Increase Tourism From India And China In Australia Essay


Write a business research proposal on the topic ‘Increase Tourism from India and China in Australia’.



1.1 Business Research Topic:

This business research proposal is based on the topic ‘Increase Tourism from India and China in Australia’. This proposal topic is significant for a business because the increased tourism within the country Australia will enhance the economic condition of the nation. In addition to this, the other industries in the nation will also get enhanced and enriched, providing an economic support to the country (Chen 2013). It has been found that the numbers of inbound travelers are constantly increasing in Australia; this implies a growing tourism industry. Therefore, it can be said that the particular research proposal is a significant one for business.

1.2 Background of the Research

Nowadays inbound tourism industry plays a vital role in the economic condition of the nation Australia. Tourism is considered as the integrated element of the Australian Bureau of Statistics ‘satellite account’, which endeavors to compute the amount of contribution by the specified industry to the economy of nation. It has been noted that over 460,000 people have been employed in the Australian tourism industry that has increased the rate of employment within the country. It can also be said that the tourism industry in Australia covers about 4.6 % share of the total employment (Darwazeh 2011). It has been denoted that Australia is an expensive choice of tourism in comparison to Europe and the USA. The tourism industry gives a significant contribution to both the economic activity and employment of Australia. It has been found that both the inbound tourism and domestic tourism are much developed in the country Australia and both have positive effect on the economic condition of the firm. In this research proposal paper, the inbound industry has been focused primarily. At recent days, the result of tourism measures are not only bounded to expenditure on leisure activities, but this is also related with expenditure regarding travelling for business, education, visiting relatives and friends (VFR), training and other personal reasons. Therefore, this research will be performed based on some variables.

1.2.1 Research Questions

  • What are the facilities to be provided in order to increase tourism in Australia from India and China?
  • What are the impact of income, price and tourism in both the nations i.e. India and China?
  • How do the marketing events, special programs and advertising affect the tourism in the country Australia?

1.3 Brief Description of Research Methodologies

In this research proposal, both primary and secondary research methodologies will be utilized in order to analyze the problem statements in detail. For secondary research, data will be collected from various tourism websites, journals, articles and various researches. On the other hand, for primary research, questionnaire survey of inbound tourists and interview of the managers of the tourism department of Australia will be arranged with the aim to scrutinize the stated problems.

1.4 Research Process

1.5 Outline of the Report

This report is consisted of five separate chapters but these are inter-linked with each other. In chapter one, introduction to the research topic, the background of the research, problem statements and research questions has been highlighted. In chapter two, literature review of the research topic has been discussed. In chapter three, the methodologies to be used during the process of research has been discussed and in fourth chapter the probable outcome of the collected data has been highlighted. Lastly, in fifth chapter, the conclusion from the research proposal has been drawn.


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