Importance Of Marketing Mix Essay


Describe how the Marketing Mix has evolved and how Marketers can use the Marketing Mix to Gain Competitive Advantage.


Chanel, a Japanese company of perfumes and cosmetics used the traditional marketing mix to launch its products and promote them. The marketing mix have evolved with time and incorporated some other factors that also cast a considerable influence on the business as well as the consumer behaviour of Chanel Japan (Marber and Wellen 2007). The traditional marketing mix used in Chanel Japan was the concept of production with soul. However, with time the marketing mix that consists of the product, price, promotion as well as the place took over. These factors had a significant impact on the consumer behaviour of Chanel Japan, as well as helped the company to promote its products. Thus, the other significant factors made their place in the marketing mix. The products, sold at the right price, at the right place, with the most appropriate promotional method helps in gaining competitive advantage (Marber and Wellen 2007). However, with time, as marketing mix evolved, process, people as well as physical evidence had a significant role to play. Thus, these were also incorporated in the marketing mix, thus evolving it into the 4Ps of marketing mix and the concept of production with soul was ruled over.

The marketing mix helps in gaining competitive advantage over other business organizations. The effective uses of the marketing mix helps in identifying the target customers, and use the most appropriate promotional approach in order to attract the target customers of Chanel Japan. Moreover, the marketing mix helps in identify the changes in the environment (Marber and Wellen 2007). Since marketing mix id flexible as well as dynamic, hence the price, place, promotions could be changed according to the changes in the market. The product mix helps the business organizations to gain knowledge about the competitive pricing, such as the most appropriate price could be assigned to the products, according to the pricing of similar products in the market (Marber and Wellen 2007). Moreover, with the evolution of the marketing mix, the people became an integral part of the marketing mix. Thus, using the marketing mix effectively, competitive advantages could be gained. The marketing mix concept has a key role to play in the Chanel Japan. The marketing mix has evolved over time in Japan and 4 Ps became an integral part of marketing mix, that took over the concept of production with soul. Moreover, marketing mix is effectively used by the business organizations to gain competitive advantage among the various leaders of the market, thus enhancing the business.


Marber, A. and Wellen, P.M., 2007. DEVELOPING PRODUCTS WITH SOUL: THE MARKETING STRATEGY OF CHANEL IN JAPAN. Marketing Management Journal, 17(

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