"Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Since the release of the film on the world's screens have passed 27 years. a considerable period. Came other characters, new faces fill the screen, the adventure became understood as an abundance of special effects and nothing more, a lot of date and faded, but Indiana Jones does not age and does not fade for a quarter century. Like 27 years ago, people still stick to the screens to look at one of the most exciting adventure films in the history of film and your favorite hero, still a puppy dog ​​enthusiasm aplodirut crazy ideas and dangerous adventures of Man in the same hat with thereby whip. I share their enthusiasm!
Why? Yes, because in front of us the reference adventure film shot king of the genre by Steven Spielberg. The film is absolutely timeless - Spielberg did not modernize the action, he removed him from the audience then, but placed in such attractive locations, the film looks great at any time. Amazon jungle is always teeming with dangers, ancient temples are always interesting, the Nazis with their atrocities and dubolomnym desire to conquer the world by any means - a byword. Cairo will always remain a city of pyramids, buried great treasures and terrible secrets, and archaeologists - heroes-pioneers. With such locales film will not age even a hundred years
film for all ages - it has the atmosphere of youth, childish enthusiasm, there is some naivety, thirst of discovery experienced by all children. This is a film for teenagers, who, however well helps adults to once again feel like a child. Therefore, here he struck true. It's a real family film, which Spielberg has always managed perfectly well.
film laced with mystery atmosphere, riddles, and this is one of the greatest incentives for people to read books, watch movies or go on a trip. Spielberg gives us a completely different world - a world of ideal heroes, a world where the real story intersects with mysticism, which refers to the historical names and dates, but they are shrouded in fantasy. This creates additional thrills. After all, for teenagers all over the world of Indiana Jones -. Almost a real character, who once acted really shows the situation
only a very good writer and a good director can just revive their heroes. Spielberg - is not only a good director, but also the eternal child. As a 12-year-old boy, he too dreamed about dangerous adventures of lost temples and how to pass through a myriad of tests.
All we dreamed, dreaming, and many future filmmakers, but Spielberg is one of the few who came to the cinema, I began to realize their childhood fantasies in the public and fascinating form. Certainly he saw himself in these adventures, because it is difficult to believe that the film should be dead scenario - it's moving directly from childhood fantasies, like a sweet dream read a lot at night or Verne Wells boys
And the hero -. It is ideal. All as a child need a perfect hero. Indiana Jones has become a role model for millions of boys in America and in the world, because he is an honest, simple, noble, fearless, loving danger, reckless, and most importantly - he is just a boy - a visionary and restless, as well as themselves. He was always active, always in the thick of things, always surrounded by dangers, but chosen of the worst of them are easy and laid-back, as if aware of everything in advance. He lacks ingenuity to get out of the cellars of the ancient pyramids, he easily dodges the darts, and as he ran he never flies hat, because he - the hero
And Harrison Ford embodied the image of the hero patsanskogo - with the naive uybkoy with uncertain relationships with women, but with absolutely certain passion for science and adventure. Its absolutely natural behavior in the given circumstances, a wholly match the hero's character and personality, emotional features young actor - sldelali his favorite of the public, despite the fact that the actor did not even need to cough up any strong game
The hero must. be bright and one-sided type, which is brilliantly recreated Ford: passionate, impulsive. It is difficult to imagine in his place someone else, but in fact casting was not so smooth: the role of Indiana auditioned Tim Matheson, Nick Mancuso and Peter Coyote. Spielberg himself favored Klaus Kinski and Nick Nolte. But both refused to appear. Only then will the project arose Harrison Ford, just 3 weeks before we started shooting. Spielberg, be that as it may, made a perfect choice, glorified actor all over the world. He then for a long time had to fend off an image of Indiana Jones, proving that he is capable of more, and in vain, to be the hero of all children and adolescents, too bad.
As ulyubogo normal hero, Indiana was supposed to be a girlfriend. On her role auditioned Sean Young, Amy Irving and Debra Winger. The role went to Karen Allen. Muzhikovataya lightly freckled beauty went well for not really thinking about the Jones women. Their relationship is no hint of sexuality, intimacy, as in all Spielberg films - women play a role of a background, because the heroes of the boys, like Jones, do not need a family and a mistress. They are always obsessed with their childish ideas. . They were not until women
film, among other things, equipped with a large number of commonly understood humor, which dilutes the dangerous situation
Pleasantly pleased and atrocious environment -. Wolf Kahler - a sadistic killer, Ronald Lacey - Executive One Major Paul Freeman - Dr. Belloc, Alfred Molina - conductor traitor ... However, much Spielberg always possible even at the last moment, but to pick up his opuses best actors
Well, of course, without a Spielberg special effects.? On the adventure Indiana smooth and pleasant layer formed special effects, fighting, dynamic chases - temporitme film is incredible - one adventure after another, almost without a break for the audience will hear and mysterious puzzles and no less fascinating permission
said that Spielberg was afraid of. the success of their offspring, thinking, taking a children's film, it removes the "B" category of the tape. But it turned out that taking his childhood dream, he guessed the dreams of millions of people around the globe, and the film became the most notorious event of 1981. Yes, and I cut off the 5 Oscars. Agree, not bad for a childish crafts?
way, the continuation of the famous franchise a success in theaters. And I am extremely happy: some part of the soul still yearns for the continuation of the adventure, it was too cool they got. This character is not difficult to love, but this film is hard not to admire, we have one of the cult films 80, a near perfect adventure, become a legend. And even if the childhood, it can come back when he appears again -. Unsinkable hero of the boys' fantasies
10 of 10

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