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In an event of our many intrinsic of rights, the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religionof the University of Mary Washington (UMW) and also the Fredericksburg Coalition of Reason (FredCoR) are welcoming Middle college students to be involved in an essay competition. Pupils is expected to tell united states, in their own personal words, Why Religious Freedom is very important to Us.

This task is presented as the opportunity for young adults to understand and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy while at precisely the same time motivating them to handle a significant and quite often complex problem. They'll certainly be motivated to draw from their life experience, fromwhat they've learned in the home and in the wider globe. Hopefully this opportunity to go to town on life-shaping principles is going to be a memory of their center school years that they can carry together into adulthood. In the event that experience assists further instill a love of writing in certain regarding the students, plenty the higher. It's sure we will gain some interesting insights.

Because of the help and guidance of faculty, a panel of pupils through the Department of Classics, Philosophy and Religion at UMW will review the essays and select the 3 best. Recognition for all entries and presentation of awards will likely to be made as part of the yearly Religious Freedom celebrations in January of 2015. On FredCoRCelebration following the community religious freedom parade, the writers of this three outstanding essays will undoubtedly be awarded $100 each. The Fredericksburg Secular Humanists will give you these honors. The public is invited to go to.

In conjunction with the UMWJefferson Lectures, the 3 winners will likely be honored with a certification of recognition from the university. The public is invited to go to.

A signature attribute of Fredericksburg is an atmosphere of threshold among all of our citizens. The annual religious freedom party is an overt display of the higher level social perspective. Develop with this particular essay project we are able to amplify and pass along several of those fine qualities to the kids.

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