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In recent time, most of the business organisations are using the internet to provide service for customers. In addition, in order to make a commercial transaction, the organisations are taking help of internet. However, there have been various instances of theft of data and malware attacks are seen. Publishing confidential details are observed on the internet. In this regard, network security is now very serious issue for most of the organisations that are using internet application. In addition, the aim of the report is to explore options for business organisation named Software Spike to expand in the next five years in the branches of network security to Australian premises and also on the global scenario. This report will shed light on the opportunities and issues in network security business of that organisation. This report will highlight the solutions of the issues in ICT business and propose practical solutions to overcome the risks identified. Moreover, in first part of the report, concept of network security in business will be described with importance of it. In the following part, three network security applications will be narrated with organizational; examples. Additionally, this information of the report has been taken from primary and secondary sources from various books, journals, websites and case studies of various network security applications with interviewing some experts in this field.

Software Spike was established in the year 2013 in Melbourne and the founder of the organisation was Luke Clarke. Currently, the organisation has 85 employees who are skilled in software development. The organisation undertakes various projects to develop multiple applications customise off-the shelf services and in-house services. Software Spike has clients from all the major cities in Australia. The major clients of the organisations are small to medium sized organisations. The organisation is specialised in developing and customising network security area. The organisation is trying to diversify business project in information and network security to the organisations with online presence. Software Spike wants to help other organisations in managing online database and security.

Concept of network security in business

Network security is related to the authorisation in accessing data through a network and that network is controlled by an administer. Network security includes policies practices adopted by an organisation to prevent the data theft, misuse, access and modification of network (Manshaei et al. 2013). Network security to business means better business with less insecurity. All the business which is related to the internet must secure internet security option. However, in order to change a network security is challenging as it deals with the ongoing dialogue. Information can be defined as an engine of an organisation that is global or small. In case of global scenario, International Standard ISO 17799 is a standard framework being taken by a third party or any business partners in making secure of security credentials (Ahmed & Hossain, 2014). Most of the organisations are trying to be effective in data security as these are driven mostly by results, not by activity. Secondly, information security brings credibility to the management through teaching them about risks based on the security investment. In this regard, the organisation should prepare against threat of business harm and take long-term effective measure.

Network security includes many spheres like anti-virus, web protection, anti spyware, e-mail security and recovery with back up. The hackers can hack any of the pieces and steal information from this. Most of the companies that have online platform must focus on acceptable level of security with right network security tools. These create chances to get infected of the security system. Network security gets benefits of keeping sensitive information with the system and manages personal information (Hashizume et al. 2013). Network security can increase profit as sluggish system leads to action. The system gets stable and threat of data theft leads to null. The employees of the organisation in business may use recreational visit in other websites and data can be lost or chances of attack of malware can happen. Network security can promote browsing safe. Most importantly, the client gets confident about use of products of software developers.

Network security application

Cybercrime is getting worst day-by-day and organisations want prevention through using the network security applications. These can reduce the threat of information loss, and data theft. When an employee leaves the organisation and goes to competitors, it enables a chance to leak of data. Security is needed in terms of vulnerability, endpoint management, SIEM, cloud security and mobile security.

This application is used for email-security of an organisation. Mimecast works as cloud-based e-mail management of an organisation. Organisations need to add the e-mail application to the cloud-based management of Mimecast application for Microsoft Express (, 2017). This application gives the better chance to stores email, archiving the emails, security and continuity. This application can unify the fragmented e-mail into a holistic solution. This system is available in the cloud. In addition, Mimecast application reduces the risk and minimises the cost of solving the complexity. The organisations can have end-to-end control in doing email.

Business runs through e-mails and it is observed that most of the cyber attacks come from email phishing (almost 91%) (Ahmed & Hossain, 2014). This application uses parallel grid system to store the emails and processes the e-mails that come daily in the organisation system network; the application has geographically dispersed settled data-centres. The agent provides the email routing system through users email location. The users of the application get spam protection, DHA protection and malware freedom. This is related to the prevention of data loss, document conversion, large attachment, email branding and metadata management. The Mimecast application protects the users from malicious content through URL scanning. Most important fact is that Mimecast gives the chance to continue mail through Microsoft Outlook, web browser and mobile devices.

