Importance Of Implementing Proper Change Management Essay

In this assignment, You are expected to describe how you will change ONE aspect of the way that you currently perform as a student. It must be a project concerned with how you study (related to learning practices), and not what you study (for example Project Management, languages or Business Administration).



This report depicts the importance of implementing proper change management approach and its importance in personnel and professional skill development. It has been found that, with the help of accurate change management the skills and knowledge of any personnel will improve. The ONE particular aspect that has been chosen for personal change management is all about “improvement in communication for detail information analysis”. After personal SWOT analysis the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified. It is defined that, strength gives huge opportunities for personal development on the other hand the weaknesses are the root cause of threats. It is necessary for any person to set the life objectives and the weaknesses are to be resolved to avoid different upcoming threats. The goal of the changing processes, the preparation for the changes and the actual changes those are to be incorporated are also elaborated in this report. The ways through which the changes will be incorporated and the sustaining phase that has to be considered are also illustrated in this report.

The goal of the changing process (describe what side of yourself you would like to change)

With personal SWOT analysis it is defined that, there are certain weak characteristics those are needed to be changed accordingly for the personal development. Change management is not much discriminated from a general projects. Rather personal change management can also be defined as a project which has an aim, goal and objective as well.The ultimate aim of the project is to meet its objectives by resolving the issues of personal weaknesses.

I am interactive in nature but the main problem is I fail to go through or analyze the details. From the overview student do always come to conclusion which is not at all beneficial for personal growth or future career. The main goal of personal change management is to overcome the weaknesses rather convert the weaknesses into strength or opportunities. It is identified that with proper leadership, mentor and motivation the personal weaknesses can be resolved completely. Changes can be brought with both environmental and personal changes. Project based future development will bring personal change that is expected will surely bring personal changes in life. The self concept is little weak and lacking in power as well as imagination. The future possibilities that my mind always keep on calculates for those identities are quite reparative and limited at the same time. It is very much natural to resist personal changes. However, those not have to be the actual case on the other hand

As I have successfully identified my personal weaknesses thus I think it become easier for me to bring changes in my personal life. The self reinforce loop that I can follow is elaborated below:

Control in behavior and mostly growth in self confidence

Short temper and lack of self-confidence are the main problems that I am suffering from. In addition to this, another thing on which I have to focus on is detail understanding. It is realized that in order to gain knowledge and for becoming a skillful person students have to focus on depth of the topics. Single topic may have different perspectives, thus a single topic should be learned using different aspects. Human behavior is comprises of thoughts, actions and behavior altogether. During the changing phase people should not focus on those aspects that are wrong about the change. At the initial phase, only all the ideas are to be reorganized and rearranged accordingly to avoid discomfort. In order to bring self confidence workshopshould be attended by the professionals.

However, at the very initiation phase, studentsshould understand the main feature that have to bring. I think that, personal change will help to bring corporate changes simultaneously. Instead of thinking about wrong and bad aspects students should focus on their objectives of life. The aim of behavior in the personal development is not about give up the identity or the trust rather it helps to bring changes in personal life by identifying be beneficial ways those will help me to integrate myself to the new working environment. As much as prcatices in the behavior come, that much better chances students will get from their personal development. Moreover, it can be said that personal development will help to bring satisfactory changes in my personal life.

Explain the planned goals/outcomes of your change project)

The preparation (what do you need to do in order to prepare yourself for change?)

There are certain steps those are necessary to be followed for the personal development or personal growth. The steps are as follows:

Understanding my own strength and weaknesses: For personal growth and development I think I should know myself first.The areas of my life those are really holding back my personal growth is to be understood at the very initiation phase.

Setting personal growth: For personal growth I think that, the growth those are needed to be identified initially. It will help to renew self confidence and simultaneously the passion of life. Based on what actually I want from my future life should have to be set as my future goal. Even in order to become more successful in career also goal setting is very much necessary.

Create a plan: A proper plan in terms of change management should have to be prepared. It is expected that, with successful plan the destination of lifewill become much easier to reach. I think I should attend workshop and personal development classes to strengthen the areas of future growth.

Get better every day: With the help of accurate future plan the current weaknesses can be easily resolved. Daily growth is very much necessary for future success. The threats that may generate from weaknesses are to be analyzed and prioritized and based on that huge progress plan is to be developed to get better every day.

Avoid unplanned changes: Only planned changes are to be incorporated and the unplanned changes should be avoided. Instead of reactive proactive changes should be incorporated.

Implementation of change: The change has to be implemented considering all necessary factors. It is the role of the person itself to bring the necessary changes in their daily actions. The diagnosis includes personal evaluation and interaction along with other people. From the result of the diagnosis the changes can be implemented. I have realized that with the help of internal and open communication I will be able to interact with others by sharing my thoughts, creativity and ideas as well.

The actual change

The actual changes that have to bring are improvement in professional communication and deep analysis of information. I also think that in order to overcome personal weaknesses it is very much crucial for students to focus on both the problems and positive attributes at the diagnosis phase. It is very much necessary for me to be an enough strong person to tackle even tough situations under excessive pressure. Improvement in my communication skill is also another important thing that needs to be improves for a bright future.

