Indigenous Festivals Community Development Essay


Discuss About The Indigenous Festivals Community Development?



Based on the video above, this paper aims to present a reflection regarding the marketing and promotion of the festival. The Melbourne food and wine are controlled by the Victoria limited and usually conducted annually on March. The primary goal of the festival is to promote and market the food and the wine for Victoria limited. About the video, events portraying the cooking classes are shown (Lee, Arcodia, and Lee, 2012, pp 95). The festival is dominated by experienced chefs who prepare extraordinary delicious foods that impress all who attend the festival.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) is carried out along Yarra River where many other events and activities feature besides eating and drinking (Rose, and Larsen, 2015, pp 64). The area has a calm environment including green fields where couples or even friends can rest as they take their meals and involve themselves in boat cruising.

In the video, included is cultivation and preparation of fresh vegetables as well as fruits such oranges where there is a fruit orchard, an olive grove, it also has got a kids zone as well as a first-date butterfly house (Kruger, Rootenberg, and Ellis, 2013, pp 436). The festival is highly dominated by winemakers whereby wine consumption serves as the main key event that carries the day. Hospitality is also being portrayed by the staff and their capability to treat the customers.

The event plays a strategic role in building the name and logo of Victoria’s dishes and wine sector as guest chefs act as brand agents, showing their know-how about the country’s meals, wine production, and people. The festival also attracts international media coverage.

Reflection on Marketing and Promotion

Marketing refers to the activities involved to make sure that you continue to meet the needs of your customers and earning a profit. On the other hand, advertising helps keep the product in the minds of your clients and this assists in boosting demand for your products.

The event is held annually meaning that it attracts thousands of new people every year (Sohn, and Yuan, 2013, pp 120). Different winemakers from the state, well-known for their quality brands attend the event. There is a guarantee that the quality of wine consumed by all who attend the event is at its best. The taste, the ingredients and even the method of preparation creates that feeling and attitude that Australia has one of the best wines. This promotes the various brands of wine as individuals would, later on, be willing to consume the wine, making it a necessity in their meals.

The festival involves a dozen of events including boat cruising, exploring Asian food market through cooking classes, some dances, and children activities and a food lovers’ celebration (Wan, and Chan, 2013, pp 249). These activities ensure that there is continuity in meeting the attendants’ needs while in return providing profit to the organizers of the festival whereby 28% of it is sponsored by the Australian government. This serves as a strategy to market the festival to the whole world by enticing people with various key ev

ents that would see the population of the attendants growing big as time passes by.

Current Trends of MFWF

Tourism is greatly determined by prominent features including branding of products, the products being offered or even the selling proposal (Whitford, and Ruhanen, 2013, pp 52). Food tourism including cultural foods as well as various brands of wine in Melbourne has largely improved the tourism of the city. Attracting thousands of people from various parts of the continent ensures that ensures that the tourism in the area grows by significantly large percentage.

Economic Growth

The event also exposes the city of Melbourne together with the culture of its people to the world. This is because it attracts international journalists in the area, capturing all the events as they are. This attracts entrepreneurs in the area, who can come and invest in the country, creating job opportunities to locals as well as leading to economic growth.

Career Building

The festival has a collection of the best winemakers and chefs who come from the entire nation of Australia. Giving this individual the chance and opportunity to present their artwork and experience to the entire world not only builds on their career as individuals but also gives others the courage to pursue their careers as well, with the intention of them wanting to feature in such events in the years to come.


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival gives people the chance of bonding with individuals from various parts of the world but aiming to market the wine and food products of Melbourne, improving tourism as well as economic growth in the area.


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