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Discuss about the Individual Reflective Journal for Learning Process.



The present article would reflect my learning and experience of the completing a research proposal and literature review on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking in business. The article has been written in the form of a reflective journal that my experience, learning process and future application. This journal would encourage me to think and analyse the elements of quality work.

Effectiveness and my use of the learning experience

Learning experience refers to the interaction or program through which learning takes place. It helps in strengthening the goal of educational interaction ( 2013). In my opinion, learning experience helps in updating the conceptions of ‘how, when and where learning can take place. Learning experience helps in adding value to the learners and help in promoting further learning that is effective for future.

For me, learning experience has provided value in terms of gaining insight about a specific topic. For instance, while developing literature review on the usage of social media in business, I came to know about different facts that are helpful for my future. This is helpful for my future, particularly, when I get into a job or become an entrepreneur. This learning experience would help to utilize social media for obtaining different advantages.

Personal use of the learning process

The learning process has become technological. Now a day, we can make use of different social media to communicate with the teachers and obtain their guidance. With the use of the internet, we can research our learning material and complete our projects. This help in obtaining more information about the facts that are taught in class. This new way of the learning process has helped students has helped in creating life-long learning experiences. This learning process has helped to complete my assignment and projects in course program, and obtain the required knowledge. This learning program would also be helpful for my future career, as I have gathered several real life information about the social media and its usage in business. In general, life, I can use this experience to impose my undertaking skill and ability.

In future, I would be able to utilize the knowledge of social media usage for developing strategies for my organization. For instance, if I become a marketing planner or manager of any company, I would be able to use the social media in right direction for the company to attract the customers. Moreover, the barriers are also known and hence I can implement effective plans to overcome those shortcomings. I can refer to the different organization that has been successful in utilizing social media for their business.

Description of learning Process

The learning process began in the class. Our teacher discussed business research and its importance. Consequently, we were given the task to complete. The task consisted of one literature review and one business proposal. We selected our topic and presented it to our teachers. Our teacher provided us with guidelines and offered different lecture notes.

After obtaining this learning experience about the business research, I carried out a thorough research on the social media. I analysed the usage of social media in business along with its benefits and challenges. I wanted some videos related to the usage of social media. After that, I researched current journals and books. Some books of research methodologies were assigned to us by our teacher, which I studied to frame up the methodology for the proposal. After careful analysis, I selected the sample size for the qualitative and quantitative research. When I encountered issues while searching the right journal I consulted with my teacher who guided me in the right direction. This was my entire learning process while carrying out the entire work.

Evaluation of my learning

Business research is the procedure of gather information for any function or operation of any industry (Collis & Hussey 2013). The business research task, which was assigned needed secondary data collection about the usefulness as well as challenges of social media in business. This business research has been very helpful for me in the research learning process. The first benefit that I obtained was to develop skills in researching online. I explored journals, books and websites to gather information about the given topic. After this, I came to know about proper organization of data, which was essential for the proper presentation of literature. The structure of the proposal was provided and was similar for all. However, I need to present my literature review properly. Hence, I gained knowledge about information presentation. When I came to about different form research methodology and I selected my research methodology judicially after gaining knowledge about the same.

Importance of different learning Activities

The aforementioned section provides a detailed analysis of the learning activities carried out by me to complete my business research. The new insights which I developed as a result of this project understood about the business research methods. I came to know about different ways in which a researcher can be carried. I came to know about the ways of selecting the right methodology for the research. Moreover, I also learned about the varied usage of social media and what challenges can business face while integrating it. This proposal would help to carry out the entire research in future. The literature review helped to conclude that business can benefit from social media; however, it is essential to develop an effective strategy to overcome the challenges.

Future Application of the Study

As mentioned before, I can apply my learning process even in my future. While working as a marketing manager in any organization, I can develop effective social media strategies that would overcome the challenges. Moreover, the researcher skill that I have developed would help to analyse any issues or information related to any project or work. Organization and proper presentation of data would help me to create and present a report in my job, which would become strength.


This reflective journal helped to evaluate the learning process that I underwent while competing for a business research project. Development of literature review helped me to carry out proper research and understand the ways to organize and present information. The second assignment helped me to understand the basics of developing proposal followed by the ways of selecting proper research methodology for the research.

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