Importance Of IT For Career Growth Essay


How Information Technology is Important for Career Growth ?



The report presents briefly overview on the information technology and it also tell that how it importance for career growth. On the other side the report defines the enterprise architecture and information system.

Meaning of Information technology(IT)

It is the application of computer to study, store, recover, manipulate, transmit and accumulate the information or data in an enterprise and business. It is a subset of information and communication technology (ICT). Further, it includes the maintenance, development and use of internet, software and computer system for sharing and processing of data. Information technology is one of the growing industries in today’s world. It has been analyzed that the person who has good knowledge in information technology, he will get the good package compare to other industries. The scope of information technology is increasing in day by day. In other words IT means any technology through which people get information it is called information technology (Turban, Leidner, McLean & Wetherbe, 2008).

Significant of information technology

The information technology plays significant role in education system. The students can access variety of learning resources and online libraries and they can get much study material through information technology. There are good career scopes in IT and students can make brilliant career in this field. The students can become web developers, mobile application developers; database administrator, data security experts and they can become good computer specialist. They can get higher package through the education of IT. The various courses are running for education of information technology. Now it is assumed that information technology is important for development of every industry.

How does information technology support business processes

The information technology provides support to every organization for incredible growth of trade and commerce. The business concepts and framework can be revolutionized by the use information technology. It provides various approaches, more convenient and efficient way for doing business effectively. Through information technology people can easily store and manipulate the useful data. The company can easily analyze the business opportunities and market conditions of the country with the help of information technology. Now it can be assumed that information technology provides wider support to growth of the business (Wellman & Haythornthwaite, 2008).

The emerging technologies

The emerging technologies define as new technologies which are being currently developed and will be developed in future also. The emerging technologies include numerous technologies such as educational technology, biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, cognitive science, psychotechnology and artificial intelligence technology.

Meaning of enterprise architecture

The enterprise architecture is a well defined process for conducting design, preparation, analysis, implementation for the successful progress and development. It applies architecture values, principles and practices to guide the association through the information, process and business. It plays significant role in an organization because it provides directly contribution to achievement of organization goals and objectives. It also provides support in investment decision making process and it enhances communication and co-operation between stakeholders. The Enterprise architecture also reduces risk and operational cost of the organization (Marks, 2008).

The main risks which involve in information system

There are many risks which associated with implementation of new information technology. They are such as inability to access the system, integrity of corporate data risk, hardware issues, data corruption risk and system related risks which affect the information system. So company should analyze all the risks before implementation of information system (Howard, 2010).


It is concluded that information technology plays significant role in today’s world and it also tells that how enterprise architecture affects the business processes. On the other side, report analyzes the risk which is associated with new information system.


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