Activities to be done: The three different personal development or personal change management activities those are required to be developed include forming activity, surrounding activity and testing activity. With the help of the forming activities the development factors will be arranged accordingly, the testing activities are generally evaluation activities. On the other hand the surrounding activities deals with those activities that collectively helps to give proper responses.

Classes or workshops to attend: With the diagnostic results of the personal SWOT analysis I have realized that, my personal weaknesses will be resolves if I attend the driving change conferences and also annual change and transformation conferences. In Dubai a change management conference has also been arranged. I think that if I attend the conferences then the impact of change management on personal challenges and disruption can be resolved completely. In addition to this, change management workshop arranged by the Mexican association should be attended and learning from the workshop should have to be applied in the practical field.

Tools for application: For personal development different tools are also required to be applied. Based on the personal weaknesses the tools that are to be applied include transformation tools and detailed case studiesanalysis etc. The different planned changes considered for the personal changes is comprises of certain phases including initiation, planning, design and implementation. The magnitude of personal change includes incremental change and fundamental change. Cultural setting is another important aspect that has to be considered.

After analyzing the weakness it is determined that for future development rather for implementing personal changes long time is needed because personal change management is not a short term factor but it is a long term sustainable factor. Each change management change management approach may not work on different person. Development of communication skill will improve the person itself.

The sustaining phase

The students have to travel long way from the previous to the current situation. These changes will definitely change the personal life of the students. This is the reason that I want to continue the way I am today and being already interactive in nature, the major flaw in me was that I was not very good in analyzing people. It is decided to analyze people thoroughly before drawing a conclusion regarding a person. Students will continue to analyze people with scrutiny before trusting an individual. This process will help me in being more robust in nature and stay away from any kind of frauds. Students would like to continuously develop the ability to understand motive of peoples around me and need to keep on analyzing myself and other people with whom I am getting acquainted with and need to understand my short coming and after understanding the short comings of myself, I need to change the processing of my life style. This is the only way in can develop myself and constantly develop myself by analyzing the growth in my attributes. This will help me in understanding and focusing on the aspects that I need to work on to grow as a strong human being. The fact that my major objective is to get better than changing myself is that the processing must be done in order to transcript the data transaction and increase the communication skills to interact with others a understand their whereabouts. This will help me to stay updated regarding the thought that others possess regarding me. This fact will help me in understanding the people who are well-wishers of mine and people who are not well-wishers of mine.

This will help me in staying upright due to the fact that I will be capable enough to understand the enemies and friends of mine. This helps me in understanding the fact that people on whom we can trust in order To get our job done. This will help me staying upright and protect me from falling back to my old situation and understand my own strengths and weaknesses. This helps me to know the study limitation that is leading to the fact that students can process tasks in an efficient manner. Understanding my limits will help me from falling in any kind of trap that might harm me. In case if any student forget their limitations and perform tasks that are out of their caliber will surely fail terribly. This will hamper their set of terminologies and their principles as well. This will be the major reason for their failure, if students do not understand these limits and fail then it might affect their career in a negative way. In case I understand my limits it will ensure the fact that I can accomplish myself with proper knowledge. This will help me in being able enough to understand the problems that I might be facing in near future.

Understanding the problems that I might face in near future will help me in terminating the problems with proper planning that will help me in overcoming the hurdles. This will be helpful in processing of the task that is allotted to me in an efficient way. Students must focus on personal growth. This will help me in ensuring the fact that efficiency with which the job will be performed increases. This will help me in better understanding of the situations and revert back to them with proper proceedings. This is the major reason that need tell grow as an individual constantly. Despite the fact that growing as an individual is one of the most important steps that students will take to stay in the position, the step with highest priority will keep on updating their knowledge regularly. Staying updated regularly will help me in processing the tasks that will be assigned to me. The fact that keeping myself updated will also help me in understanding the current scenario of the society and help me function accordingly.

This is one of the major factors that will ensure the fact that the steps that I will take will be helpful for me and will have a positive impact on my social being. Planning will be required to stay in the position of developed self rather than falling back to the old version of myself who had many flaws. Planning will help me in terminating the problems regarding the processing of the task that will be provided to me. In case of pre planning of the project, students can understand the problems that I might be facing during the course of performing the project as work accordingly, leading to the fact that the time and resources that I might consume to accomplish myself will decrease.


From the above report it can be concluded that I need to convert my weaknesses into strengths in order to stay in a better condition. This will ensure the fact that I stay on track and stay motivated for my upcoming projects. This will ensure the fact that I will get better with time on following the techniques that I have stated in the above report. The techniques that I have stated will also help in staying sustained in the processing of the changes that will be brought by following terminologies that are stated in the report. This will help me in maintaining a level that I will achieve by performing the methodologies and terminologies that ii have stated above. Self-developing will help me in proper decision making. Terminologies and methodologies that are stated in the report will help me in growing up as a better individual. This will ensure that I get better as a human and terminologies when put into use will help us to stay updated as a human and will help me in proper decision making. Proper decision making will help me in dealing with the problems that might approach me. I will become self-dependent and will be capable enough to perform my duties in a more efficient way.


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