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Title: In space Composing a song with a music video Global context: Personal and cultural expression By: Aaron Mitchell Year: 2018-2019 School: Greenfield community school Word count: Table of contents Investigation (Criterion A) 2 Investigation (The goal) 2 Investigation (Prior learning) 2 Investigation (Research skills) 2 Planning (Criterion B) 3 Planning (Specifications) 3 Planning (Action plan) 3 Planning (Criteria) 3 Taking action (Criterion C) 4 Reflection (Criterion D) 5 Reflection (Product evaluation) Reflection (Approaches to learning) Bibliography 6 Works cited 6 Appendices 6 Introduction This Personal project was inspired mainly by my prior knowledge, previous influences and personal background in the music industry. I will be composing a song and creating an animated music video for my personal project. I come from a musical background and I have a strong passion for music and art. This project will help me learn more about music and broaden my love for creating and listening to music. For the first time, I learned to create animation and researched on the same to find the best ways to this. Investigation The Goal For my Personal project, I will be composing and producing a song, “In Space” and creating a related animated music video. Music has always been an integral part of my life. The language of music enthrals me, transcending me to a whole new world. My goal in this project is to create a concept song and a animated video. Music runs through our entire family and I am proud to be associated with my grandfather and uncles who are well-renowned musicians, writers, producers and composers. Their music has made a difference in people’s lives as it relates beats to soulful vibrations, resulting in comfort, compassion and happiness. I chose personal and cultural expression as my global context for the song I created, as I wanted to showcase a form of my roots and being. I feel it is a reflection of notes and beats complementing each other in an expressive rhythm, that I hope will have a positive effect on those listening to it. I found my inexperience in music composition was a challenge, as this was the first time I composed a song. Using the software Digital Audio Workstation” (DAW) which are used to produce music is very challenging to use; many musicians including my uncle (a professional musician) are unable to use DAW as it’s very time consuming to learn and use. I did strive to use Ableton Live 10, Ableton Live 10 Lite, Reaper and Pro tools first (all DAW), but with the help of a sound technician, I was able to understand them better for this project. A lot of research went into the use of this software, a true challenge with time constraints. Using Krita, Opeentoonz and Clip studio paint were an added challenge in pursuing my goal of adding animation to my song. I independently managed to research on the best ways to use this animation software to coincide with my song. A steep learning curve in my personal music making expedition for this project. Prior Learning Over the last ten years, I have acquired the necessary skills in playing musical instruments. I know how to play many genres of music such as classical, jazz, blues, rock and metal. In addition, I have the ability to read musical notes. Recently I have done a few recordings that were posted on social media. Sweep pickings on the guitar are one of my skills. In music lessons in our schools IB curriculum, we learnt about basic music, the meaning of half and whole notes and the basics of four by four counting. I linked this learning to the production of this song I linked my project to the IB music curriculum and drew in theory of music, composing music creation, solo performance and music perception. Although I haven’t done any animation I will use my skills and the knowledge that I have from my past experience to create some amazing artwork. I don’t know how to compose a song and I have never created a song before, but doing this personal project has taught me a lot about the Same. To add to my artistic talents I have a passion for drawing. I have been drawing since the day I learnt how to write. By combining my art and music I desire to bring my concepts to life. See Appendix G for photos and videos of me and my family performing. Research Skills In this investigation, I will learn how to compose original music, and to sample and mix it. Moreover, I will do research on how to create animation which will require that I spend time reading material on the internet and to watch youtube videos. Further help will be sought from experts in this field, like my relatives, who will help guide me to understand and do the creation in the best possible way. Watching several tutorials/lectures on the use of The DAW’s software taught me the basics in music production, through trial and error on my own accord. In this regard, I will endeavour to take many short courses on music composition, such as InspirAnspir, The Audio Journey and Udemy/Studio Slave. The added knowledge will certainly pay off in formulating the music video that I so desire. When researching about creating animations i found many videos and articles recommending what free and paid software to use such as Krita, Opentoonz, Sketchbook and Clip Studio paint. How to create a song, conclude a song, was also something I had to research on as there is a skill to starting and ending a musical production. OPVL 1: Interview with Uncle, who is a professional musician. Origin - ` OPVL 2: Studio Slave Ableton live lite 10 Course OPVL 3: Learning how to use Corel painter essentials Planning (Criterion B) This personal project will require research from multiple different sources from a diverse range of platforms. With this, time management is a necessity. A timeline or To do list should be created and should be followed. This project involves creating a progressive metal musical composition with an animated video. This may not seem like much, the process is lengthy and challenging. I have created two specifications table. One, specifications for the song. The specifications for the song are placed in the tabular form and clearly states what needs to be present in making of the song. (See Appendix A). This specification includes how long the song is, what genre the song will be, what instruments will be used, what Digital Audio Workstation will be used to record, mix and sample the song and the tunings of the instruments The 2nd specifications table is for the animation. These specifications will tackle what animation software will be used and what colour scheme will be used, the story arc and how it connects with the song. (See Appendix B) The Action plan that was created for this personal project includes the things that will be completed throughout the year-long process, where they are due, and when they were actually done. (See Appendix C) This action will help me with my time management skills and stay on track. By the look of the specifications and action plan, I will have improved as an IB learner by following the due dates and timeline given. The various approaches to learning have been taken into consideration. These various approaches have improved my planning and time management skills. Although most things have been submitted or complete a week or two after the due date, the action plan is still followed step by step Another essential thing that the planning includes are the criteria’s that need to be created. I have formed three Criteria or components. The first, Criteria A, revolves around the Song requirements. (See Appendix D) The Second criterion is focused on The animation. In this criteria, I have mentioned all the specifications and criteria that need to be followed in regards to the organisation of the product and project as a