"Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I think there are not so many people, among movie fans, and indeed, that have not heard anything about the adventures of the famous Indiana Jones. For over thirty years, this character again and again invites us to plunge into the fascinating world of travel, mystery, danger, humor, and of course an exciting adventure. And it's not only movies, but also numerous comic books and games. Indiana Jones - this is a brand, which is expected to only positive emotions, and this is confirmed by the fees from the last part of the painting in 2008 to rave reviews and fans, which certainly is not enough in the world. And it is absolutely deserved the result of the film crew and actors over the years
Generally speaking, the creators of the film, it is not surprising that the first part of the saga. "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) was such a success. The work on the picture, as it is known, was attended by masters of Hollywood recognized the magnitude and masters of their craft. Director Steven Spielberg Napara with George Lucas, who spoke this time, producer and co-wrote the script - a sign that does not require comment. Last pulled to work on tape his colleagues checked Star Wars composer John Williams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, whose names were subsequently settled in the credits of several masterpieces of world cinema. Such a company talented people, though, who are familiar with each other and united by a common understanding of the idea and gave us a wonderful film that introduced viewers to the world of Indiana Jones.
Quadrilogy first part takes the viewer in the 30s of the last century, to be precise in 1936. Europe is almost already on the verge of war, the German radicals obsessed with the idea of ​​world domination by all means try to find the key to it, and they go in search of the mysterious artifacts around the world (Hitler's occult here is quite real th historical evidence). The situation in the world is heating up, the states are still experiencing the "great depression" and have no interest in what is happening, but there is a person who willy nilly gets in the way of the Nazis. Dr. Indiana Jones course. Charming archaeologist and adventurer, not least of German scientists wants to find the Ark of the Covenant - the greatest shrine, covered with mystery, because of which unfolds the whole story. And who knows who else is going to regret this fight.
role of Professor Jones played Harrison Ford, who had already managed to establish itself as a textured artist, playing brave Captain Solo, of the aforementioned Star Wars. This time on the actor share fell to embody on screen the collective image of adventurer and adventurer. Despite the fact that on the one side of the picture the hero get a place too fantastic, but on the other very "live" and natural. This treasure seeker, and tomb raider, while at the same time elegant hero-lover, scholar and professor of archeology, and a fearless daredevil all rolled into one! Ford looks so organically on the screen, though this role was written for him (although possible). That charisma and confidence, which he fills literally every scene is impressive. And this fanaticism Indiana in relation to archeology! It looks fantastic, sometimes it seems that he is actually addicted to it, and so Ford manages to accurately reproduce it. One can not but pay tribute to him in terms of filling the picture quality humor and irony in relation to what is happening, cultural stereotypes and historical reasons as a whole, this in abundance, and it has become another highlight of the film. For me, and I am sure for many it is the best, not only in terms of the stamps and cliché, but the most striking role Harrison Ford.
But in the end, the film could not become a one-man show. Not to say that the picture was full at the time of star names, except perhaps John Rhys-Davies, but all artists coped with their roles perfectly and not get lost in the background of Indiana. Davis just perfectly played Sallah - a true friend and ally Indy in his adventures. The duo reunited and in the third part. The role of a charming lover and assistant Marion Reyvenvud got Karen Allen. Her image also causes only positive emotions, and it is their presence is decorated with a picture. Together with Ford, they bring to the film, not only the romance and adventure, but also love. And of course the main character of the laws of the genre should be an antagonist, and the Nazis in all its diversity is not in the bill. The image of the villain played, and paid for it (of course only on the screen) a wonderful English actor Paul Freeman. French archeologist René Bellocq in his performance work for the Germans and is the exact opposite of the protagonist: cold, calculating and sneaky tomb raider. All actors in the end create a unique atmosphere of adventure, with all necessary attributes, in which I want to go again and again
film. "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" was the starting point of the whole saga, and a variety of additional materials relating to this story. Get at least a very good series "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones", the creation of which had a hand in all the same George Lucas and Ford appeared in one episode. This film was one of the best in the genre of adventure, a model, if you will. Intense, exciting plot, a lot of tricks and effects, geography picture that takes the viewer to the most different corners of the world, and of course the theme song of the hero, which is on par with the hat and the whip was the hallmark of Indiana. This is a film for everyone, because, no doubt, will delight with its variety and imagination of even the most demanding audience. Five Oscars and the recognition of film critics around the world - this is an additional argument for such. For several years now there are rumors about the continuation of the history of Indiana Jones, and it would be nice if such a familiar character appeared again on the big screen.
8 of 10

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