Forcepoint is used to empower organisations in driving the business in using technologies safely. Each day, all the organisations are moving forward to have the transformative technologies. These are included Internet of Things (IoT), cloud mobility (, 2017). This Forcepoint application is used through cloud computing platform with using the safeguard. In case, a system of the network of an organisation current facing data and network, Forcepoint can eliminate this threat by point security products. The Forcepoint is an excessively useful application that blocks websites in case of malware attacks. This application may include list of sites that may not open in specified times and can be forever. If an organisation wants to block the websites in office, they can do it through cloud based service operation. The Forcepoint application is used as transparent proxy or layer so that it can be used as network traffic for all the access in a system or cloud (Shin, Wang & Gu, 2015). United States Department of Health and Human Services used Forcepoint in the year 2010. Health department used this application on an individual basis of the internet usage in office hours to make a report of browsing history. This data was made a category of URL, risk class and dates with workstation. In this regard, employees argued that it was used for privacy breaches of them. This protest was related to the internet censorship.

Imperva application is used as filling the gap between network security and endpoint. This application does this to protect high-value application in the system. This application collects data in virtual data centres and physical assets too. Imperva is an integrated security platform that provides control and visibility of data stealing and it neutralises the threat. Imperva makes secure of regulatory compliance to protect data of an organisation (, 2017). Imperva analysed an organisation's Web Application Firewall to protect web application. Firewall works as monitoring the outgoing and ongoing network traffic based on security rules. Imperva creates a barrier between internal network and with another network.

Imperva provides help in web application security like site scraping, fraud and DDoS. This application helps in preventing breaches to protect the application. In addition, data security is all about compliance and theft risks, Imperva helps in breach prevention to have detail understanding of the application.

Expanding business in network security application

Software Spike can work to develop firewall based network security application. Software Spike develops in-house software application and they make customise off-the shelf software for the small and medium sized companies. However, Software Spike can develop new firewall based security system. Most of the small and medium organisations are facing issues in deploying the security basics. In wireless or wire-based system of malware on endpoints to server, application is not secure with traditional anti-virus. Software Spike can develop firewall appliances that control security network of client’s network system. This system will be firewall based software that provides layer on the host control network traffic. Software Spike will check the traffic in minimising the risk from threat.

Software Spike is currently working on customises off-the shelf software to the customers, now the organisation can develop the products that will be going to sell in Australian market and also in global market. Software Spike will be selling this product to the online platform user’s organisation. According to Inukollu, Arsi & Ravuri (2014), firewall can be used in both software and hardware programmes. Moreover, Software Spike can use network based software in unauthorised internet bugs. Most importantly, developers from Software Spike can use software firewall protection in which the traffic must through intranet firewall. Nonetheless, software firewall system of Software Spike can be developed in a way that can be installed in the computer system and users can customise it.

Advantages and disadvantages of software development

The spending for research in software development will be reaching $79.95 billion by 2019 in Australia. Software Spike can opt to take in-house software development and network will be layered on firewalls. IP protocol stack is used as barriers in not allowing traffic to go through firewall. Software Spike is new in the market and they have been competing in the industry for five years. Large organisations in this software development in Australia are Xero Group, MYOB Group, Link administration Holding and Wise Tech Global and much more. Software Spike can make a joint venture in order to get funding of new application in network security which will be based on firewall Software and hardware configuration is important in this sense. The management of the organisation needs to develop a set of skilled developer in developing system software that is going to launch in the market. Model of system development consists of planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. In software development in network security, the Asia Pacific and Australian sector, the market is $230 million and Japan is excelling in this industry. In global perspective, Software Spike can develop expands in North America and Eastern Europe as are developed in software development. Moreover, in global perspective, the size of software industry is US$507.3 billion, an increase of 4.8% over 2016 (, 2017). Moreover, in only network security software, all the organisations will be spending $16 billion by the year 2018.

