presence on these social media platforms, with number of posts realted to the food, ambience, people, parties, cuisines , review, feedback on these platforms. There can also be seen an average level of engagement on the posts of wong’s restaurant.

The failure of digital marketing strategy can be owed to basically 3 factors:

  • Wrong audience targeting
  • Less engagement & hence low conversation rates
  • Poorly times posts
  • Frequency of posts
  • Absence of its own twitter handle and website

In the report further we will see, how these different platforms actualy perform for wong’s restaurant.

Target Audience: It can be defined as the audience which are tagetted for marketing and promotion of a particular good or services. It’s a group of people, who are most likely to purchase our servcies and our product offering (Gutt, 2014). The target audience is defined after understanding the demographic the food will appeal to, the pricing of the food, the ambience and atmosphere, the surrounding area or the locality, what image the brand wants user to perceive in their head (Lu, Ba,Huang & Feng,2013). The target audience can be defined for wong’s restraunt keep in mind its expenssive colonial theme d?cor, its lavish timber furnishing and an absolutely huge 240 people sitting here for wine and dine. The restaurant has many renowned chef’s to its disposal, hence the pricing for its food items increases. The restraunt besides providing cantoneese food , also specializes in french food , making it a great choice for economics travellers as well. Keeping all the above mentioned points the target audience for wong restraunt can be:

Target Audience


Affluent class( upper middle class & higher)

Deep pockets, businessman, corporate professionals & entreprenaurs, rich family history.

Aristocrats & diplomats

People having a legacy in australia and also highly paid governement officials.

Food connaiseaur

People who love to try different cuisisnes and appreciate the taste, the quality. These are the people who finely analyze and understand the food which they enjoy, also , a source of positive word of mouth publicity


European travellors , or any other country travellors, who like to explore the food from different continents and are very experimental

Population within the 5 miles of Radius

People staying neraby often end up dining at a place which is near to them


Sydney being a hub to a great number of companies, individuals working have a good earning power, hence targetting the same for corporate lunches, dinners, cocktail parties would be a great advantage for the restraunt.

Facebook: Facebook is world’s largest social online paltfrom used by more than 2 billion people monthly. Facebook has grown immensely over the last decade owing to increased levels of digital penetration in not only urban, but rural areas as well. The growing popularity of facebook has forced consumer brands to have their existence on the social media giant (Ahmed & Ibrahim, 2017). Presently 68% of all the world large, medium small scale establishment are on facebook and the share of voice is increasin at an exponential rate. Every brand is trying to engage with the consumers or its audience on facebook, they try to derive meaningful converations and based on that implement hanges in the brands strategy for growth and development (Grgic & Mucnak, 2017)

Australia has a total population of 24.4 million, out of which 17 million people are active facebook users, with such a huge penetration in the continent, it would be really asinine to not use the biggest social media tool on the face of earth (Sinclair & Grieve, 2017)

Wong has a great presence on social media, and has really done wonders in its 5 years of existence. Facebook stats for the restaurant revelas almost 20k people have liked and follow the page, over 1 lakh people have visited the facebook page. The numbers are really fantastic considering the competition in the surrounding area and its niche target audience. The page has got a rating of 4.6,which is absolutely terrefic.

Going forward, some of the strategies which would improve the Facebook statistics and the popularity of wong’s restraunt and at the same time drive more converation can be:

  • It seems that the restraunt is not posting regularly for its target auidence, thus leaving them blank for a while and breaking the connect with the restraunt, posting of content and feed in regular intervals would help the restraunt in increasing its followers count and the likes.
  • The timing of the post is equally essential, facebook infographics says that the best time to post a content has to be between 6 to 10 pm, this should be kept in mind while posting content.
  • For a restraunt, whats pivotal is sharing lots and lots of food related pictures, sometimes, ingrediants and speciality of the dish, this would give them number of food conniesueurs longing to eat at their place.
  • The engagement of posts on wong’s page is very less, its that out of 10 posts, only 2-3 posts gets engagement, that too minimalisitic, hence the posts have to really engaging, filled with content and should have a call to action for the users.
  • Interacting with consumers posts- People posting on the restraunt’s page, have to be acknowledged and thanked for their time and effort

Instagram: Instagram is no longer a platform which shows gazillion selfies, last year the platofrm acquired more than 600 million active users, making it the third most used social platform after facebook and you tube. In australia almost 5 million people are on instagram. Wong has a total of 42.8k followers with almost 1021 posts to drive conversations (Che, Cheung & Thadani, 2017). The instagram page of the restraunt is beautifully created with timely posts , but still lacks here and there a bit. Some of the strategies which can work in the favour can be:

  • The quality of picture can be increased, with more realtime pictures.
  • More pictures of the recent times, showcasing celebration, oy, victory, triumph, or something that generates excitement in the heads of its viewer.
  • Periodic discounts or offers can be shown to its followers, who are not a part of their targetting but in turn can come under the targetting purview due to some discount or coupons
  • Relevant hashtags are missing, example hashtags relted to particular cuisisne, tracing it to its origin and some history about the dish, all this info if included will be a great source of engagement for its followers.

Twitter: Another , one of the largest micro blogging platform having over 3Mn australians tweeting in 140 words or more. An impeccable platform when it comes to targeting to the right audience and spreading a word in the marketing. Also, with the new change in the algorithm that the pictures/ GIF will not be counted in 140 word limit makes the platform irrestible for marketers (Park & Kaye, 2017). Some strategies which wong restraunt should adopt in order to improve the twitter stats and conversion can be:

  • Use of relevant keywords and hashtags
  • Influencer marketing-Asking an influencer to tweet promoting the restraunt, it will drive a lot of awareness and does interest leading to desire to visit the restraunt and finally audience will take an action and visit the lovely place(Hobson ,2017)
  • Having a twitter handle of their own-Its observed that wong restraunt is using twitter handle of the group brand, in this case, the audience gets diluted and the connection bulding with the brand becomes difficult.

Conclusion: The above mentioned strategies will help Wong restaurant to reach its targeted audience. As mentioned, consumer profiling coupled with the right marketing strategy will help Wong restaurant in penetrating the market. The timing as mentioned is extremely critical while uploading the posts. At the same time the content must have a good relevancy to the audience and more and more posts on a daily basis will ensure better engagements and draw more conversions for Wong restaurant. The taste of Wong restaurant will thus be spread across the town with positive word of mouth and it’s strategically marketing on Facebook, instagram, twitter, newsletters and blogs.


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