Importance Of Social Analysis Essay


Why is it Important to engage in Social analysis when trying to understand or examine a Social Problem?


Social analysis is important as it helps an individual or a group to examine the various aspects of a social system deeply and accordingly plan out interventions to modify them in a positive manner. This is also important as with the presence of this ability, one can determine the changes required in the system and develop SMART goals for achievement of the best results. One can portray an example to make it clearer. For example, accidents are occurring among teenagers while they are drinking alcohol and driving cars at the same time. The numbers have increased resulting in death of many young lives. This is a social problem. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to undertake social analysis in order to identify the root causes that are making such people vulnerable to choose these kinds of activities and therefore social analysis helps to reach the root of the main issues. Thereby social analysis helps to reach to a conclusion about the amendments that are needed to be included in the society so that the problem gets addressed and hence social analysis needs to be conducted. The social analysis is also important as it helps in recognizing the issues leading to such problems and thereby helps in planning interventions accordingly to handle the social problem effectively.

Social analysis often uses different philosophical concepts to analyze the different issues associated with the problem and thereby develop a proper understanding of the main reasons that gives rise to the problem. Social analysis is also important as it helps the policy makers o participate in a collaborative approach with the sociologists, so that correct amendments can be made in regular practices of ordinary citizens for the social issue and the factors leading to the social problems can be kept in check.

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