whole. (See Appendix E) The third, and last, Criteria C, is the Research requirements that is needed for this entire project. This criterion is very important as it encourages you to get to know all the issue at hand and the topic that you will be focusing and concentrating on. (See Appendix F) Since that this project While composing, Producing the song and creating the animation, I used Numerous resources that were available. Both my Uncles and Grandfather were a big help, along with her previous knowledge. My sources include video tutorials from sites like youtube and Udemy, Articles, sites where I got my Plugins for Ableton and Pro Tools and number of other websites. Taking Action The product for this personal project is a pop rock song with an animated music video. The initial goal for my personal project includes learning how to compose a progressive rock song and learning how to animate. My original proposal was to create a Progressive rock album, however, this was later changed to a song Application of information consisted of experimenting with the research I had done to find out what methods of songwriting worked best for me and then formatting that song Before beginning to compose, I had to establish a genre I wanted to compose in. I identified Progressive rock was the genre I wanted to compose in. I have learnt how to use 2 different Animation software OpentoonzHD and Krita I have also used Ableton Live 10, Ableton live lite and Pro tools first In my presentation i Reflecton Evaluation of product against my criteria During this personal project, I discovered how I can get the best results composing music, producing music and creating animation. Before this project, I had never tried to compose a song but a had always wanted to. Choosing this topic for my Personal project forced me to sit down and compose the song I wanted. I learnt how to write a Progressive rock using odd time signatures, I learnt how to use 2 different DAW’s Ableton live lite and pro tools first which are used by professional musicians and producers like Sami Yusuf, Jack White, Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Reflection on how I have extended my knowledge and Reflection on the global context By doing this project I have Reflection my development as an IB learner Bibliography Appendix A: Specifications for the song Specifications Description Time of song The song will be around 1-3 minutes Genre Pop rock Instruments 2 Guitars (1 lead and 1 rhythm), Drums and piano Digital Audio Workstation The DAW that I will learn to record my instruments, sample and mix my song is Ableton live lite and Pro tools first How the music will be recorded The guitar will be recorded with a sound card Tunings for the guitar E standard (EADGBE) Does the song have lyrics The song will have no lyrics and will be instrumental only The song must sound professional It should be well recorded and the audience will be asked if they think it sounds professional. The song must express an emotion or idea The point of a song is for an artist to be able to express oneself, therefore the song should do so. Targeted audience The primary audiences are Musicians and Progheads. How I will learn to produce music using a DAW Youtube, Forums, Song references Deafheaven - Irresistible Appendix B: Specifications for the animation Specifications Description Animation Software The animation software I will be testing and trying are Krita and Corel painter essential 6 Sources where learning how to digitally animate Youtube, forums Equipment/devices used for animation Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Wacom Intuos drawing tablet Appendix C: Action plan/To do lists/Timeline Task Date by completed Reflection (Date completed) Have a meeting with Mr Collins (supervisor) 17th September 17th September Finalize topic and goal with supervisor 17th September 17th September Decide upon a suitable global context 17th September 17th September Begin Research about your chosen goal and product Early - October Early - October Create and write in your process journal Early - October Early - October Develop and begin a basic action plan, to organise your work Late - October Late - October Learn how to record and sample with Ableton Live 10 Early - November Early - November Learn how to animate on Krita Early - November Late - November Continue writing in the process journal. Have at least 10 journal entries Late - November Late - November Continue Learning and creating Animations Late - November Early - December Continue learning how to use Ableton live 10 Early - December Early - December Continue learning about how to compose a musical piece Early - December Early - January Continue learning about how to produce music using the DAW Early - January Late - January Continue learning on how to create animations Late - January Continue to improve drawing Late - January Late - March Carry on implementing the action plan Late - January Get your supervisor up to date by having occasional meetings Late - January Finish the first section of the report (Criterion A Investigation) January January Interview Uncle to learn how to compose a song January January Add more journal entries Late - February Create a demo animation around 10 - 30 seconds Late - February Begin to work on the Planning/Criterion B of the report Late - February You should be at the final stages of producing your song Late - February Early - March Start working on the Taking Action/Criterion C section Late - February Late - February Select 10 Extracts from your process journal that you will be needed to include in your report Late - February Early - March You should at the final stages of the animation Early - March Start the Reflection/Criterion D part of the report Early - March Finalize Criterion D/Reflection Early - March Make some changes to report before it's uploaded to Managebac Early - March Complete Personal Project report and submit all documents to Managebac Early - March Early - March Personal Project exhibition 13 March 13 March Appendix D: Criteria A for song Level Criteria description 0 The song does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below. 1-2 i. The Song shows limited knowledge about musical creativity and expression ii. The song has a limited effect on the audience. iii. The music is off tempo and does not follow the 4 chord progression of Progress. 3-4 i. The Song shows adequate knowledge of musical creativity and expression. ii. The song has an adequate effect on the audience iii. The music follows the tempo to an adequate extent and has a 4 chord progression 5-6 i. The song shows good knowledge of musical creativity and expression ii. The song has a good effect on the audience iii. The song follows the tempo to a good extent and has a 4 chord progression 7-8 i. The song shows excellent knowledge of musical creativity and expression. ii. The song has an excellent effect on the audience iii. The song follows the tempo to an excellent extent and has a 4 chord progression Appendix E: Criteria B for the Illustration Level Criteria description 0 The Animation does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below. 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 Appendix F: Criteria C for research skills Level Criteria description 0 Research does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below. 1-2 The product portrays minimal use of sources for research and does not show much or any form of understanding about the topic and goal described. 3-4 The product portrays adequate knowledge of the topic or goal of the project by the use of an adequate amount of sources and research skills 5-6 7-8 Appendix F: Glossary Word Definition DAW Digital Audio Workstation. A software Appendix G: Photo’s of family and me

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