Improvement Of Data Processing Operation Essay


Discuss about the Improvement of Data Processing Operation of GrandWine Ltd.


Swot Analysis


1. The organization has loyal customer base and dedicated group of sales representatives.

2. The company already has central database for storing the data.

3. The company is able to share order related data with all its stores at the same time

4. The delay in the processing of data will be reduced by equipping the employees with the wireless device.

5. Every store in NSW region coordinates with each other for completing the customer orders.


1. The rate of data processing is slow.

2. Customer satisfaction is low for the company.

3. No knowledge about the stock levels at the headquarters leads to the backdated orders.

4. Manual data processing leads to the wrong data entry to the database leading to more delay in the process.

5. Confusion between the representatives and the customers due to the wrong order details.


1. Using the wireless devices the representatives will collect more customers with accuracy.

2. Speed and accuracy in processing and delivery of the orders.

3. Improved order processing rate and customer satisfaction.

4. Easy tracking of the stock of Wine at headquarter and stores.

5. Better efficiency of the sales representatives in completing the ordering process.


1. Lack of speed and accuracy in the processing and delivering the orders will lead to loss of clients.

2. Extra amount of investment for managing new system of wireless devices.

3. Speed of internet will affect on the processing of order data.

4. Resistance against the change in the processing of the order by the representatives.

5. As the whole process is dependent on the internet then the company may suffer from data thefts via cyber attacks leading to loss in business.

Project Charter

Date: 12/22/2016

Project Title: Automation of order processing operation of GrandWine Ltd.

Project Start Date: 10 Jan 2017

Project End Date: 10 Jun 2017

Budget Information: $ 60,000.00

Project Manager: < [Please fill your name]>, < [Please fill your mail id]>, <[Please fill your contact no]>

Project Objectives:

  • The project is performed in order to reduce the time period and cost for the processing of the order data of the customers.
  • The project will equip the representatives of GrandWine with wireless devices and train them to efficiently use it in data collection process (Azhar & Ahmad, 2014).
  • At the end of the project, GrandWine will be able to process the order details faster than the manual process.
  • This project will help the company to achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The project must be completed in the due date determined by the director and project manager for this project.
  • All the requirements of different stakeholders of this project are met after the completion of the project.
  • After the completion of this ICT project, the representatives must be able to send and collect Client order data to the central database of GrandWine.
  • The rate of processing the order related data must increase by 50% when the employees are equipped with wireless data entry device.


In this project it is assumed that, the resistance against the change from the representatives in the organization will be properly addressed by the top management of GrandWine.

  • The data collected and sent through the wireless devices will be transmitted in secured way (Like using encryption technique while transmitting the data).


· The desired performance from the wireless devices will be realized only when GrandWine acquires high speed internet connectivity for all its stores in NSW region which asks for a large amount of investment (Galbraith & McAdam, 2013). Thus, the availability of the high speed internet connection will act as the constraint in realising the desired result from this project.

Stakeholder List

Stakeholder No

Name and Signature

Role and Responsibility


Contact Information


[Please Fill]

Conducting survey in the market to get the quality devices with minimum price.

Technical Specialist.

[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

To allocate activities to the team members and scheduling of the activities.

Project manager

[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

To monitor and track the progress of the whole project.

CEO of GrandWine Ltd

[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

Responsible for documenting business requirements of GrandWine that will be achieved by this project.

Business Analyst

[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

Responsible for allocation of financial resources for this project.


[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

To provide training program to representatives so that they will be able to send and receive data from data base.


[Please Fill]

Lessons Learned

  • Due to this project there will be a change in the working procedure of the sales representatives (Azhar & Ahmad, 2014). Therefore it is possible that there will be some resistance from the side of the representatives which must be addressed by motivating them in a proper manner to use the devices.
  • Like all other projects it is oblivious that the project will be affected by some risks therefore it is important to have a risk management plan.

Charter Signoff


Sign with date

CEO of GrandWine

[Please Fill]

Project manager

[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

Business analyst

[Please Fill]


[Please Fill]

Technical specialist

[Please Fill]

Communication Plan Template

Plan purpose – For this project it is important to meet the interests of all the stakeholders involved in this project. It will help GrandWine and the project team to achieve the project objectives, enhance the effectiveness of the data processing process and to deliver the measurable outcomes after the completion of this project (B?hm & Motschnig-Pitrik, 2015).

Change management – This project will bring a change in the business process of GrandWine Ltd. This change will also have impact on the sales representative and their way of working. Therefore it is important for the supervisors and top level mangers to make them understand the benefits of using wireless devices in the data entry operation (Azhar & Ahmad, 2014). This is also important to successfully complete the project and get the desired outcome/ result after the completion of this project.

Meeting agenda – Being a new project in the organization and to meet the expectations of all the stakeholders of the project it is important to arrange meeting and communicate with each other about the expectations from the project (Galbraith & McAdam, 2013). Furthermore, it is also important to inform the project manager and CEO of GrandWine about the progress in the project in the meetings.


Information to be shared

Frequency of information exchange

Location of information exchange

Purpose of communication

Mechanism for communication







CEO of GrandWine

The status report about the project.



To track the progress of report.


Project manager

About the completed activities and remaining activities.


Team meetings

Managing and using the available human resources in an optimal way to complete the project.



About the required financial resources for the different activities.

Whenever required

Administrative office.

To get the financial resources important to complete certain activities.



About the training plan for the representatives of GrandWine Ltd.


Training workshops.

In order to properly train the representative to use the devices efficiently.

Meetings, workshops

Technical specialist

About implementing and managing the devices required to complete the project.

Weekly or whenever required

IT administrator office

To acquire and provide the devices to the employees.

Mails, One to one meetings


Azhar, S., & Ahmad, I. (2014). Introduction to the special issue on information and communication technology (ICT) in AEC organizations: assessment of impact on work practices, project delivery, and organizational behavior. Journal of Management in Engineering, 31(1), A2014001.

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