"Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What place in my life takes Indiana Jones? This is one of the favorite films of my childhood. This is a film that opens for me genius of American cinema - Steven Spielberg and George Lucas . This film is a long time ago I discovered an unprecedented first adventure movie genre. And, of course, Indiana Jones is one of my favorite characters. These films about a brave archeologist occupy a special place in my movie collection. Today I will talk about the first part of the legendary franchise.
action takes place in the 1930s. The protagonist of films - an archaeologist, expert on the occult Dr. Indiana Jones. The Marshall College, Connecticut, he holds the position of Professor of Archeology. But there is a different, dangerous and fascinating aspect of his profession: travel the world in search of the legendary, lost and dangerous relics sunk into oblivion. One day, two US federal agents offer Jones went in search of one of the most mysterious and powerful artifacts of antiquity - Ark of the Covenant, which keeps the tablets with the commandments that Moses sent Lord himself. The danger lies in the fact that the Ark is also sought by the Nazis of Adolf Hitler, eager to use an artifact of evil ...
Genre adventure film is today considered almost extinct. In principle, I can see why - another time, another audience ... That's why I'm so in awe reviewing each of the franchise of the famous archaeologist films. I love adventure! Here there is also a different genre - a treasure hunt. And not some fictional, but very real. After all, the Ark of the Covenant - it is the thing whose existence and believe and do not believe. You know about it since childhood, but he seems to mysticism. Because I was so exciting quest of ancient treasures. Stories that were associated with it, tips which scrutinized the main characters ... Here I want to say about the work of the writers - Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas and Philip Kaufman . Make a treasure hunt so interesting is quite difficult. But they did it brilliantly!
adventure film usually includes a lot of action scenes. They are an integral part of the Indiana Jones franchise. After all, he is not only an archaeologist and antiquities expert, but also ready to fight for their beliefs and for their findings with competitors. In general, such a dynamic film that the two hours fly by unnoticed. A lot of action scenes in the first part has already become legendary - such as Indy escape from a giant boulder at the beginning of the film. Or search for wicker baskets among thousands of identical. Or incredible in every way the pursuit of the truck with the Ark, where Indy has made the most fantastic trick: yes, I'm talking about how he get under the car ... From many scenes I still breathtaking The main character of the film, as well as the entire franchise, Dr. Indiana Jones for many years deservedly occupies a leading place in the list of the best movie characters. It seems that he knows absolutely everything about the history and ancient relics have traveled the whole world, can manage any kind of transport, shooting any weapon can perform melee with a serious enemy, skillfully drawn with a whip, which he uses as a weapon, a rope, lasso ... and his suit - leather jacket, worn over the shoulder bag and the famous hat 'Fedor' - has become one of the most recognizable in the film. Famous hero played by famous actor Harrison Ford . I have no doubt that Ford was destined to play the role of a daring archeologist. It is his role, and no one would play Indy's best Ford - to pass this passion and love for the history, antiquities, relics, the enthusiasm of the hero, as he embarks on a new adventure, his charm and charisma, which immediately won the viewer's attention. I believe that there is a moment that best represents the essence of Indiana Jones - in the room with the old layout of the town, when he stands and waits, when a beam of light would show him the place where the Ark is hidden ... And what a joy it is written on his face when he He learns that this place - amazing
Company Indiana make his long-standing mistress Marion Reyvenvud ( Karen Allen ), whose father devoted his life to the search for the Ark, and faithful friend Sallah ( John Rhys! -Devis ). Marion - spirited, sarcastic girl who knows how to drink, can stand up for themselves, a good punch the opponent with his fist or a frying pan, while remaining very charming and attractive, able to conquer the heart of a courageous archaeologist. Sallah - Indy's friend, have often helped him in the past, he has a lot of help in finding the Ark. A small role played by Denholm Elliott - a longtime friend and colleague at the University of Indiana Dr. Marcus Brody, who appear more than once in the film franchise
were very colorful and antagonists:. Archaeologist Indy rival, Frenchman René Belloc ( Paul Freeman ), is also eager to find the legendary Ark, but choose a dangerous allies - the Nazis. Among them are allocated implacable Colonel Dietrich ( Wolf Kahler ) and sinister Arnold One ( Ronald Lacey ).
Also in this film played a young Alfred Molina - conductor Indy Satipo. In this connection, I would like to recall some of the more important characters of the film - the representatives of the animal world. It must be noted that in every movie about Indiana is always there any creature that lead the audience in horror. There are huge spiders and snakes. I still can not overcome themselves and often watch the scene through his fingers
The film is also a great sense of humor, and some well-known scenes were almost improvised: for example, in the scene at the market, where instead of a prolonged melee appeared 'Or just shoot him? '. The result - an unforgettable moment! In the film, a lot of those moments, perfectly relieves the tension, after which the audience laugh from the heart! As for the music, worked on it a long-time colleague of Spielberg and Lucas John Williams, which has been repeatedly wrote soundtracks for their films, and that became as legendary as the paintings themselves. This time, he has created one of the most recognizable songs The Raiders March, incredibly heroic and dashing melody in which the spirit of adventure and feel so! Beautiful melodies and flight around the world Journey To Nepal, and the mystical Ark theme. Well, from the music room, the layout of the city The Map Room:! Dawn - goosebumps
Raiders of the Lost Ark - this is not just a movie. This is a film legend, a classic of the genre, the immortal masterpiece that is reviewed with an incredible interest, preferring to many modern blockbusters. And this is the beginning of history of the brave and charismatic archaeologist Indiana Jones, which is waiting for many more exciting adventures!
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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