Importance Of Giving Appropriate Credit Essay


Discuss about the Importance Of Giving Appropriate Credit To Others When Writing Up One’s Own Work.


During preparation of a research or any other document, one may need to check and extract information from some others’ work. However, it is required to acknowledge the source of the information or it will be considered as plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as using some others’ work without acknowledgement as one’s own word. Plagiarism is a criminal offense that can lead to serious consequences that can lead to law suits, penalties or even jail time. Academic institutions like colleges and universities around the world have taken several steps to stop such crime. These steps include cancellation of the examination paper, deduction of marks or even expulsion of the student from the university. Academic honesty is a principal part of learning and instructing and a center estimation of various universities all around the globe. The universities take the view that all academic dishonesty is inadmissible and this arrangement plans to maintain the gauges of morals and trustworthiness encapsulated in the understudy sanctions and expected of all students. The universities expect to deliver graduates with solid moral establishments equipped for applying the standards of scholarly honesty at universities and past in their expert and individual lives. The universities mean to show students the standards of academic honesty and give the aptitudes and assets required for fruitful learning. Academic dishonesty undermines the universities' center esteems and the learning knowledge ( 2017). However, before exploring the act of plagiarism, it needs to be known the importance of acknowledging one’s work with proper credits. When one particular individual or researcher publishes a particular work, it requires him to conduct extensive research through long period of time (months, years or even decades). Hence, he deserves his credit for all the work he has done throughout the research period. However, if someone uses his work and presents it as his own, that will not only be injustice to the researcher but also a significant crime. One individual is definitely allowed use the help of the work of other researchers during his own research and he may even quote that reference literature in his work. However, it is important that he must acknowledge the writer of the literature by using suitable references and in-text citations. He can also prepare a separate paragraph in the beginning of the paper to acknowledge all the literature writers from which he has taken help from. Moreover, he also needs to write the theories or research data in his words rather than the ones used by the original writer. Before publishing the paper, the individual must ensure suitable acknowledgements and credits have been given to the original researcher ( 2017). This is also applicable in the professional field where some people use someone else’s ideas and use it as their own for their personal gain like promotion. This is simply not acceptable as this will hamper the professional progress of the individual with the original idea. Hence, it is important to give appropriate credit to others when writing up one’s own work.

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