Impressions From My Experience Of Writing Essays

Writing Process Essay

When it comes to writing there is a formula in the writing process that can make or break the effectiveness of the content that is presented in the essay itself. However, the route to actually writing the essay is quite a journey. For some they actually go over their requirements and dig right into it, others they might procrastinate and wait till last minute (such as me at the moment), or some just do not do it at all. No matter what method is taken to complete the essay it really comes down to the efficiency of skill used to present an argument. In my case I have used multiple methods to complete my writings depending on how crucial the prompt is itself.

My experiences of writing essays or other mediums of works throughout my life has varied. From an academic prospective my writing has always had room for improvement but overall I was not a bad writer. In my short career of writing I have had one poem published, I came in second place in a slam poetry contest, and I have achieve two competitive scholarships from writing essays. Due to experience, I have done so much writing throughout my life I know that the organized thoughts, grammar, and content is the most important part of an essay. Since that is the case for me, I have to completely comprehend my prompt and what is expected of my writing. For me that is dissecting my prompt and rubric to incorporate my idea or perceptive into my work. Depending on what is required of me I can either take two hours or spend days working on one three paged essay. However the affluence (I used the word affluence to mean richness or depth) of my essay will remain quite consistence. Overall if I write a last minute essay it will be just as well as an essay that might take days to complete. There is substance to my work no matter what topic or depth of the argument.

I normally follow the writing formula as my hook and thesis in paragraph one; thesis statement, my position, example, explanation, counter argument, argument, the conclusion in the next few body paragraphs; then I wrap up my thesis and synopsis of my essay for the conclusion. For essays that do not require evidence, or a lot of logos and ethos, I tend to do my essays last minute because I know how capable I am at producing a quality essay. Essays such as these normally ask for my opinion or objective personal perspectives. I can always give my perspective effectively to prove my point and because of this writing comes naturally. On the other hand there are essays that require a higher level of effort and skill all the while incorporating evidence from four different sources and using certain argument styles, rhetoric, and persuasive appeals. Those essays will take not only days for me to complete but so much energy because I am a passionate writer. I want my essays to be worthy of being read completely through. I feel like if I gave an ignominious essay I will not only be disrespecting my reader but also discrediting myself of ever being capable of doing more than a simple task. I would feel ashamed if people read my writings and based my intelligence off the lack of substance in the work I presented to them. This is why I am so careful to pay attention to my audience that I am writing for. I know that I am far from perfect when it comes to writing essays but I know when I keep certain aspects in mind such as the speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone I tend to receive better reactions and better grades when keep these in mind.

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