The organisation in developing software in network security can get advantages as this network security will be cheaper than any other process. The development cost will be less and selling price will also be cheaper than other organisations. The organisation can sell this application to pharmaceutical or hospitality industry companies. In hospitality, network security is important as customers get always engage in paying money or booking through the internet. Hospitality industry flourishes to $15 trillion. This type of software will be helpful and easy to configure or reconfigure. In managing the network of clients, Software Spike can use this software for protection of information (Kumar, Jain & Barwal, 2014).

In developing the software, the organisation can have the disadvantages like taking up system resources and it will be difficult to uninstall firewall completely from organisations’ systems. This type of software is difficult where response time is critical.

Ethical, legal and social considerations in business

The Internet is getting convenient option for business and customers both, however, customers and business organisations need to provide personal information in these. Financial details and personal information are stored in the organisation’s databases of the users. Software Spike expands its business in next five years into ICT technologies and the firm can develop network security software. However, the organisation should follow the Triple Bottom Line techniques in maintaining CSR (Modi et al. 2017). In economic development, the organisation needs to focus on sales and joint venture techniques. Most importantly, doing business through ethically as in network security, ethics is important. Any kind of devoid of ethics will not be tolerated. In developing technology, the organisation will follow philanthropic ideas. The agents' data will not be misused and Software Spike can freely share result of CSR. In development of software, legal issues are important as these are related to cyber crime, privacy and encryption.


Software Spike is focusing on expanding its business in software development and in expanding the business, the organisation can choose in-house software development in network security. Right network security managers or tools yoke companies’ network, software, files with clients’ system, data and files. In today’s collaborative workplace, information is shared with colleagues and with other organisations. The organisation is inspired by the network security solution given by Forcepoint organisation. Software Spike is going to give software firewall security. The organisation can develop the software taking help from the developers in the organisation. The funding issues need to be solved through joint venture with an organisation. Five-year plan of Software Spike is to identify the target market as they are going to target pharmaceutical and hospitality industry companies showing the importance of network security issues. In internet security, there is no room that a security framework has an error and this may lead to dangerous consequences of stealing from data and insecure system. The benefits that Software Spike will get through this are to economic dependence, global development, increase market share, the competition with major software developers. In this regard, the organisation is not bigger enough to start a large venture like this, however, this organisation can start by taking help from software giant in the industry. In next five year, Software Spike would like to have 4% market share with 5% increase in profitability. The organisation will be increasing employees with new recruitment of software developers who have experienced. The organisation in developing the software can face issues in corporate governance, lack of funding, monitoring the software development. In network security, DOS error is one of the significant issues, timely upgrading can solve this issue. In solving the issue of unauthorised access, keeping the password secret is needed. In eavesdropping moment, entertaining encryption is needed.


Software Spike is a small sized software developing organisation with limited resources. If the organisation is to develop software in a professional way and the organisation wants to market it in Australian as well as in global market, they need funding. In case of funding, the organisation can use joint venture or partnership working with any large scale organisation.

Till now the organisation is working as a sole proprietorship, if the organisation wants to be a large business organisation with bigger market share, the organisation needs partnership business model. In partnership, Software Spike can opt to limited liability partnership that would help them in having networking.

Software Spike should use Life Cycle Model in software developing. Developing in-house software, preliminary analysis is very important as there is any other alternative solution available or not. System analysis is based on requirement of developing new software with gathering facts or interpreting data. System designing stage narrates features and operation in detail. In development stage, developers write the code with testing. Maintenance and evaluation are important.

The organisation is going to target pharmaceutical and hospitality sector. Promotions of the software product are to be done through social media and CSR of the organisation. Software spike is going to follow all ethical and legal consideration of developing software.

In developing software, the organisation needs highly skilled and experience world class team. In this respect, Software Spike organisation should recruit quality team.

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