Importane Of Change Management Model Essay


1.Write the Importance of change for the Company.
2.Explain the Roles of HR in Managing Change.
3.What should be done Pre-, during and Post-Change.


1.Importance of Change Management in the Company

Johor Insurance (JI) a fairly large Company in the insurance sector based in retail sector of Singapore was established in 1890. There are multiple reasons for change in the current Company as it faces threats to its survival and sustainability[1]. Change management has been incorporated to ensure that proper processes can be incorporated such that the Company can remain in the competitive sphere and earn revenues that are essential for growth and survival of the business. Though the Company has had a glorious pasts but there has been various negative trends associated in the recent times that has led to the senior stakeholders asking for recommendations. There was a declining market share associated with staff remuneration policy that impended Central Provident Fund (CPF) as a necessary for Singaporeans. Overall life insurance benefits declined, further customers of the Company were primarily older who did not want to transit to change companies. This led to significant decline in profit margins for adjusting for natural disaster with the Company having lowest amongst all Singapore based companies. There was a transition in the overall industry segment that was not accounted within the scope of the Company as customer needed to be approached for changing their insurance policies which could have possibly led to rise in revenue for the Company.

2.Roles of HR in managing change

Post reviewing of situation at the Company, the management consultant proposed a change to be applied within the Company. The management did not provide a cost reduction in existing structure or price drive in competition rather they proposed a two divisions within the Company, one which would service existing clients while the other unit will have their focus on existing insurance of customers[2]. The current proposed structure has four departments that would have been headed by a Director each namely, Sales, Adjusters, Professional Services and Claims. It can be seen from the suggestion of structure that HR needs to intervene at the initiation and create role division as well as allocate responsibilities to individual team members as well as staffs and employees. HR needs to appoint director and allocate responsibility amongst various employees into various departments. HR needs to remunerate them and appraise performance based on similar aspects accordingly. HR needs to handle the entire transition in the change processes by assessing employee needs, reviewing of employee needs and appointing change management leader. A change management leader along with HR will convince employees and staff regarding the requirements of change and help in the transition into new phase of the organization[3]. Post convincing of employees and staffs along with obtaining of support from senior level managers of the organization, the change processes will be applied. Post application of changed procedure and steps, training needs for employee has to be assessed. Post application of changed procedure all needs and designated positions of employees has to be ascertained. such that change procedures can be sustainably implemented.

3.Conduct during pre and post change

HR and other change management leaders will adopt a follow a freeze and unfreeze procedure for adopting a change across the organization. According to Kurt Lewin model for change the following analysis has been built[4]. In pre change and post change processes major staff roles and responsibility will undergo the process of change and transition. The below table highlights the various processes that will be followed in the change process.

Pre change

During Change

Post Change

Survey of Organization to understand the current status of various existing skills levels and other factors that can adopt a change.

Review employee expectations

Ascertain the application of change processes

Including of vision and mission in Change Management is integral as it will allow not diverting away from goals visions and mission of the organization.

Match desired course of action to expected course of action.

Identification and support of change that has to be take place

Management and communication of change process to employees and staffs

Keeping updates regarding change processes to employees

Identifying and reducing barriers to sustainable change

Explaining need for change to stakeholders

Adopting change processes

Building a reward system

Determining all possible reasons for change

Promoting a feedback system

Ensuring support from senior management

Incorporating organizational structure

Stakeholder analysis especially employees

Providing training and support

Assess training needs of employees in change process

Celebrating of success

Table 1: Pre and Post Change Initiatives

Change affecting Johor Insurance Company

Johor Insurance Company incorporating changes will have significant transformation in its human resource structures especially. Employees will have to structured and trained in such a manner so that they can be directed in a positive manner. The newly formed structure will help grow its business.

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