Importance Of Ethical Behavior Essay


Discuss about the Importance Of Ethical Behavior.


The major concepts and points covered in this week were:

Week 5 covered the topics about the importance of ethical behavior among the leaders and it also the stages of moral development. It taught the way of developing moral maturity and ethical culture in the organization (Frisch & Huppenbauer, 2014).

The key areas of learning for me are:

The areas of learning from this week are about the importance of ethical behavior and values in the organization. Ways in which I can act morally in order to a good leader and develop in personal life as well. I will also learn about various types of leadership and adopt the most suitable one.

My thoughts on how these concepts and learning points can improve a leader’s performance are:

Being moral and ethical is the best way a leader can develop in the organization. This is because a leader with good ethics can easily gain the trust of their fellow mates and carry out the work successfully.

My thoughts and feelings on the leadership self-insight questions and my score this week are:

I feel that the teaching given in this week are important has helped m learn a lot about leadership. I think that the lessons given are very useful for further development and leadership qualities. My marks this week are good.

From this week’s study, I need to follow up on these leadership concepts and areas to improve gasp of the subject:

After this week’s lesson, I feel I need to give a revision on the concept of moral development of leadership as it s little complicated and the most essential part to become an ethical leader (Kurtines, 2014).

My other thoughts, feelings and comments are:

Other than just becoming a good leader, ethical behavior and moral development will also me grow on my personal life as well. This is because morality and ethics is also important for personal life.

I can apply this learning to my development and practice to be a leader by:

I can use ethics while deciding on some task. I can consult all the team members and follow participative behavior before reaching to a decision. This will help me gain the trust of the team members and be successful in the task.


Frisch, C., & Huppenbauer, M. (2014). New insights into ethical leadership: A qualitative investigation of the experiences of executive ethical leaders. Journal of Business Ethics, 123(1), 23-43.

Kurtines, W. M. (2014). Handbook of moral behavior and development: Volume 1: Theory. Psychology Press.

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